The sunset Aura page 7(2nd lucky #)

“What? So just… jump at her?” Kayla gave Link a questioning look and he sighed. “I know, that kind of what I thought at first. Just pretend she’s your favorite kind of donut, and the last one in the world.”

Her eyes were already fixed on Midna. She jumped at her, tongue hanging out. Midna quickly stretched her arm out, caught her footing on the roof, and helped her up, before she fell in the water.

“Um, why are you looking at me like that?”

Kayla was still drooling.

“Shush! I’m imagining that you are a honey glazed donut…” she responded dreamily. Midna got Link over on the roof and she was glaring at him. “What the hell are you teaching this girl?!”

“Ok, only when needed, you do that.” he brought her to her senses again. “Fine. So let’s jump over there and scare the shit out of that guy.”

“Ok, but don’t hurt him.” Link warned.

“I won’t.” she promised. She jumped ledge to ledge until she was on the same ledge as the man. She growled playfully and softly, and barked.

The man spun around in surprise. He spotted her, and let out a shriek as he jumped into the water.

“Am I really THAT scary? Or is he just timid?” Kayla wondered out loud.

Link jumped over to her. “Both, probably. Hm…. That’s hawk grass.” he walked up to it and studied it. “Maybe I can still use it…” he sat down, lifted up his head, and started howling, which sounded like music. Kayla couldn’t help but to howl along with him. Together, they actually sounded GOOD.

“Ugh. Who let the wolves out?” Midna groaned, waiting by the open-window house. A hawk swooped down, and studied Link. “You’re the one I attacked earlier. Sorry about that, but it’s in my genes to obey anyone who blows a reed. It’s sad… your voice, it sounded just like a reed, so I flew down. If you ever need my assistance, call me using that.” he flew off into the dark sky.

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