The Nine Magicks are the base branches of Magick from which all other Magick branches out from.

The MagicksEdit

Known UsesEdit

  • Offensive Magick (attacking Magick, all Magicks used)
  • Defensive Magick (shields, Dark Magick, Holy Magick and Earth Magick only)
  • Healing Magick (health restoration, Holy Magick only)
  • Status Magick (negative status on foe, ability increase in user, all Magicks used)


  • This comes from some of the Castlevania series (CotM and PoR), the Pokemon series and a bit of NeoQuest. I do not own those things (so don't yell at me for using 'em) but they appear in the fanon Legend of Zelda: Return of Ganondorf.

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