The sunset Aura page ate 8

“Are you two coming, or not?” Midna asked, getting impatient. “Ok Kayla, Midna is a honey glazed donut again. What will you do?” Link barely had time to finish ‘do’ when she leaped over. Midna caught her, and helped her up.


Link jumped forward and made it over, with Midna’s assistance.

“Ok, now she’s not a donut again.”

Kayla whined.

“What? You’re hungry?”

“Duh. You keep reminding me of food, and the last time I ate was yesterday morning!” her voice was getting agitated. “We’ll get some soon. Let’s just go in.” Link promised.

She nodded and followed him through the window.

“So… we’re looking for a shield?”

“Yeah. Tell me if you see it. I’ll look over there, and you can search over here.” Kayla nodded in agreement and Link headed over to the other side of the house.

She smelled something good on the counter… food! She couldn’t help herself, she jumped up on the counter. There was a loaf of bread, half of it was already sliced. But it wasn’t just any bread, it was… “Pumpkin bread!” she exclaimed, just above a whisper.

She gobbled it all up quickly. Kayla then felt suddenly ashamed and guilty. She ate someone else’s food… “I’ll repay them later.” she promised herself.

“Hey! I found it! Get over here!” Link called. “Ok, coming.” she walked silently over to him.

“Where is it?”

“Up there.” he pointed with his nose. “Midna’s going to help us up there, right? Donut!” she got on the table and jumped. Midna caught her footing and helped her up. Link came right up after. “It’s hanging up on that wall… but how do we get it down?”

“Is it really that hard to figure it out? Use your head!” she sighed in disapointment. She took a step back, jumped forward, and head-butted the wall. One of the hinges holding up the shield fell. “One more time.” she slurred, and banged into the wall again. The shield fell to the floor.

“You did it! Um, are you ok?”

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