Hey, this my second fanfic,the sunset aura. It's based on the game TP. Enjoy, I've learned to put detail and emotion into it!:D

Chapter 1

In the vast view of the almost never ending field, a girl with long blond hair and blue eyes, was sprawled across the ground, staring at the sunset. She sighed softly. "I don't get it..." she mumbled and brushed aside her hair in front of her face. "There's always this... feeling every time the sunsets with twilight. It's almost... magical." she stood up and wiped the dirt off her pants. But she couldn't help but to keep staring at the pink-orange sky. "If only... what I’d give to go on an adventure or something exciting. Me, Kayla. The world was probably bigger than I know... I just want the chance to see it.....


“Sis home!” her four year old brother, Jeff, cheered. Her mother turned around from doing the dishes. “Hi honey. How was the twilight tonight” she asked. Kayla sat down and ruffled her brother’s hair. “Good.” she turned towards her. “Mom? Do you know why there’s a strange feeling in the air when the twilight appears?” her mother paused. “Yes. Well a little bit.” she said slowly.

Kayla waited.

“Twilight is the only time when our world connects with theirs.” her mother started, and Kayla’s eyes were already sparkling with wonder and excitement. “Does it feel depressing to you?” she asked. Kayla shook her head. “No… it’s something else..”

Her mother sighed. “It’s getting late now… you should go to bed. Get some rest.” she looked out the window. “Take your brother upstairs. It’s way past his bedtime.” she said, without looking away from the window.


“It’s almost 9:00! Wake up!” Jeff shook Kayla’s arm. “Jeff… I told you before, I’m not an early riser..” she grumbled. “And yet, you love to stay up at night… mom wants you.” he informed. That’s weird… mom usually never woke her up unless it was an emergency…

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