The Zelda Working Title Podcast is a gaming podcast named after the Legend of Zelda series. It was started back in 2008 with a small group of Zelda fans who decided to all get together weekly or bi-weekly and talk about games, movies, music and of course the Zelda series.


So far 18 episodes have been recorded.  The usual hosts are: Adam, Laura, Matt,Nick and Alex.  Other guest hosts frequent the podcast from time to time.


Adam is the main host of the podcast, and he also is in charge of gaming news.


Laura is the only girl host on the podcast and offers her opinions on a lot of different gaming views.


Matt is the general clown of the podcast and will crack jokes as often as possible.


Nick is also the clown of the podcast and will crack jokes with Matt.


Alex is the intellectual and sometimes is known to be long winded while talking about a subject.


The podcast has a website:, and an email


They also have a facebook fanpage and a twitter account.  Their usual audience is about 2,000 listeners weekly.

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