Overview Edit


Half Zola, half Zora, Zolaras tend to gain the skin coloration and height of their Zora parent, while traits such as scale density, eye color, and other aesthetic characteristics, come from their Zola parent. The territorial nature of their Zola ancestry coupled with the noble ideals of their Zora ancestry combine to create aquatic creatures defined by their honor and prowess in combat.

The skin of Zolaras tends to be the steel blue of their Zora lineage, but may also be green, or even rustic red. Zolaras, like their parent races, make their home wherever there is a large body of water, where they are often adopted into one or both of their parent's tribes. Although Zolaras lack the mutations of their parent races, some have been known to possess a rare genetic trait that causes their legs to be fused into a long fish-like tail.

Combat Edit

Gaining the lightning affinity of their Zora ancestry and the energy spit ability of their Zola ancestry, Zolaras can spit a shocking lightning ball as a sort of breath weapon. Combat and battle tactics appear to more closely match that of a Zola. Zolara warriors prefer to wield either spear class weapons or the bladed edges of their fins in conjunction with their martial prowess with hand to hand combat.

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