Zelda: Lost redemption is a fangame by Wrenthehedgehog. It is a fan's interpretation of the aftermath of Majora's Mask. Link Returns to Hyrule, and Recieves a Telepathic message from Zelda and Navi. They tell Link they're being held hostage in the Temple of time. Link and his friend, Ideya set out on a journey to save them. He battles 2 demons, Dragmire and Zoness, who held the 2 pieces of the Temple key. After reclaiming the Master Sword, Link reaches the roof of the Temple and confronts Sepulchre, the demon King. Link proved no match for Sepulchre. As he was about to die, Zelda Broke free, Reclaiming her Sword, and she and Link Drove their swords through his eyes, killing him. After defeating him, Zelda and Link are carried off to a mysterious island. Their fate afterwards is unknown. It's sort of like a 2D version of Twilight Princess. chapter 1

Characters Edit

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