The Legend of the Pyramid Edit

Long ago the royalty of the desert was threatened. The queen of the land had no heir and grew weaker each day. The queen was a cruel and wicked person. She prayed to the Goddess of Sand and she came to her. "Two children I shall gift you with, but they shall pay for your sins. There souls they share as well as there thrown. They shall never be whole and neither shall there thrown our thy kingdom."

What the goddess had said had come true and the kingdom was divided. The two princesses wished for a new world. The land of the pheonix for it would be born from the ashes and puddles of the old. They learned the powers of ice and fire and created a powerful weapon. A tall pyramid they forced there citizens created housed it.

When the new world was about to rise a hero with a shield of glass and a sword of two blades came. From the tips of the blade came the two powers the sorceresses themselves held. Ice and fire. The power caused the sorceress of fire to burn into ashes. The power caused the sorceress of ice to melt into a puddle, but from there remains a new sorceress was born. The twins souls were one finally and she was unstoppable.

The hero merely raised his shield and light bounced of it. The light turned the wicked witch to stone.

The hero united the kingdom once more and the land was in peace.

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