Author: OldSchoolZeldaFan

Summary: Story snippet relating to my original fan-art images, below.

Rated: G.

Disclaimer: Don't own Link or Hyrule, or the name "Calatia", but the story, O.C. (Lydia), and a certain invention which will soon be described are of my own making. Original Chracters: Lydia

Author's Notes: This is a portrayal of original tLoZ and Z-II: AoL Link, BEFORE he gets to Hyrule. He's about 14 at the time of the first game, and has no family, it seems, and the Nintendo-licensed comics published by Valiant claim he's a foreigner from the country of Calatia, which is "west of Hyrule". The question I asked is: "What the HECK is a 14-year-old doing, wandering around a monster-infested kingdom with NO parental supervision?!" The answer I came up with is this story, which is elaborated further in scenes from my other wikia fan-fic: A Family Reunion. O.C. is also featured my multi-chapter fic, Developments.

The Night Before We Say Goodbye Edit

"This way, we'll always be in touch!"

Lydia hands her brother a small box. Inside are two blue-metal hoop earrings, of which she immediately grabs one and fits it through her lobe.

"Just get yourself pierced, when you get to Hyrule," she instructs. "See? You press down on the front, and..." she demonstrates, her own earring emitting a soft clicking noise. The other hoop, in Link's curious hand, suddenly lights up and chirrups a digitized sequence.

"Press it!" she giggles.

He does as instructed, and brings it close to his face, for inspection. Suddenly, his sister's voice comes through the small adornment, "Guess who?"

Awed, the quiet boy peers at Lydia, who is whispering VERY quietly, hand covering her mouth. He can barely make out that she's speaking at all, though she's sitting right beside him, but the earring carries her words, unhindered.

"See? Now we can talk whenever we want!" She lowers her hand away from her mouth and reveals and very self-satisfied grin.

Holding up the tiny piece of electronic jewelry, Link marvels at the gift. This means they'll be able to stay close to each other, despite being hundreds of miles away! It won't be as much fun as having her with him, and he can't imagine how he'll sleep without her soft snores just a few feet away every night, but at least they won't have use the mail and wait a week to exchange stories! Suddenly, her leaving to join the Mage's Guild, and him going off to a far-away school, doesn't seem so frightening.

Satisfied, Link beams a brilliant smile, to perfectly match the one on his sister's face.

NBwSG- Tonality Test

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