We followed Skull Kid for what seemed like hours, Epona whinnied whenever we went through a tunnel just to find another room in the Lost Woods.

"Are you sure we're going the right way?" I asked Skull Kid.
"Yes, I'm as sure as sure as sure can be."
"That's not very reassuring." Tatl commented
"Fine Mrs.Know-it-all, why don't you lead us through the woods?" Skull Kid asked,
"No thank you, I don't want to mess up our perfect directions, or lose our perfect barings." Tatl and Tael giggled.
"I thought so."

Eventually, we went through a tunnel where we could see light, I prayed to Farore, Din, and Nayru it was Kokiri. I suppose my prayer worked, because I then saw the ever so beautiful Kokiri Forest. It appeared much more dazzling than it would have, probably because I haven't been there for 2 years. Epona appeared to have a smile, though I'm not sure that's possible for a horse.

"Ha!" Skull Kid boasted, "I told you that I knew where I was going, I told you!"
"Yes, you did." I said, "Well thanks and I guess here is where we'll depart for now."
"De-depart?"Skull Kid said saidly, both fairies lowered their heads in disappointment. "Are you sure?"
"Yes, I have to find a lost friend, Navi."

All of a sudden, both Tatl and Tael did the clicky thing that fairies do when their surprised. They must have been surprised. Tatl & Tael went into a huddle and flew some distance away. I could tell they were talking, but I just couldn't make out their words. Then, once they were done talking, they flew to us at the speed of sound, in a blur of purple and yellow.

"Link," Tatl said, "Tael and I decided, well, we want to help you find Navi."

I was in shock, Skull Kid was in shock, and probably even the fairies were in shock. Before we could interact or even say anything, I was interrupted by the sound of Screaming Kokiri.

"Well I'm sorry to end this little discusion," I said, "But I have to save my friends."

I chased after the sound, it was coming from the Know-It-all Brother's House. I went inside to find that there was a wolfos! Wolfos never appeared in Kokiri Forest. The-Know-It-all brothers and two girls were inside. The girls names were Fado and Violet. And the 3 know-it-all brothers were Tom, Riley, and Chip.The hid above in their bunk-beds, screaming, as the wolfos attempted to jump to the bunkbeds. Then Kiki pointed to me, saying

"Look, it's Link!" Everone looked in a moment of confusion, and then the wolfos ran towards me.

I reached for my Gilded sword and sliced at the wolfos. it jumped back and clawed me on the back, leaving three large scars on my back. I cursed in Gerudo, and sliced at it again with a spin attack, gore oozed out of arm on which I attacked it on. The Wolfos tried to attack me again, I easily parried his claws by moving my sword up horizontally. in that moment the Wolfos tried to bite at me, I kicked it off and it fell to the floor. It came up again, I circle strafed around it, it attacked at me. It missed and I jumped at it with a lunge.

"HIYAHH!" I screamed.

It layed dead on the floor, Tatl, Tael, and Skull Kid were watching from behind. Besides Tatl who had seen me do this stuff lots of time, everyone had looked awstruck, I smiled, and then passed out from blood loss on my back.

A happy-sad ending (I smiled, and then passed out from blood loss on my back =P) well Click here for chapter.

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