Title: Til the Sun Grows Cold and the Stars Grow Old

Author: LadyNorbert

Character/Pairing: Link's point of view; Link/Zelda

Rating: PG, mainly for violence in bits

Summary: Link has more than a few lifetimes of memories running through his mind. They all lead him back to where his heart belongs. Will he be kept from her forever? Set during Twilight Princess.

Notes: This is a little bit AU, so let me explain up front what's happening. The idea, chronologically, is that Ocarina of Time was the first game and Twilight Princess was the last. Link and Zelda fell in love during the events of OoT, but for reasons that will gradually be explained in the story, cannot be together until they have vanquished Ganondorf for good.


Chapter One: An Edict in Destiny

Chapter Two: In War With Time

Chapter Three: No Harbor in a Royal Heart

Chapter Four: Sacred and Sweet

Chapter Five: That Wandering Knight So Fair

Chapter Six: A False-Heart Traitor

Chapter Seven: My Heart Doth Tremble to Unfold

Chapter Eight: In Me Thou Seest the Twilight

Chapter Nine: Unto the Prince's Heart

Chapter Ten: My Crown is Called Content

Postlude: The FAQ of Time

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