Hyrule came together to celebrate the births of their new sages. The first sage was Zelda, the sage of Time. Color is yellow. The second sage was Morgan, Sage of Earth. Color is green. The third sage was Kelsey, the Sage of Fire. Color is red. The fourth sage was Ariel, the Sage of Water. Color is blue. The fith sage was Zareah, the Sage of Light. Color is orange. The sixth sage was Zora, Sage of Storms. Color is purple. The strange thing was that all of the sages were born to the royal family... And they were all girls.

CHAPTER 1 A Bad Begining

On this glorious day of the birth of the Sages, all of Hyrule was rejoycing and celebrating... Well, all of Hyrule except one man. One man was plotting, planning horrible evil events... Who this man was? You guessed it! It was Ganondorf, up to his usual, horrible and morbid doings.

" Bwahahaha. Tonight will be the night... Heh heh heh, tonight. " Ganondorf chuckled to himself

He waited until all of the land was asleep. He got on his steed and trotted throught the shadows to the Hyrule castle, slottering every guard that stood in this way.

Ganondorf crept into the castle, not making a sound. He scowerd the place until he found one of the two nurserys, with Zelda, Zareah and Zora inside. Finally, unawhare that he'd only found half on what he was looking for, he snatched the babies, and ran to the King and Queen's room and Tied them up in rope, threw them on the back of the horse along with the three helpless babies and dashed out of the castle like a bat out of hell, still being foolish enough not to even notice that he had only half of the puzzle. on his way out, Ganondorf lit the Market Town and the area around the castle ablaze with fire. Screams of horror came from everywhere as everything burned to ash.

Chapter 2 of the New Era of Sages.

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