Overview Edit


A smaller subspecies of the Skulltula, Walltulas frequent the vegetation of the deep forests. This arachnid creature clings on vines and high walls waiting for prey to climb up. If any creature is deemed hostile or a threat, the Walltula will flash purple on its abdomin as a warning and scurry over to the target, knocking it off the wall.

They can easily be dispatched with any ranged weapon including the Hookshot, Boomerang, Beetle and Bow. The shock waves produced by the Megaton Hammer when it strikes the ground at the foot of a wall covered with Walltulas will also work surprisingly well. It is usually necessary to destroy these creatures before climbing up a vine covered surface, as their scurrying attack is extremely hard, if not impossible in some places to avoid. The Walltula's scratching sound can be confused with that of a Gold Skulltula at times, but varies slightly.

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