TSA pg 2

  • Note:I can't seperate them as chapters so I put them as pages.*

“ok Jeff” she got out of bed, got dressed, and headed down stairs. Her mother was sitting down ,looking out the window nervous, but calmly. “Mom?” Kayla sat down with her.

“Kayla… the twilight is coming, and it’s going to spread.” she said without looking at her. Kayla saw a tear out of the corner of her eye, which made her scared.

“W-what are you talking about?! It’s too early for the twilight to come out now!” her voice quivered. “Calm down, and listen to me. You need to leave.”

“Huh?! Why?” she took a deep breath, trying to calm down.

“Mommy? What’s going on?” Jeff asked, coming downstairs.

“Nothing Jeff, go back upstairs.” her mother said softly. He crossed his arms.

“Why won’t anyone tell me what’s going on?” he protested, but headed up the stairs. Her mother sighed and turned back to Kayla. “I know this is sudden, or even scary for you, but you need to go. I have to stay here with Jeff .”

Are you going to die if the twilight reaches here, and I’m not here?” Kayla demanded.

“No. Please, I don’t want you to stay here and be stuck forever Kayla. It‘s getting closer every minute.” her eyes held a plea. It took a few seconds for her to calm down enough to answer. “Yes. Tell Jeff I love him.” she hugged her mother tight, not wanting to let go. Finally, she released her. “Yes, I’ll be sure to tell him that.” she stood up and picked up something on the counter. “Take this. If you’re going out where evil is… you need to have something..” her mother handed Kayla a pair of gloves. “Those gloves have sharp, retractable grips at the end of each finger, which was good for climbing when I was your age.” Kayla put them on. “I love you.” she whispered. She ran out the door, without looking back. She could feel tears run down her face as she saw what was a just hundred yards away. She shook her head to clear it and noticed the twilight was just a few yards away. Kayla froze in fear. As soon as it touched her, she felt something weird… oddly like it covered her. She frantically ran as far as she could before she collapsed. By the forest entrance…

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