Phos and I walked outside of the Blue Cauldron, Where we met Navi, Tatl, and Tael.

"Link, who is this?" Navi asked.

"This is Phos." I said, "He's a sheikah and knows how to get to Termina, the fast way."

"To get to Termina, we need to use Shadow Transportation. It's a teleportation method used by many shiekah."

"Alright, is that it?" Tatl asked Phos.

"We need to do it in the Shadow Temple."

"Oh crap..." I muttered. The Shadow Temple was one of the freakiest places in Hyrule. It had Redeads, Gibdos, and this thing called a wallmaster that drops from the celing. Though I killed all the monsters, it still freaks me out. "Can't you do it another way?"

"Other sheikah could. But I'm not strong enough."

We were walking towards the Shadow Temple, and reached the door that was open by the use of Din's Fire. The moment Phos and I walked in the door closed behind us, trapping the fairies out. Within seconds I felt lost.

"So, how do we get to Termina?" I asked.

"We need to go to the heart of the Shadow Temple."

"Which is?"

"Where you killed Bongo Bongo."


I could tell Phos was about to talk, but then heard the sound of the clicking noise fairies make. Tatl & Tael where squeezing through the door. Tael managed to get in while Tatl had trouble.

"Come on, sis!" Tael said.

"I'm trying!"

With pushing and frustrating, Tatl eventually got through. Followed by Navi, who complained about it the most.

"Well now we're all together like one happy family." Tatl said,

"Shut up." Uttered Phos, we were silent, "We have to get there now, before something happens to this Saria of yours."

We walked through the Shadow Temple, I was planning to took the long way like I did three years ago. But Phos knew a shortcut. We reached the point with the statue of the bird.

"Alright, when I got here I used my hover boots to go over to that ledge." I said, pointing to the ledge.

"That's the long way, watch." Phos looked into the eyes of the bird. He blinked, his eyes turned an eerie red. The same of which he attacked me. The eyes of the bird turned red as well. The statue then returned to its original position. Phos stopped.

"Now what?" Navi asked.

"Wait." After a few moments, the statue slowly moved to its right, revealing an abyss of a pit. Holding one small ridged ladder.

"The sheikah haven't used this in ages. Well come on!" Phos said, slowly walking down the ladder.

Thus ends Chapter 12. Click here for chapter thirteen.

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