This page is used to tell visitors all about the Zelda Fanon Wiki.

Hello and welcome to Zelda Fanon Wiki, the relic that holds all your adventures. If your new here, lets go over some site rules:

  1. The number one most important rule is - Don't Vandalize - You will be banned
  2. Don't be afraid to post your stories out
  3. Have fun
  4. Leave comments of what you thought of someones story after reading it
  5. Don't steal ideas
  6. Partner stories are fine (Two users make a story together)
  7. Be as creative as possible
  8. Don't be rude towards each other
  9. Use appropriate a language, unless you are using the *ed words
  10. No inappropriate pictures
  11. Have a lot of fun

With that in place, you should be alright. If you still need help, go here or you can ask an Admin

There are going to be monthly contests, awards and much more.

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