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Alright everybody! I'm starting a new story called the sunset aura(or-ah), and it's based on Twilight princess. I tried not to block out Midna too much, by putting another character in. I'm busy lately, going into high school, so I might now have time to type as often but a chapter every two or three days will remain. Before the story, I have a background note: For some reason, I always put me into the story, and keep it canon. Kayla is my other personality I want in life. But I still put in things I could do too into her. Some simaliarities and differences are: We both do archery, but Im not as good as I am in the story, I'm not really afraid of spiders but in the story she is. She doesn't bat an eye at the sight of a bee, but Im terrified of them. Im definetly NOT assertive(but Im no pushover either), but in the story, she's always ready to go rite in. She always knows more fighting move than I do. im only 14 and a half, but she's 11 in minish cap(started two chapters but went on to TP), 13/14 in MM, and almost 18 in this story. Kayla in the story is everything I want to be, but can't be. Because of my desire to be someone else,plus the love of typing and zelda, I do stories putting me into it. Shes atheletic and flexable, and usally starts with a small weapon to defend herself, but ends up losing it, always geeting a bow to replace it. I KNOW that sometimes I don't make logic in some parts like 'How can Lady gaga and florida songs exist in an era of zelda?' I just do, ok? I sometinmes do typos but thattt doesnt matter rite?rite...? She watches sunsets everyday but I only do it once in a while. so pretty, when theres more than one color in the sky...its MAGICAL. My inspirations? I have three. I dream at night, and when I wake up(if I remember) I write it down and sometimes put it into the story. Second, when I read books, and I like some frases, I take them and alter a bit. and the last is simple. Study around you everyday in life! You might see or hear something intresting! In conclusion, I hope you enjoy the Sunset Aura, and thank you for taking the time to read this!

~xoxoxo to all my fans, Kayla/Malongirl5


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