Author: Mr kmil Genre:Adventure, I don't know how to describe it. Oh! Oh! Sad.

Summary: The Story Of Romanos-post Phantom Hourglass. He finds his Dad

Timeline:Post- Phantom Hourglass

Major Characters:Romanos, And The Wayfarer

Minior Characters:Everyone else

Rating:E. ε,ε, ε, , ι σςεαρ ε!


Romanos, This is my story. Find your Wayfaring Way, My son!

This is a story of how I searched for the answers... The answers to big questions. Where did the Ghost Ship take people? What did it do with them? I set out to find these answers, but I leave this behind for my son Romanos. I should tell you everything my son, first the most painful. My departure. After repeatedly braving my ship against the fog created by the Ghost Ship, I discovered the path, which I wrote down in my hide-away. I told your mother I was leaving, and how she screamed. She cried and said, "Why! how can you do this to both me, and you son!? I guess this was to be expected though, how you never brough home any fish. We'll never forgive you..."

I couldn't stand it. Through tear-filled eyes, I left. I some time searching for the Ghost Ship. And then I found it. As I charged on, I found a little girl. She begged me to help you three other sisters, and of course, I agreed.

She warned, "Be carful in the hold, For there are monsters, monsters that are so terrifing, they made some men go insaine."

I went down stairs and I saw something. I saw a horrible thing. (Romanos notices the tear stained pages) These, reapers, had skull faces and scyths. So I ran. I ran so far. I ignored the screaming of the torchered and I ran. I left and I am still in pain of the sight.

I couldn't go home. I could stay there. So I explored the surrounding islands. The first I stopped at was a windy place. And I left journals there for the other explorers, telling them of the impossibility to get inside the temple. On the other islands, I met a boy, who's father died, and was training to become a master swordsmith. I hope he succedess. Then I found it. The island where I could live out the rest of my days. I found here too. The mermaid, and swore that I would chatch her. Just to talk. I was lonely. Even so lonely.

Romanos' journeyEdit

I decided to leave after the boy in green came and showed me the way. I saved up enough from my arrow game. I left that day, suposed to be secret, but someone from the village caught ahold of the talks I had with my mother. They threw a party, but everyone cried. I followed the map that the boy in green gave to me.

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