Chapter 1 Edit

Link stood facing the ocean. The wind wiped past him. Since he had turned 15, he felt a need to prove himself. To whom, he was unsure. Each day he hoped a task would arise that he could take on, but Keylope Island remained calm and peaceful. No adventures any where. As Link watched the waves, he noticed a small speck on the horizon. He watched it closely as it began to approach the island. It appeared to be a large cargo ship. As it came nearer, Link could make out the design on the flag. It was the Triforce. Link's heart began to beat faster, could this be the adventure he had been waiting for? He ran to the docks and arrived just as the ship was docking. A young man, not to much older than Link, stepped off the ship. Link started to walk toward him. As Link approached the man, he turned to Link and said,"Hello, my name is Willend."

"My name is Link,"Link took a deep breath and asked,"would you allow me to come with you on your journey?" Willend thought for a moment adnd replied, "Of course you can." Link was so excited. His adventure was finally starting! As they boarded the ship Willend begain to tell Link about himself. He explanded how his father had been a salor and when he was old enough, he joined his father on the sea. He had started working for Princess Zelda not long ago.

"There is just one rule," Willend told Link.

"What's that?" Link asked.

"You may not tell any one that we are working for Princess Zelda. No one knows where she lives except us, and she wants to keep it that way." Link agreed to keep the secret.

"But if no one can know about Princess Zelda, why are we flying the triforce flag?"

"It is a sign that we are peaceful. The triforce represents many things. Only the people we work with no its true meaning. Do you see the small triangle that is a slightly lighter gold than the others?" Link looked and saw the small triangle in the middle of the other three. "We use this flag so that our 'Helpers' know we really do work for the princess."

Link looked out at the sea as the ship sailed away. His adventure had begun. But this adventure was much more than Link ever could have imagined.

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