My fanfic takes place 3 years after the events of Majora's Mask, and Termina is under siege by Ganondorf's army (having somehow broken through to Termina). As the world burns, a new hero rises to fight back against Ganondorf's regime by gathering an army to help him overthrow him.


Prelude: Termina's Downfall

Chapter 1: A Hero rises


  • Termina: The region the story takes place in.
  • Clock town: The region's capital. The clock's base is now home to Ganondorf's police force.
  • Woodfall: A small village hidden in Termina's swamps. The hero of the story lives in this village. Also, the deku palace is located here.
  • Snowhead: Termina's mountains hide a Goron village, which in turn hides a dark secret...
  • Ikana Canyon: The dusty canyons are now littered with parts of the moon, which fell into the valley after a comet hit the moon. Ganondorf's miners collect moon crystals here.
  • Ikana graveyard: At night, the ReDead swarm here in packs. The gates are locked, but only at night can our hero find his toughest recruit...
  • Ganondorf's fortress: The evil leader's stronghold, formerlly the highest point in Termina. The only entrances are the Woodfall, Snowhead and Ikana gates, which are heavily guarded and need a full army to get through.

UPDATE: Sorry guys, I'm thinking of moving on to a new fan ficiton. Once again, I'm really sorry.

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