The sunset Aura: Pg 4

It was quiet. There were houses but she couldn’t see any people or anything. Was it abandoned? Was she going to have to keep looking? She looked around and spotted a lit torch on the other side of a water wheel house., and her hope rose. There was a shallow creek flowing through, but she preferred to go over the bridge. When she got over there, she saw a group of people, talking quietly. Her ears picked up a little rustle in the grass, and it smelled like another wolf. Kayla growled and slowly crawled through the grass. As soon as she got close enough, and although she never fought before, let alone as a wolf, she jumped forward to attack. The other wolf yelped in surprise, clearly unprepared. “It’s those monsters again! Run!” the biggest man yelled. They all ran off in different directions. The wolf that Kayla attacked was surprisingly strong. Muscles rippled under his fur, and his sharp blue eyes were unreadable.

“I won’t let you attack them! Leave them alone!” Kayla growled. The other wolf’s expression changed. He threw her off his back and stepped a few feet away. Before Kayla could attack again, he sat down unthreateningly, which threw her off. “Why would I hurt them? In fact, what made even think that?” she heard his voice in her head.

“Wait, how…I don’t know, you’re a wolf.”

“Yes I am. But so are you.”

“And you looked like you were stalking them.” she finished. He looked amused. “So attack, and then ask questions? That’s what you were doing?” he said smugly. She felt embarrassed. “Relax, I don’t hurt anything but monsters.” he said reassuringly. Kayla was still suspicious. “Oh, I should probably introduce myself… I’m Link. You?”

“Um… Kayla.” she relaxed a little.

“I got to admit Kayla… you’re a pretty good fighter. Is this your first time?” it sounded like a complement. Could she tell him? Or if she did, it would make her look weak and he might take advantage….

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