As the sun set, another day passed without my ever-close friend.
It's been two years since I've seen my fairy Navi, ever since I was seven.
I went to two completely different places, Hyrule and Termina, going through so much. I still have some masks from my adventures in Termina and my Ocarina of Time, though I gave up most of them for an even more powerful one.
That mask that is ever so powerful, I hate wearing it, it transforms me into a demon. a fierce demon, a fierce deity. I could always feel the evil presence inside me as I wore it, it so strong, if I didn't have enough will power, I would surely go insane.
Epona was getting hungry, we've been traveling through the Lost Woods for such a long time.
I dismounted Epona, and searched the ground. So did Epona.
All we managed to find were odd mushrooms, they were dicusting, but they were all we can eat. For water, we had to look for Grottos in the ground, just to find small puddles of water. If we were lucky enough, we would find a fish. I got some old mushrooms and fed Epona,
"Niyaaah!" She said,
"I know girl, they're discusting, but they're all we can eat for now. Once we get back to Hyrule, we'll get you some delicious food. KFC (Kakariko Fried Cucco), and some of that delicious Lon Lon Milk you love."
I could tell she knew what I was saying, but she didn't know how to get it. I felt sorry for her, so I gave her some of my Chateu Romani that I saved from Termina. Then she looked happy again, so with that, we rode off again.
__________________________________________________ _____________________
Even though we had to eat odd mushrooms and drink from puddles, we were still energized enough to go for miles. Epona rode at a million miles per second, we rode until we could ride no more. We stopped at a large Oak, and we fell asleep.
I dreamed of my adventures from the past, I thought of Ikana Canyon, with the father and her daughter, together. I thought of the Spirit Temple, saving Nabooru, though possessed as an Iron Knuckle. I thought of Zelda, how before I left for Termina she re-freshened me on the Song of Time.

But I also had visions of things that have never happened to me.

I saw a land, dying in flames, it wasn't Hyrule, nor was it Termina. It looked like, something before Hyrule. Then I realized this was the Civil War for the Triforce. Where my mother left me in the safe forest of Kokiri, even though I was Hylian.

Then I saw something that I never knew existed, it looked like some kind of land of shadow, a place that was cut off from everything good. A palace filled with beasts and hexed magics, kind of like Majora's Mask. I then rememberd fighting Majora's Wrath, how weird it was, though it was rather, easy. I then thought of Fierce Deity's Mask. I then saw myself in Fierce Deity form take his sword and slash at me, I fell of the edge to an abyss, screaming.

"AAAHAHAAH!!!" I was awake. It was probably nine in the morning, my scream startled Epona. "Sorry Epona" I said.

Epona and I started walking, we normally do that to get a good start in the morning. I thought I heard something, but then I assumed it was my imagination.

Epona and I continued walking. I heard it again! This time, a little louder. It sounded, happy, exciting, and it was probably fun to dance to. I listened closer, and then I realized it wasn't my imagination, it was real.

It was Saria's Song.

Lol KFC is Kakariko Fried Cucco, well that ends chapter three. What will Saria's Song lead to? Who knows. Keep reading and click here for chapter two!

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