The sunset Aura page upside down 6

“Ohh… you spin my head right around, baby right around, when you go down, when you go down now…” she sang dizzy and fell to the floor. “Oh boy… singing Florida? Too many hits to the head, you poor child.” Link teased. He picked up the shield and put it on his back.

“I love this record baby, but I can’t see straight anymore….” Kayla continued, and started getting up shakily. “Let’s give a little break with the head smashing, Ok?”

“K-O, I mean, ok…” she corrected herself, but thought it was catchy. “N-now how do we get out?” he stood beside her, preventing her from collapsing again. He pointed his nose over to where another open window was. Kayla shook her head to clear it, and climbed through with him.

They both landed in the water with a splash. “What was that noise? The children could not have returned… could they? I must search one last time. If the mayor comes by for the sword, please give it to him.” a male voice said firmly, but it sounded weak.

“But darling… your injuries!” a woman protested, but he didn’t answer.

“Rusl?” link quickly got out of the water.

“Hey, I’m doing the dog paddle!” Kayla giggled, got out of the water, and shook her wet fur. He didn’t seem to notice. His eyes were fixed on what was ahead of them. A man, with a torch in his hand, looked horribly hurt. His forehead, legs, and one arm was all bandaged up and was limping badly. Link walked up to him without thinking.

Rusl spotted him, and he pulled out his sword threateningly. Link stepped back in shock.

“All these people here think we’re monsters Link. We can’t let people see us!” Kayla reminded. He looked miserable but he walked away from him. “I’m sorry Link.” she hardly knew him and was already feeling sympathy for him.

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