this game take place 1 year after the original game darkness threates to destroy everything and link is back to stop it.

the darkness begins to beckon Edit

link is called to hyrule castle by zelda for something link enters zelda's room.she tell's him of a long forgotten darkness wondering under the surface of hyrule.she tell link that this darkness is far more powerful than ganon could ever be and it begining to she wants link to destroy the darkness and link accepts.zelda thanks him and quickly casts him to the first dungeon (i know it was rushed into) link found himself in the dugeon of darkness.and according to zelda he had to travel to it's detphs to finda item with dense darkness energy that is converted into a ball of pure darkness.lets it begin

the dark dungeonEdit

after a while of seacrhing and defeating enemys.he encounter a boss type enemy it is that is cerebus the guard dog of knowing he was no macth for it he ran but was throated by cerebus in the end.but much to links surprise he was not eaten at the moment and had to find a way out cerebus's body is treated like an fight tiny cerebus's jump over acid jump on half diggested food and other

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