The sunset Aura page 6

They went back around to where the water wheel was. “Let’s go around that house with the pink roof! Then if we get up there, we can go across those ledges.” Kayla planned.

“You mean Sera’s house?”


Link looked away. “Nothing. Never mind. Let’s just go.”

He walked forward.

“M-monster!” a man screeched from above them. “My daughter… return her! And… take this!” he picked a strange clump of grass, and blew into it, making an odd tune.

“Huh? No wait, I’m not a monster!” Link tried to say, but it only came out as barking. A hawk flew down and perched on the man’s arm.

As soon as Kayla realized what was about to happen, she rushed forward and head-butted Link out of the way, just as the hawk swooped at him.

“Hey stupid! Are you just going to stand there and act like nothing’s happening? Do something!” Midna ordered.

“Jeez, is she in charge of you? I’m obedient, but I hate being told what to do all the time! It really bothers me!” Kayla complained. She looked around for something that could get them up onto the roof, and spotted a rock.

“Hey Link! I found a way to get up there, but it’s a long jump.” she called over to him. His ears perked up, and he ran over to her.

“Hm… Midna can help with that. You’ll have to trust her, and jump as far as you can, ok?”

“K-O” she said sarcastically.

Midna came out. “Where would you be without me?”

He sighed. “Still in a prison, thank you.”

She floated over to the roof, and her ponytail suddenly rose up into an arm, beckoning them over.

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