Zora zander

Name: Zander

Nick Names: Warrior of the Snow, Icy Zora, The Ice Reaper

Gender: Male

Species: Zora

Age: 15-21

Weight: 150-170 lbs

Height: 5ft 10 in-6ft

DOB: Unknown

Birth Place: Great Bay, Termina

Residence: Snowhead Mt/Zora's Domain

Occupation: Guitarist, Spinner Racer, Warrior

Status: Alive

Known Relatives: None

Physical AppearanceEdit

Physical Description

Eye Color: Green, Orange Brown in Middle

Build: Bulky


Shirt: Zora Tunic

Pants: Zora Pants

Shoes: Black Military Boots

Hat: Black Snow Hood


Necklace: Zora Pendant

Personal InformationEdit

Favorite Color: Icy Blue

Favorite Food: Fish and Chips

Likes: Close Ranged Combat

Dislikes: Dishonorable Fighters, Niles

Favorite Activities: Spinner Racing, Combat, Playing Guitar

Least Favorite Activities: Waiting

Hobbies: Practicing guitar, Practicing Combat

Talents: Spinner Racing, Combat with Heavy Weapons, Ice Magic

Strengths: Speed, strength, Ice Magic

Weakness: Not Heavily Armored, heat

Fears: Heights

Rival: N/A

Enemies: Enemies of the Zoras, Nubara

Friends: Relyt, Vio, several Zoras


Zander is a Zora who is a brilliant tactician. Although his muscle-bound apearance and choice of weapon, the Ice Hammer, would lead one to conclude he uses a head on approach to battle, he actually plans out every single step of his battle plan, including whether or not he will taunt his opponent. Outside of battle, he is a bit of geek, actually knowing how a lot of the weapons he and his friends use work. Other than that, he can be a bit annoying; he almost never stops talking. When he is not talking, he usually plays guitar, which he is quite good at. Although normally cool-headed in battle, he sometimes gets lost in the heat of the moment and attacks recklessly. Normally, however, it is all part of his plan.



Fighting StyleEdit


  • Ice Hammer Combo- Zander uses this move to finish off his opponents. Normally, he starts by blocking their attack. Afterwards, he counters with a shot of ice magic to freeze his enemy. He will then usually say a bad pun (like "Have an ice day") and smash the opponent with his hammer. Other times, he doesn't even counter, but just starts by firing the ice shot.
  • Farore's Blizzard- A variation of Farore's wind used by Zander. Instead of warping him, it warps a blizzard to the battlefield. However, it doesn't end there. Zander normally enhances the blizzard with his ice magic, decreasing visibility on the battlefield to next to zero. In addition, any enemy not prepared for the cold may just freeze to death. Zander him self normally "swims" through the snow, pulling an opponent under when they least expect it and finishing them off with his icicle zweilhander (giant sword).

Weapons:Icy Hammer, Ice Pendant, Ether Medallion, Icicle Zweilhander, hand-to-hand combat expert

Back StoryEdit

Coming Soon!


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