Hi, before starting to write this I have to say I'm Spanish, and I am translating all this based on Google translator, so some words or expressions can be mistranslated or something confusing. 

Argument Edit

The story is set in a future in which the peace of Hyrule perído ended long ago. After the defeat of Ganon, the three goddesses again, but this time, accompanied by powerful dragons that devastated Hyrule. 10 years later, a people come from the north, the saykyanos, the repopulated and created a kingdom led by King Augustus, whose daughter is Princess Zelda. Sayky Empire is a reign of terror in which the ancient Hyrulianos are oppressed. But not all. In the Death Mountain, are a few that are a resistance, including the young Link, whose mother was killed by saykyanos after Link betray him to the mysterious "Flake Charm" and hid on Mount death where it was found by the resistance. Years later, the story begins when Zelda disappears in a cloud of fire and Link, after being captured by Seykyanos, is responsible for finding, with the only clues found in ancient temples. In this epic tale, Link will search for a changed Zelda Hyrule, discovering information about the mysterious arrival of the dragons and their own past==Game Guide == The game begins with a sequence that looks like the three goddesses descended with the Dragons and destroy Hyrule. They are places like the Citadel, the region Zora, and Phantom Hourglass Sea. After this, Link appears in a forest, with a partner, who tells him to hurry. The companion begins to walk, and you will follow you through the woods WHILE explains the controls, which are like the Skyward Sword. You move through the woods, go through a river jumping rocks and pick a few fruits, until you have to attack each hunt boars. They pounce on your partner, called LARCE, and the sword falls away. You run to catch it, the gains and losses to the piglets. You get that "iron sword". After that, LARCE thanks you, and says he's going to get dark and the wolves will come soon, so it will be better to rest in the camp and return in the morning to the mountain of death. LARCE, who claims to be injured, it gives you a map with the location of the camp, and asks you to pick up some wood, you get to cut the trunks of some small trees. You will walk through the woods for a while, until you get to camp. This will burn because Seykianos have burned. You go to the river to get water, but decided to demolish the dam LARCE. For that, blandirás few sticks of firewood, which turn

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