For the character created by Herooftwilight, see: General Zola.

Overview Edit


Zolas, sometimes called River Zoras, are primarily hostile aquatic creatures who make their home wherever there is a large body of water, where the Zola tribe preys on fish for nourishment. The skin of Zolas is scaly and green or blue, rarely red, and their huge, prominently colored maws hold sharp fangs. When not in deep water, they stand upright. Zolas enjoy their environment damp, sometimes opting to leave the safety of the waters to stroll around on land if the weather is rainy. One mutation is known to have four arms instead of two, but this is not a commonly seen trait of Zolas, and those possessing it are known as Zola Elites. Zola Elites are thought to possess Zora ancestry somewhere in their lineage, however distantly it may be.

Combat Edit


All potential intruders of their domain are bound to find themselves on the receiving end of their trademark energy spit attack, which can't be blocked by regular shields. Typically, a Zola hides just below the surface of the water until it deems the moment right to attack, at which point they stick their head out and launch a ball of fire towards the intended target. They only stay above surface for a short time, whereupon they repeat their strategy. Most counterattacks thus have to be performed with long-range equipment from the shore at the time of their attack, which can prove to be quite tricky.

Alternatively, if the water is not deep enough to accommodate this strategy, Zolas are known to emerge fully and give chase on foot. They are sufficiently agile on land, but the lack of water to hide in makes them an easy target. However, some Zola specialize in this form of attack. Those are called Geozards and rather than fight barehanded, they approach their target armed with a shield and a melee weapon. They still utilize their spit attack, but mix it up with considerable skill in melee fighting. Zolas

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