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Zelda is the princess of Hyrule in The Legend of Zelda: Lost Artifacts.

Appearance Edit

Zelda has blonde hair, light tan skin, and white eyes with black catlike pupils. She wears the usual dress worn by previous princesses before her. Her appearance relates to her ancestors probably because this was the same dress worn by the princess during the events of Spirit Tracks.

Personality Edit

Zelda is a caring princess that will sacrifice her safety for the safety of her kingdom. She has some courage, but will take time to think about what to do, as she is known for having wisdom.

Relationships Edit

Link (LA) Edit

Zelda and Link met at the Festival of Winds, a celebration in honor of the courageous efforts of the Hero of Winds and those that appeared after. Ever since they met, they have been in contact through letters, developing their relationship.

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