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“Hey, there’s a sword in there. Go fetch boy!” Midna ordered. Kayla sighed and walked beside Link to the house, by the edge of the creek out of sight.

“No! I may be a wolf, but I don’t want to get all dirty, digging through a small hole in the ground! I’ll stay right here, thank you.” Kayla protested.

“Fine. You stay here, and I’ll go in and get the sword.” Link dug under the house and squeezed through. Kayla waited patiently, looking around. The moon and stars hung in the dark blue, almost black, sky. The moon was glowing palely and the stars glimmered like crystals.

But she couldn’t relax. Not with the awareness that the twilight was spreading.

Link came back out, with a nice looking sword tucked under his shield.

“Ok, now what?” she asked. Midna came out. “Now, we go back to the Faron woods.” she turned to Link. “You know, where you were first transformed? Let’s go!” she went back under his shadow. “Ok, follow me Kayla.” he led the way. They went all the way back to where Kayla found the spring, when a faint voice stopped them.

“You… ones who were… transformed by twilight… come to me…” they followed the voice, and suddenly, strange red and black rods appeared around them, and a barrier formed. Trapped.

“Beware… a being of darkness… it approaches…” the voice warned. “A what?” Kayla looked up at the sky. A black red ringed portal appeared, and a strange, large, black creature dropped down. When it dropped to the ground, it quickly got up and studied the two wolves.

Link growled angrily. “That’s what attacked me before!” he jumped on to the creature, got a good hold, and started biting repeating . He lost his hold and fell off, so Kayla tried a shot. She leaped at it, sank her teeth in, and gave the finishing bites.

Finally, it collapsed to the ground and disappeared in a flash of black cloud.

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