I followed the sound of Saria's music, like I did two years ago. I ended up following a greenish trail. I followed it until I reached a dead end. The dead end was a huge wall that had loads of boulders in the way, I'm surprised the music even got through the boulders.

I threw a bomb at the wall, it didn't budge. I then realized I needed something stronger.

I put on my Goron Mask, and threw a pouder keg. I ran to a safe distance with Epona.


Epona bawled out loud. The rocks flew everywhere, hitting me in my shin.Luckily, I was in my Goron form, so it didn't hurt whatsoever. Though in my Goron form I'm nearsighted, so I couldn't tell what was ahead. I took of my Goron mask and returned to Hylian form where I could see normally. I mounted Epona and followed the sound.

I eventually returned to a familiar part of Lost Woods, where there are four chambers to exit. I kept following the sound until I saw the source of it.

It was skull kid, he returned to the Lost Woods where I met him. I went through a lot with him last year, he became possessed by a hexed mask of Majora. But ever since I slayed Majora, Skull Kid returned to his normal form. I also saw his two fairy friends, Tael and Tatl, Skull Kid didn't see me because he was practicing music on an Ocarina I've never seen before. It was mainly red with golden outlines on the sides.

"Hey," I said "Huh? Who's there? I've got an ocarina and I'm not afraid to use- Oh, it's Link!" Skull Kid said.

"Link?" Tatl & Tael asked at the same time.

Tatl and Tael flew towards me playfully, I fell and they did their fairy clicky noise thing. I could tell they were happy.

"How's it going?"I asked Skull Kid,

"It's good, I suppose. If I could have another thirty minutes of practicing that song thing you taught me."

"Saria's Song" I said

"Yeah, that's it. Ever since I found this nice Ocarina."

"Found?"Tael exclaimed

"Well, er borrowed,"

Tael hit Skull Kid repeatedly,

"Okay, okay, stolen."

"What was that?" I asked,

"I couldn't hear you."

"Stolen." Skull Kid said.

"Hey, do you think you can lead me back to Kokiri Forest?" I asked,

"Uhh, sure. I guess. I've never been there, nor have I ever left the lost woods except for Termina."

"Thanks, and by the way, I think you look better without a mask."

Ooh, epic chapter 2, click here for chapter three.

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