Name: Vio

Nick Names: Violet General, Midna's Prince, Twili Hero

Gender: Male

Species: Hylian

Age: LoR;13, LoR-NL,NR-TB-MR-MF;14

Weight: 120 lbs

Height: LoR;5'3, LoR-NL,NR-TB-MR-MF; 5'6

DOB: Unknown

Birth Place: Twilight Realm

Residence: Hyrule Castle

Occupation: Midna's Guard, Destroying Evil, Hyrule's Protector

Marital Status: None

Known Relatives: Nayru(Mother) Relyt, Argorok, Darvus(Cousins) Midna(Wife)

Physical AppearanceEdit

Physical Description

Eye Color: Purple

Eye Wear: None

Hair Style: Long black hair with purple highlights in the bangs

Bust: N/A

Waist: N/A


Shirt: Band Shirts

Pants: Black Semi-Tight pants

Shoes: Brown Boots

Socks: Black

Coat: Sweater with hood and and a back patch


Necklace: Chain with Midna's Pendant

Ring: None

Bag: None

Glasses/Contact container: None

Personal InformationEdit

Favorite Color:Violet and Black

Favorite Food: Pizza

Likes: Fighting, Surfing, Going to Shows and training

Dislikes: School, Homework and Evil

Favorite Activities: Zora Shell surfing, Spinner Racing, Training, Sword Dueling, Going to Shows, Hanging Out with Midna

Least Favorite Activities: Going to Midna's Formal Parties and Getting into Battles of life and death

Hobbies: Surfing, Spinner Racing, Sword Dueling

Talents: Deku Sliding and Zora Shell Surfing

Strengths: Midna, Twilight, Dark Matter

Weakness: Light Matter and Midna

Fears: Loosing Midna and Dieing to Zant

Rival: Shadow

Enemies: Nayru, Din, Ganondorf, Onox, Ilia, Zant, Dark Hammer, Nightmare, Veran, Bellum

Friends: Midna, Darvus, Argorok, Relyt, Ark, Favii, Stephani, Marie, Lena, Saria, Ramone, Malon, Linket, Gaizar, Aryll, Gigi, Alex, Zander, Vaati, Majora, Farore


More Soon...



Fighting StyleEdit

Attacks: More Soon...


Back StoryEdit

More Soon...

Time LineEdit

More Soon

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