The sunset Aura ~page 3

Kayla opened her eyes, but her vision was still clouded.

“W-what happened?” her muscles ached and… “Wait, I remember now… the twilight touched me and I ran… how far?” her vision cleared up a bit, and she went to the next challenge. Kayla struggled to stand, her muscles feeling like jelly. She stretched her arms and legs, feeling better. “Alright, stand up!” she told herself. She tried to stand on her legs, but fell forward. “This is ridiculous… do I still have my gloves?” Kayla muttered. She looked at her hands, now paws. She yelped in surprise. “This is all just a dream, calm down..” but she was lying to herself. She spotted a puddle near by. I need to know. She braced herself, and forced to look in the puddle. A tan colored wolf with white paws, and blue eyes, was staring back.

“Oh, damn it! Now what am a going to do…?” she looked over to the woods.

“There’s got to be something in there that can help… didn’t mom call it the Ordon woods? Wait, mom!” she turned to the direction she ran from, now covered in twilight.

“Whatever it takes… I need to help them somehow… I just need help.” she rushed into the woods.

“Ok, nothing so far…” she walked for a long time, passing a pretty spring, where she took a drink, and a long bridge. Finally, she came to something. “A house? Out here? A town might be around here!” Kayla’s hope rose for a second but sank. People would be there, but what would they do if they saw her? She had to take the risk Slowly, she entered the passing.

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