Author: Xandus the Legend

Genre: Action, Adventure

Summary: The story tells the tale of the great war between the Dark Interlopers and Hyrule.

Timeline: Before Ocarina of Time

Liscenses: Anything that appears in the Legend of Zelda games belongs to Nintendo. Anything not from the games belongs to me.

Triforce Alliance: Felix, Serena, Impa, Queen of Hyrule, Hylians, Knights of Hyrule, Gorons, Zoras,

Dark Interlopers: Majora, Ganor, Gerudo, Shiekah, Vaati, Dark Hylians, Bongo-Bongo, Fused Shadow Beast, Dark Beast, Dark Knights, Monsters,

Rating: PG-13 for language, romance, and violence

Status: In development

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