Chapter 3 Edit

Zelda lead Link down a long dark alley. Willend followed behind them. They walked along until they reached the end.

"This is a dead end," LInk said. Zelda smiled. She reached into her sleeve and pulled out a key. She walked over to the wall . She took the key and pressed it onto the wall. A small door opened in the wall and they walked through it. Inside was a pedestal. Placed on it was a large scepter embedded with jewels.

"This is the Scepter of Time."

"Is it protected in case some one gets in here?" Link asked.

"Yes. Only one with the power of the triforce can remove it from the chamber or use it."

As they left to return to Zelda's home, Link began to wonder... Why did Zelda have to hide? What was she hiding from? Why did she have access to the scepter? Why had she been given the where abouts of the scepter?

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