The Perilous DungeonsEdit

In the legend, the hero made his way through 15 dangerous dungeons in both worlds to gain powerful objects. They were...

  1. The Ancient Tower of Time
  2. The Palace of the Deku Royal Family
  3. The Mines of the Gorons
  4. The Gerudo Prisons
  5. The Palace of the Ikanans and the Tower of Stone
  6. The Catacombs of Termina
  7. The Kokiri Treehouse
  8. The Temple of Time
  9. The Temple of the Dead
  10. The Temple of the Earth Diety
  11. The Temple of Frost
  12. The Temple of the Sky
  13. The Temple of the Golden Goddesses
  14. Beneath the Well
  15. The Castle of the Twin Worlds

The LegendEdit

Long ago in the country known as termina, four temples stood unsurpassed in glory. To the north, to the east, to the west, and to the south. In the center of them, 100 feet from each, stood an ancient tower, a Tower of Time. This land of Termina was a peaceful place, filled with lush green fields and clear blue rivers, until one day a dark evil entered this paradise.

A small imp, lost and confused in a land only remembered in his dreams, he wielded a weapon to powerful for mortal hands. He casted the land in darkness. Each temple and there guardian fell victim to his minions, and the very moon began to fall from the sky.

Just as the world was about to take its last breath, a hero, cloaked in green, came from the depths of the tower. Although he was one he took the form of four. He awoke the four guardians from the four temples and threw the moon back into the sky.

The hero left the land of termina, but his legend lived on. In one wooded village in the south people honor the memory of the Hero of Masks by wearing his garb on the Carnival of Time.

The ProlougeEdit

A stone statue lies in a ruined temple. It's one eye staring into the shadows. Two figures then emerge from the darkness.

"Oku, look into the statue's eye." said the first figure. "Great power sleeps inside it. Long ago lived a tribe of shadows. They created many dark and powerful artifacts. This statue is one of them. That ancient tribe protected the royal family in eternal servitude. This statue is not unique, many others sleep in both worlds."

The first figure and Oku move closer to the statue.

"All these statues are connected." said the first figure. "If there linkage survived the seperation of the worlds then the land that was forgotten could be closer than we think."

The first figure says some strange words, and the statues eye shoots out a blue beam at Oku.

"Go forth through the portal Oku"

Oku entered the blue light and soon found himself in a different building with a different, yet identical statue.

From the other side of the portal Oku heard a voice say. "Oku, my power wanes. Once you have the dark masks I will not be strong enough to reopen this portal. You must return through the Tower of Time.

A Hero is BornEdit

Link and Malon were sitting in there home town of Romani with Link's horse Epona.

"Link, look over the hills." said Malon breaking the silence. "Do you ever dream of what clock town is like? I dreamt last night that I was there. The Carnival must be wonderful there. Father says there are concerts and plays, and kiosks with all sorts of rare and exotic masks. There is so much to do and so much to explore in this world. I'm getting tired of this small town. And there are even more lands beyond our province of Termina. Afterall, you've heard the legend. They say long ago our ancestors had a great war, and our town was settled by the few who managed to escape. I wish I could find that ancient land."

The two looked over the passing hills at the tall walls of Clock Town.

"Tomorrow is the carnival of time. I'll see you then" , said Malon.

Malon then walked away and Link went to his house, excited for the next days events. He took out his ceremonial clothes. A green tunic, much like the one worn by the Ancient Hero of Masks. He then took out his mask. It was tradition to wear a mask passed down from your family on the day of the carnival. Link, exhausted, then went to sleep.  

The Plight of the Fierce DeityEdit

In the same temple with the one eyed statue, the dark figure still stood. He waited patiently for the return of Oku, fearing what could happen if he didn't return.

A strange cloaked man then approached the dark figure.

"Gebola, lord of the sky. You have a new god." said the cloaked man.  

"Bow down to the fierce deity." said the Cloaked Figure, coming even closer to him.  

"Never shall I bow to a fool." responded the Gebola, lord of the sky.  

"Than you shall die."

The Carnival of Time Edit

Link soon woke. He got his ceremonial mask for the festival. Each villagers mask was unique. Some were animal faces, some were monster, and some were hoods and crowns. Link's was past down to him from his ancestors. It was a mask of a creature with a yellow face and pointy ears. It was an ancient spirit of legend.

He soon heard Malon screaming at him to come. She was wearing a Mask that Beared the Symbol of Romani, a cows face. They both ran to the village.

There were about fifty people at the village square, all masked. They greeted the two as they came.

Talon, the mayor of the town, approached Link "Link you are soon to be a man. Take this sword. It was your fathers." Link took it with gratitude.

Link had agreed a while before that he would leave Romani and travel to Clock Town. He wished to become a knight in their army. Clock Town was recently having many problems with crime. Many revolts and riots have threatened the city and link wished to help.

Link said goodbye to all his friends and neighbors.

"Oh Link, you shall be missed." said the General store owner, the oldest person in town. "Take this, your journey will be dangerous and you will need a shield."

Link thanked her and went back to the festival.

The party lasted late into the night. He saw all the people he would never see again. Link was to leave in the morning, and the only one he hadn't told about his departure is Malon.

The next morning Link packed all of his things and went to leave but malon stood at his door.

"My father told me of your departure." she said holding back tears."I Guess this is goodbye." She leaned closer to link, as if to say something, but ran away before Link could respond.

Link then set off on his journey, with Epona, after giving a last goodbye to his home.

The Woodfall ShamanEdit

After many days of travel, Link reached the outskirts of one of the villages that surrounded Clock town.

As he came closer he realized something was strange. He saw smoke spewing out of the roofs of a nearby village and realized that their must be a fire. He rode Epona to the gates of the town and saw hundreds of villagers running around. He realized that a revolt was happening right now. A hooded figure rode toward him on a white horse and with a swing of a giant sword Link collapsed.

Link awoke several days later in the hut of a strange witch-doctor. Confused he played his memory of last nights events again, and he remembered the revolt. He tried to run out but was stopped, by a young woman with long orange hair and tan skin.

"Hello Link, I am Geruba. Sit down, you need your rest. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you were attacked by a dark knight, right?" 

Link nodded.

"He is a horrible demon that is reffered to as the Fierce Diety by his followers. He has gained control of all of Clock Town and its surrounding villages. But, I have graver news for you. He has not limited himself to only the village you saw. He also attacked your village."

She pointed to the figure of Romani collapsed on a bed adjacent to him. "Do you know her?"

Link jumped towards he in a fit of extreme emotion. He looks down at the lifeless body of his neighbor and friend.

"I am the Shaman of this village." said the witch doctor Geruba "I found her collapsed on the outskirts of Romani. Don't worry, I am expecting a swift recovery from her. This is the Southern Swamp. Link, I have someone you must meet."

She took link outside and introduces him to a small bird like creature.

"Oku, I have someone for you to meet. This is Link."

"Pleased to meet you." said the bird

"Strange things have happened since the reign of the fierce diety. I found him on the outskirts of clocktown without his memory. I believe his memory loss is also due to the Fierce Diety. He is of a strange race I've only heard in legends. I believe the only way for you to get his memory back is if you two travel to the sacred clock tower and ask the monk Rosasha for help. However, the clock tower is in clock town, territory now under the rule of the Fierce diety. You'll have to go their without detection."

The shaman then gave link a map of termina, and he set off with the bird to clock town.

The Ancient Tower of TimeEdit

After days of travel Link and the bird travelled to clock town. The two maneuvered through the castles and towers sneaking past guards and gates. After sneaking through the palace gardens he made his way to the outer walls of the castle.

Inside the outer walls Link and Oku discovered a large Statue of a Jungle Warrior. In his hand was a large green pearl. Link slashed it with his sword and it glowed an ominous green light.

"Find my three brothers and the door to the Tower will Open. North, South, East, and West." said the statue.

"Well, we are in the south wing now, so let's go to the west." said Oku to Link.

When he reached the west wing they found a new statue of a Giant Armormed Shark. Link slashed it like the other and it released Blue Light.

Link went to the other two wings and found a Large Mechanical Mountain Goat, and Twin Sand Snakes. After all four orbs lit up he went back to the south wing where a new door has opened. He entered it and made his way down a long hallway to the Tower.

When they reached the clock tower a giant mechanical creature, shaped like a man, attacked link. Thousands of gears worked together in this giant monster.

"This must be the secret weapon that the fierce diety's military was working on. I thought it was just a rumor but it's true." said Oku shocked.  

Link approached him sword in hand and engaged in an epic sword fight. From the midst of the giant beast a single gear, a "spinner" falls to the ground.

"Wow, Link, you can glide around on that spinner." said Oku. "You could probably use it to activate gears and climb up walls with gear marks on it too."

Using his new item he maneuvered to the top of the clock tower. He then used the spinner to start a giant set of gears which opened to the top of the tower.

Link ran inside and the Fierce Diety, the same dark hooded figure that attacked him earlier, appeared out of nowhere.

"Foolish boy, you have snuck into the very heart of my kingdom and you thought it would go unnoticed. That simple toy you fought earlier is only a mear taste of the powerful weapons I have planned for the land of legend."

The evil emperor dissapears and suddenly a giant mechanical ship rises into the air. It is part plane but also part torture room. Link looked in and saw a poor old man trapped inside it.  

The Dark Mechanical Weapon-Xyzz Edit

Link knew he had to act fast. He used his spinner on one of the cogs in the center of the room, thinking that one of the gears in the tower could help him defeat the monser, and a platform rose close to the giant machine. Attaching to one of its wings he spun up to the center of it with his spinner. Inside were several points of weakness Link saw. Link quickly stabbed at them while dodging lasers and mechanical arms. Link hacked off the arms and continued to destroy the internal workings of the machine. Once they all were destroyed the plane fell to the ground.

But the fight didn't stop. The plane started crawling arround the tower, shooting missiles at link. Link then used his spinner on another cog which caused another platform to rise right underneath the beast, smashing into it. After several times it was completely destroyed, freeing the person inside, and then in a blast of color, it exploded in the air, as if a fire work display.

"Thank you young hero." said the man. "I am Rosasha, ancient sage of Termina. I live in this tower, worshipping the mother goddess and her four sons. She erected this very monument, the fabled goddess of time. And now young hero I must tell you something. You are familiar with the legend of the ancient Masked Hero. The legendary warrior who took the form of the four races of termina. When the hero left the kingdom, he gave his sacred masks to the terminans. His sacred mask of the earth was gifted unto the deku, the mask of fire to the gorons, the water mask to the zoras, and the ancient mask of the wind to the people of the east. He said that only when all four of the races of termina agree can the door to the fabled land be opened, and he left through the tower of time. The Dark Mask that he stole from the evil imp was sealed deep within this temple of the goddess of time, believing no one would ever wear it again. However, the fierce diety marched into my temple and stole the dark mask, i begged him to stop, but he would not hault. He sealed me away in the tower, and here i have watched his armies attack termina. Dear Link, the only way to open the door to the other world is if you obtain the masks of the hero, the dark masks. In the other world you will find an ancient power. With this you will have the power to defeat the evil emperor."

"But, what about me? Will I ever regain my memory?" said Oku.

"Shhhhhh. You will, all in good time. Bring to me the sacred masks first and I will tell you. Take this. This is the instrument the ancient hero played. The ocarina of time. It shall serve you well."

The two thanked Rosasha and then set off to find the masks.

As Link was leaving the tower he noticed a strange tree with a face carved into it. Oku mentioned that it looks like the people to the south of woodfall were the shaman lives. Rosasha said that one of the dark masks was bestowed on those people. The two then set off to the swamp land in search of the ancient race of the earth.

The Adventure through WoodfallEdit

The pair then travelled south to woodfall and reached a small woodland village. He saw many people similar to the strange tree he saw earlier. He approached one of them and asked him about the Mask of the Earth.

"The Ancient Mask of the Earth." replied the forest creature. "Nuh-uh. We Deku do not like outsiders and we certainly will not give you our most precious treasure. But if you insist on trying, you should go to Deku Palace and ask the King."

The two kept on travelling, but they entered a strange wood and it seemed they wandered for hours.

"Link, I think we're lost." said Oku dissapointed.

Just then a small monkey hopped out of the bushes.

"Oh, young forest fairy, follow me to get to the palace of the Deku Kings." said the monkey.

Link followed the monkey and eventually made his way out of the wood.

"Forest Fairy, next time you are in these woods come to my home village to the east of here. I think I will be able to help you on your journey." and the monkey was off.

The King of the Deku Scrubs Edit

They eventually reached the palace of the Deku Kings. When they arrived at the magnificent castle they were escorted in by the strange plantlike creatures known as the Deku. When he entered the thrown room, he asked the King for the Ancient Mask of the Earth.

"Young child, throughout the many years of my rule I had held close to my heart the legend. It stated that a new hero would come to claim this mask and unite this world with the one of legend. I see you now young hero and without a doubt in my heart realize you are him. To get the ancient mask of the earth you must maneuver your way to the woodfall temple, but to do that you would need to be able to fly on the wind like a deku. You will need this, the ancient deku mask."

The King then bestowed it to link. Link then wore it in triumph, but shockingly, nothing happened.

"But the ancient mask is supposed to transform the hero into one of the deku?" said Oku

"I am afraid" said the king."The mask has lost its power. The ancient masks of legend held the soul of three noble heroes of the races of the earth, fire, and water. THat spirit has appeared to have moved on. If you are trying to find the holder of that ancient courage, the only place to look would be the deku graveyards to the south of my palace."

THe king ordered his guards to lead him to the sacred grounds and the two entered the mausoleum. Inside, instead of seeing graves, they saw hundreds of trees, just like the one he saw in the clock tower. Confused, they approached one and were suprised when a spirit hopped from a gnarled and ancient plant. The two jumped back in surprise.

They saw at the very end of the dark temple a platform, something almost like a throne.

The two approached three trees and an ancient spirit came out of the first.

"I am the ancient king of the deku young hero. In the ancient past I met the legendary masked hero. Young child, show me the sacred instrument he played."

The hero then took out the ocarina.

"Listen closely" the deku king then played a song so beautiful and sacred that every spirit in the graveyard awoke.

"That is called the song of healing, the ancient hero taught it to my people and it has been considered sacred. It heals lost souls and soothes ancient spirits. It empties everyone of there worries and troubles and hollows them into a mask, so they can rest eternally."

The two other trees on the thrown then awoke.

The first said. "I am the ancient princess of the deku family. The ancient masked hero saved me from the dark depths of the woodfall swamps. You contain the spirit of that hero. I will be waiting for you in the Woodfall Temple, for I am it's sage."

The second said. "I am the humble servant to the thrown of the woodfall dekus. The spirit that is needed to awaken the power in that mask is my son. He rests in the clock tower to the north of here. That is where he was killed by the ancient evil."

Suddenly the place was silent and the spirits dissapeared.

"Come on." said Oku. "Let's go to clock town."

The two then set off again.

The Pursuit of the Spirit of the Mask of the Deku Edit

The two arrived in clock town. And began plotting there path to get to the tower.

"I guess we'll just have to follow the path we did last time and go the long way." said oku.

Just as they were about to sneak into the castle a fox, much like the one on his ceremonial mask, with seven tails glowing with light approached, and appeared to motion to them to follow him. The two did and the fox led them to a secret underground pathway. Just as the two were about to thank him, he dissapeared. The tunnel led them to the clock tower.

"Here Link, just were we left him, it's the ancient sage of the mask. Play the song the Deku King taught you."

Link did so and then the spirit of the tree hopped out.

"Dear hero," spoke the spirit "I am the ancient spirit of the mask, your lullaby has awoken me and given me the power to possess your mask, hold it out to me and i shall restore its power." Link took out the mask, and the spirit went inside it.

"Now the mask should work, and I shall always be with you to help."

The Palace of the Deku Royal FamilyEdit

With the power of the mask the two set off back to woodfall and asked for access to the rest of the ancient palace of the deku family beyond the throne room.

"Link, you are truly the reincarnation of the Hero of Masks." said the Deku King in awe. "I give you permition to go to the rest of the palace. Guards, let them through. But I must warn you, there are all sorts of monsters in the palace. Be careful."

The Fierce Diety's minions, monsters of all sorts, had possessed most of the castle. Link maneuvered through each room, fighting them off until he came upon a tall tower.

He climbed it until he reached the peak and discovered it was carved out of an ancient tree. As he wandered through the tower's lookout, he noticed a particularly unusual flower. Link went to grab it, but suddenly the larges Deku Baba he ever saw, sprung from the earth.

Using his quick thinking and fast footwork, he quickly dispatched of it. The giant deku baba withered down into the original flower he saw. He went up to the flower and pulled it.

"This is a deku stick. The deku's use it to fly. With the deku mask on you should be able to use it to fly, and without it you can use it to blow gusts of wind or use it as a torch." said the spirit of the mask.

Link could see the Woodfall Temple in the distance from the tower. He put on the mask  and jumped out the window. With the wind under his wings, he landed in the deepest depths of the swamp.

He landed in a strange altar. It had mysterious markings all around it, in a language he didn't understand. Carved in an ancient stone were notes. Link pulled out his ocarina, and began playing the song, but nothing happened.

"Well, this is the temple of the deku, maybe you should try playing as a deku." said Oku.

Link turned into his Scrub form and took out his ocarina, which transformed to the legendary deku horn, and began playing. The magnificent temple rose from the depths of the water.

"Link, when did you get that horn? Perhaps just as you transform when you wear the mask, so does the ocarina." said oku.

Link then jumped off the platform and flew to the temple with the deku stick.

When he entered the shrine, he saw an altar dedicated to the Earth Diety, and the Ancient Mask of Earth in the center of it. As he approached though, a giant Spider shattered and crawled out from the floor and the battle began.

Guardian of the Mask of Earth- Queen Gohma Edit

Link knew he had to act fast so he approached the beast, but he realized he could not jump the gap the monster had left in the floor. There was no way to reach him or the mask, but just as he gave up hope, the spirit of the deku princess came.

"Link, I will help you defeat the monster. I will use my powers as a sage." As she spoke these words small trees grew around the arena. "When a deku dies he becomes a tree, and on these trees grow the fabled deku nuts which can stun any creature. Use them."

Link took out his deku stick and used it to blow the deku nuts across the abyss into the giant monsters single eye. After three strikes the creature fell down the hole. Thinking everything was safe, the princess then conjured a deku  flower, an amazing flower that holds the power to send people soaring to amazing hights.

Then Gohma jumped up once more and cloaked the entire temple in a web. Link turned to a deku and used the deku stick and deku flower to fly across the arena. He landed on one of the trees and picked up a deku nut, then he dropped it into the eye of the beast. While it was stunned he landed on the creature and stabbed its eye with the stick. At last the beast was vanquished.

"Link, you have won. Link, now I shall play my horns while you play the ocarina, do you remember the song you played to gain entrance to this temple? That was the Ancient Song of Earth, play it with me and you shall be able to wield the earth mask, without being possessed by its awesome power."

The two played and Link took the mask with pride. His joy was short-lived though, as he realized now that he still needed to get three more.

The Mountains of the GoronEdit

Link bade the Princess farewell.

"I will wait here in the temple, praying for your safety." Link heard the princess say as he left.

After days of travel the two returned to castle town and showed the mask to Rosasha.

"Very good my child, however there are still three out there. If I were you I would head north, to the city of the gorons, however, ever since the Diety's reign strange things have been happening in the mountains. I have been told that a band of dark beasts have taken control of the temple of fire."

Not scared by the monks warning the two traveled to the goron mountains nonetheless, and after days of hiking reached Goron City.

The two met a strange species of rock-people. They asked the people, known as the gorons, to take them to the hut of the Village Elder.

When Link went to speak to the elder and request entrance to their temple, the elder flatly refused.

"The temple has been taken over, we no longer have any control over Snowfall mountain, and the only other route to get to the temple is through the mines, but we have even sealed that off because strange monsters have been sighted recently. It has devastated our city, and if that wasn't bad enough, recently, many goron children have been kidnapped. But, young child, if you are able to return these children to us safe and sound, I shall grant you access to the temple, and I will give you the Sacred Goron Mask."

The Rescue of the Mountain Prisoners Edit

Link knew it was dangerous, but he had to do whatever he could to get the mask and save his town from the Fierce Diety. He then traveled even deeper into the mountains, to the frozen wasteland of Snowfall.

Link saw the creatures the gorons spoke of. They were large, lizard like creature, resembling a dragon, but they walked and acted like people. He maneuvered through the city until he reached a small prison-like chamber in which he saw the kidnapped gorons.

"Well, we found them, but how do we get them out?" said Oku.

"Ohhh, you have the mark of the chosen one, they are looking for you." said one of the Gorons.

"What?" replied Oku confused.

"The mark of the golden triangle, the Lizalfos are looking for you. That is why they kidnapped us. Chosen one, in the guards room there is a bomb bag, use it to free us, please." said the Goron frantically.

Link looked through the room and he found the bomb bag filled with explosives. He took them and blasted open the cell, and then he blasted the wall freeing the gorons. The hollowed wall opened up to a hidden route in the mountain, which led straight back to the goron city.

The Restoration of the Goron Mask Edit

The elder greeted him with happiness and awarded him with the goron mask, but he told him that, like the deku mask, it has lost its power. To revive its power he would have to travel to the tomb of Darmani, which was hidden behind his chamber. The elder led him the way and he reached the tomb.

Link took out his ocarina and played the song of healing. The spirit of Darmani came out of the earth.

"Young hero, I am the spirit of the mask of the gorons. I shall aid you in your quest. As a goron you can roll around in a ball and lift heavy objects. I was a veteran and hero in my life, and I shall guide you in your voyage through the goron temple."

The spirit then went into his mask. Link put it on and took the form of an enormous goron.

"Now you can face anything the goron mines has to give you." said the elder.

Link approached the Goron Mines, prepared to risk his life.

"Are you ready Link?" said Oku. "The Ancient Mask of Fire is somewhere in there."

The Goron MinesEdit

The goron mines were caves with treacherous monsters,fire, and lava. Link traveled through the caves many challenges destroying monsters and rolling through the lava as a goron, when he came to the very center of all the mines. There a lone goron was sitting.

"Ohhh, thank the god of the north you've arrived, when the other goron's sealed the cave away, they forgot to let me out. I am a bomb worker here, and I cannot help but notice you have quite a nice bomb bag there. Sir, a strong goron like yourself-"

"But link isn't a goron, its just the mask he's wearing." said Oku

"Whatever, a strong goron like yourself could carry for me one of my powder kegs. You see, there are two exits to the mines, one leads out to the goron city, and the other leads out to the Snowfall Temple, however, a cave in has blocked the back exit, but a powder keg, my most powerful bomb, should fix that. The only thing is....... you need the key to that door before we can get even close to the exit. So will you go get it for me? Good. So get going sonny, I could do it myself, but this heat is tough on a goron."

Oku then said " but i thought gorons didn't mind heat or lava-"

"Anyways, get going son. Go on now."

Link then progressed deeper into the mines.

Eventually he reached a room were there was the largest dodongo he ever saw. He charged at the beast as a goron and rolled as fast as he could. He hit it with such force that it turned over on its side. Link then slashed at its belly until it curled over, defeated.

Link, excited over his triumph, barely noticed a strange tool, a giant hammer, in the back of the room. Link thought it might come in handy so he took it.

"LInk, a tool this heavy can only be properly used by a goron. Use it well. It will most likely be very useful as you progress through the temple." said the spirit.

Link then used the hammer to press down a giant button. When he did so, a door opened in the back of the room. Inside Link found the key to the door. 

"Thank you sonny, i think when we met we were to busy for introductions. I am brother Gor-Gororo. Bomb maker, and sage of the temple of snow. However, because of the Lizalfos I have not been able to pray. These mines hold an ancient type of technology created by us gorons, the only problem is, no one remembers how to work it. I am the only one to this day that can power all the machinery in this mine. So I guess I am sage, bomb maker, AND technician. Anyways, now that the door is open let's go."  

In the next room however, there was another, even larger door, and it could not be opened with the flick of a switch.

"Link, you must play a song to gain entrance to the temple. Take out your instrument."

Link took out his ocarina as a Goron, but this time it was transformed into a bongo, the goron then taught link to play the Ancient Song of Fire and the door opened.

"Let's go link, it won't be easy, but come on." said the Goron

The two traveled into the next few rooms, fighting monsters and enemies until they reached the central transportation hub of the mines. Hundreds of railways from throughout the mine connected at this room.

"Link, we have to time this perfectly, I will go into the carts on the tracks with the powder keg. However, if I ignite the bomb to early I'll explode, and if it's too late I'll crash into the caved in area. The other problem is, their are monsters all over the place, so you get the exciting job of DISTRACTING THE MONSTERS!!! Wow, your so lucky, well get going now."

"Wait a second" said Oku "Why does link get the tough job, don't you care about anyone besides yourself?" but Gon- Gororo was already in the cart, so Link had no choice. He drove the monsters away from him, but when the old goron opened the cavern Link was to far away to see which way he went. There were two pathways, and Link chose the left.

Link entered into a large chamber divided at the center by a conveyer belt. On the conveyer belt was the Ancient Mask of Fire. Link went up to it but he realized it was blocked off and there was no way he could get it. Then he noticed something else. There were many missing gaps in the conveyer belt, and they all led to dark lava pools. As the conveyer belt switched on Link sprung into action.

He soon figured out that Gon-gorongo was on the other side of the conveyer belt. They knew they'd have to work together. Gon-gorongo went to one of the pieces of machinery connected to the rail ways and used it to activate a rail connecting the gap. Link then took out his hammer and smashed the rocks and wood that was blocking the path of the mask on the belt. Eventually it reached the end, but apparently Gon-Gororo, made one mistake, he forgot to block off the final hole at the end of the conveyer belt.

"This piece of machinery was used to transport the gems and rocks found in the mine to the temple. That hole leads straight to the Snowfall Temple's Sanctuary, the only thing is, a big goron like me can't fit down that hole, but I know someone who can."

Moments later link found himself being stuck down the hole and landing in a large circular chamber.

"You be careful Link, I'll try and find a way down."

Link explored the chamber and came upon three giant statue of a goat like creature. Two were obviously made of stone, but the center one appeared mechanical. Out of nowhere the giant behemoth stirred to life, and Link knew he was the sacred guardian of the Mask of Fire.

Mechanical Demi-God- Goht Edit

Link knew he couldn't handle such a tough monster as a human, so he quickly put on his goron mask. He rolled to catch up with the beast, which was running in circles around the chamber. Just like the giant dodongo he slammed into the beasts side and quickly took out his hammer and smashed his skull. After a few times however the monster became wary of his moves, and started blocking his moves. When all hope seemed lost, flying from one of the many railways in the room came Gon-Gororo

"Hold on Link" he said as he ran towards yet another piece of machinery. "I'll try and help you."

With these words a barage of mining cart came flying towards the monster, Link from several feet away grabbed the stumbling beast by its horns and flipped it across the room into a pit of lava. Link then took out the hammer and smashed the beasts skull.

Link, believing he had won, ran triumphantly to the other two statues and saw the mask of fire, standing on a pedastal.

Suddenly, and earthquake shook the room and the floor caved in. The floor opened into giant pits of lava, but then Goht rose one last time, but this time he spoke,

"Gentle human, I am the creation of the ancient race of gorons that lived in these mountains when the masked hero lived. I was modeled after the god of the north and designed to guard the mask of fire. You are clearly the hero meant to claim the prize and I shall help you."

Link then mounted the creature and they hopped up to the alcove where the mask slept.

"Oh no!" said Oku "We forgot Gon-Gororo, we need the sage to awaken the power in the mask."

The old goron then stumbled in, riding yet another cart.

"Hmmm, how dare you forget me! Well, don't go jumping for joy yet. The mask isn't powered up yet. Link we must play the song of fire together. Take out your ocarina and this time I will play the drums."

Together the two made a wonderful harmony and the mask of fire glowed with power.

"Let's go link." said Oku "We still need to find two more masks."

"Oh no, I just realized one fault in my escape plan, you know how the lizalfos have taken over the mountains, well this exit goes straight through their territory." said Gon-Gororo.

Just as he had said this two large lizalfos warriors came charging in towards the old man, but instead of attacking him, they hugged him. "Brother, you are the hero of legend. Since ancient times we were told to guard the temple, under orders by the masked hero himself. We were told a powerful member of the goron tribe with the symbol of the golden triangle on his left hand would save the day."

"What," said Oku confused "You think that old goron is the descendant of the masked hero? No it was Link. See, look at his left hand."

"Ohhhh. The ancient symbol of the gods. But, the hero was supposed to be a member of the goron tribe."

"Actually he is." said the goron elder, entering the temple. "Young Link is so brave and courageous I now grant him membership to the goron tribe."

"Ohhh elder," said one of the Lizalfos. "My sincerest apologies to anyharm done. With the Fierce Dieties reign we could not take any risks, we had to drive everyone away from the temple, we could trust no one. We also apologize for the kidnappings, but times were so grim we were hoping we could find the hero so he could save us all, but I guess the hero found us."

"Well brother, I guess your job here is done and you must leave, but you are welcome to stay as long as you want."

"We lizalfos live in a mountanous country far to the north of here. We must return, then again, this town is very nice, what is the harm in staying a little longer."

As the two tribe leaders discussed their past troubles and their new hopes, Oku and Link slipped away with one task in mind, find the other two masks. 

The Bay of the GerudosEdit

"Very good" said Rosasha "You are doing very well link. The next mask you should look for is the Mask of Water. The only issue is that the temple of water is far out in the ocean to the west. You will have to find someone who will sail you there before you can even consider it. I suggest you search through clocktown."

Link did as Rohasha told him and turned the city upside down looking for a sailor. Finally he made it to a small tavern that served exclusively MILK! Although Link thought it strange he asked if anyone there owned a ship.

The old barkeep said "Well, the only one in town who's ever been crazy enough to go sailin' in those pirate infested waters was ol' Gorman. He's stayin' at the stock pot inn."

Link went to the inn and checked in a room. With his key he got to enter the inn late at night and that is when he finally met the man.

"Oh why do I even bother, grandpa wanted to be a performer and he failed at that. His brothers where thieves and they failed at that. Why don't I just give up. I'll never be a sailor, never, I should just return to Romani and become a rancher." said the miserable man.

"Your from Romani?" said Oku.

"Who said that? Oh hey there little bird and little green boy. Yes, my brother is Talon. Why?"

"Link here is from Romani."

"Oh well he should of never left, its a cruel cruel world. Why did you leave?"

"He's trying to save his friend Malon, and all of Termina."

"Malon, my little neice, what's happened to her?"

"We'll explain later, first I need to ask though, can you sail us to Greatbay Temple?"

"Sure, but first take me to Romani to see my family." 

Link agreed and they set off, this time with a new friend, which was always useful in times like that.

The Tragedy in Romani Edit

When link arrived there he was only met with sadness. The entire village was empty, not even a goat or cuccoo remained.

"They're gone" said a voice.

Link turned around and saw Geruba.

"Don't worry, their alive, but they've been imprisoned. The Fierce Diety has taken control of all the villages in Termina. The Village of the South (your town of Romani), the Village to the East, the West, and the Village of the North have all been taken over. There have always been five mayors that governed Termina to prevent corruption. The dark emperor elliminated his opposition. Talon, the mayor of your small town, is now imprisoned, somewhere in the sewers of Clock Town. Link, do not worry, I know they will be safe and first you must find the mask of water. The village to the west has not been as horribly hit as your village. People still remain, because only a choice few were kidnapped. This is the village of the Gerudo. I am a descendant of those people and I have told them of your journey. Go there, they will be able to able to help you. As for you Gorman, you probably wish to see your neice, she is still recovering but I believe seeing her uncle will help her. You go to the Western Village and come to Woodfall later today."  

When Link arrived at Gerudo village he was greeted by strange women guards that looked very much like the Shaman. They led him to the hut of the elders.

"Hello Link, I am the only remaining of the village elders. My sisters, the other elders, were kidnapped by pirates. I have foretold your arrival and I know you are searching for the Mask of Water. Link, you are familiar with the dark power the fierce diety is using. It is known as the Mask of Majora. Link, long ago when the gods still lived on the earth with the mortals this land of termina was a land of dreams. The four giants, the fathers of our land, governed justly. But then came the day when our kings had to leave and our people were devostated, but none more then a poor imp. He terrorized the world and the giants were forced to expell him from the kingdom. Then, fearing for the safety of us, they surrounded us with walls for protection. They created swamps so thick no one could cut through them, and mountains so tall no one could climb them. They created an ocean so vast that no one could sail over it and a canyon so deep no one dare descend. They had locked us away and created a safe paradise for our people. For years we lived in happiness until people began to covet the mysteries of other worlds, it is then that the Mask of Majora was created. Link, I just want to warn you, the powers that mask holds are dangerous and dark. Be careful young one. First go to woodfall and speak with my daughter, I believe you know her, she is the Shaman in Woodfall."    

The Pirates and the City of the Zoras Edit

Link leaned over Malon's bed.

"I'm sorry Link, I thought she'd recover quicker, but there is something strange about the Fierce Diety's curse on her. She won't wake up, I've tried. Link, the best thing you can do for her is go get the other masks while I take care of her. Gorman already went ahead to the shores, you go catch up with him."

Malon's skin was white and face cold.

"Don't worry link, momma's amazing, she healed me when she found me." said Oku.   

"Link, go now, but first, take this. This is the mask of the Zoras, when the hero left the kingdom it was hidden in the rivers of termina, I found it one day when i was searching for ingredients. Take it."

Link returned to the Village of the Gerudos and went to the home of the elder. 

"Good, my son, oh and what is that mask? It shall serve you well on your voyage. There is a secret path to the bay that leads to the city of the zora. I shall lead you there, on one condition. You must take me with you. Now let's go."

The two travelled down the secret path and eventually they saw the outskirts of a small town.

 The two had arrived in the port city of the zoras.  

"This is our sister city. It is a place of peace between the Gerudos and Zoras. However, to the North of here is a group of Pirates."

Link beheld the city in awe. It was a port city with a few ships and houses, but the real inspiring site was the giant shell sitting off the coast.

"That is were the zoras live." said the elder. "They are a peaceful fish people that live in harmony with us. Look child, there is Gorman."

The two saw Gorman standing in front of a large ship, with two large sea horses tied to them.

"What do you think of the S.S. Ingo? She's my pride and joy. I dreamt of riding her all over and breeding all sorts of fish. Although I want to be a sailor I cannot ignore my farm routes. Off the coast I own my own island were I raise seahorses. My brother thinks he has the best horses around, but can his swim???"

Still bewildered Link began to walk onto the ship when the elder stopped him.

"Link, stop. The temple of the Great Bay is far out at sea and deep underwater. You will need gills if you want to enter it. Link, you must first fully power the mask of the zoras. Ask King Zora to help you. He lives in the shell castle with the rest of the royal family."

Link did as he was told and entered a large throne room were the king sat proud. "Oh, young adventure, I have been told of your arrival. I can help you. You see, my daughter is the sage of the temple of the great bay, and I worry of her safety. Please, I would like it if you would go and check on her, but to do that you would have to power up the mask of the zoras. I can help you with that. Somewhere along the beaches to the south of here is a sacred grotto were the spirit of the zora mask rests. Go there and play the song of healing and you shall be able to turn into a zora whenever you please. However, the road there is long, I will help you. There is a secret water way that leads to their, however, you can only go from here to their as a human. Once you have the mask you can probably swim back up the current. Are you ready child. Okay. Do you see that shell." he said while pointing to a strange glass shell in the center of the chamber. "In there is the secret pathway. I use it to hold conference with the gerudo elders in secret."

Link crawled in and was suddenly being washed down an underground river. He found himself in a strange grotto with a guitar in the center. He began playing the song of healing.

"...Hello new Masked Hero. You have awakened me. I will go with you to help you face the tasks that lie ahead. I shall rest within your mask."

The spirit then dissapeared. Link wore the mask and was instantly turned into one of the zoras. He then swam up the river and came back into the kings throne room.

"Good job child," said the elder. "We can now go. However, may I ask another favor of you. The pirates to the north of here, they are the ones that have kidnapped my sisters. Please, go to their fortress so yo can rescue them. Link, you must go."

Link agreed and Link, Oku, and Gorman set off in the ship.

The Gerudo PrisonEdit

"Only ocean, as far as I can see. Why did I agree to this? Link, do you see anything? Wait no, no Link get over here. Pirates!!!"

Link looked out at the waters and saw a massive ship headed towards them. Cannons buzzed in the air, Link prepared to fight but was quickly knocked out by a piece of wood fallen off the ship.  

When Link awoken he was in a cell.

"Hello child." Link saw an elderly woman standing over him. "I am the second youngest of the seven Gerudo Elder."    

Then Link remembered Malon and he became determined to escape. Link looked around and noticed strange etchings in the walls that looked like a gear could fit into. Link took out his spinner and climbed the walls.

"Be careful young hero." said the elder. "Find my sisters please."

Link was in the very center of the gerudo fortress. There were guards everywhere and he knew he couldn't take them on. He snuck around in the shadows and maneuvered through the underground chambers. Eventually he reached the cell of the third elder.

"Thank you son. I was raised in this fortress and I know a secret way out, do not worry about me. Find the other elders. Please."

Link kept searching the grounds and eventually found all six elders, but as soon as he did guard came running in.

A large monster in dark armor confronted Link. Link slashed away at its armor until it was vulnerable and then he attacked.

The beast kneeled as all of its armor fell. Link was surprised to see it was a young gerudo woman. "You have impressed me. I am surprised a boy, no a man, could defeat me. Take this."

She handed him a strange device that could latch onto things from far away. It was called the hookshot.

"That is the hookshot." said the Zora Spirit. "You can use it to latch onto things above ground or underwater."

Link returned to his original cell and used the hookshot to pull a certain switch that opened the door. The final elder was secured. The seventh said she would find her way out like the others. Link on the other hand would find Gorman. Link ascended the fortress until he reached a tall tower. He looked out the window and saw a hidden fountain deep within the fortress, he knew this is where he needed to go. Link eventually found his way there, and met the most beautiful of all the gerudos he has seen yet.

"Hello Link, I know of your meddling. Begone. The Fierce Diety wants that mask and we shall find it. But how do I awaken the door to the temple? No matter, our monster shall pry open the secret door to the temple. We just have to get through you first."

Then a giant squid like creature emerged from the pool and link got out his sword.

Giant Monster of the Great Bay- Krakia Edit

Link took out his hook shot and began shooting at the creature's many eyes, when every eye was hit and wounded the beast halted and Link took that moment to run around it and slash at a weak spot on its back. Eventually though it learned Link's technique and hid underneath the water to prevent his attacks. Link then latched on to one of its tentacles and pulled as hard as he could and the creature came out of the water to attack him. Link then quickly used  the mesh on the wall to get behind it and slashed at his wounds again. The beast finally submerged in the water and Link jumped in after it as a zora. He slashed it with his sharp fins and the beast coiled over, defeated.

"How could you defeat the great monster?" said the Gerudo Admiral, amazed.

Suddenly the entire fountain drained. Link jumped down to the bottom of the pool. At the bottom there was a large door. He entered and he saw a giant turtle.  

"Young descendant of the masked hero, you have awakened me. Please, I shall take you to the temple."

A second door then opened behind the great beast.

"Great beast." said the gerudo. "Then you must take me too."

The tortoise laughed and a huge wave of water came crashing over her and she was washed away.

Link mounted the tortoise and was soon submerged deep under water and approached a strange sanctuary. He saw that the door to it was locked, but it had strange musical markings on it. He began playing his ocarina, which was a guitar as a Zora. The door opened and he ran inside.

"LInk, I am the sage of this temple," said a zora inside. "I am the princess of the zora's. Link take out your instrument and I shall play mine. Together we shall awaken the power of the mask."

The two played beautifully  and the mask of water, the mask of Gyorg, descended on them.

"Use it well." and the two dissapeared.

The two resurfaced in the throne room of the zora king. "Father. I've returned."

After a blissful reunion, LInk left in search of the final mask.

The City of the EastEdit

Link returned once more to the clock tower to show Rosasha his work. He told him that he must now travel to the eastern canyons to get the final mask of the wind.

Link set off and soon arrived at a village to the east. Link entered it, weary from his travels and was surprised to the people who lived their. They had the faces of humans and they stood and spoke as humans did, but they had large horns like a mountain goat and the mane of a lion. Its wings were so fantastic and large, like a dragon's or bats.

Link explored the town and eventually reached a strange shrine. Link approached the building.

The Mask of the Moon Edit

Link entered the strange temple and spoke to one of the creatures.

"No offense but... what are you?" said Oku.

"Oh sweet creature. We call ourselves the New ikananans. Long ago we lived in a faraway land. There were beautiful forests and gentle streams. We lived their in happiness. It was a land of dreams."

"If it was so great, why did you leave?"

"We soon realized, that the gods had given us wings. We were meant to fly. We were meant to explore the world. So we left our wonderful kingdom. On our voyage to find our new land we met the ancient hero of legend. We took him in with us and we became friends with him. We asked him, Where is a land of many discoveries and explorations? He said, In a land to the west, there were caverns to explore, jungles to admire, oceans to navigate, and ruins to discorer. We begged him to take us to this land and we settled quite confortably in our village. Link, that hero gave us a special mask. It was a mask of the wind. It is known as the Moon Mask. The hero said that he would always be with us if we kept that mask. It is believed that his spirit, or at least part of it, rests in it. Link, I shall give you this mask."

Link took the mask, and put it on. He then transformed into a magnificent Keaton.

"We were entrusted by the hero to guard the ancient mask of the wind which rests in the temple to the east."

The Ikanan Wizard Edit

As Link exited the shrine the strange fox he saw before landed in front of him, and lead him towards a cavern. Inside was a strange hooded man.  

"Link, that mask you have just obtained shall give you the power to transform into a keaton. This is the graveyard of the ancient Ikanans, I am one of the sole survivors of that race. In order to gain access to the tower of stone you will need to sneak through these ruins as a keaton. Go now child. Hurry."

As the hooded figure dissapeared so did a tombstone in the back of the room, opening a small passageway for something the size of a fox. Link put on the mask and crawled through. He navigated through dozens of ruins until he reached a large shrine. Link went up to a strange statue and noticed strange writings on it.

"Ye who have entered the sacred shrine of the gods of the east shall have the key to the door to the tower of stone gifted unto thee, but first ye must defeat the beast of sand." said Oku, reading it. "I wonder what that means?"  

A door opened in the statues mouth and a large stone tongue reached down to the floor. The two ascended it and entered. They were in the ancient palace of the Ikanans.

The Palace of the Ikanans and the Ancient Castle of StoneEdit

Link maneuvered through the palace until he reached a large throne room.

"Hello child, I am Igos du Ikana. I am king of the ikanans."

"Hello lord Ikana, I am Oku and this is Link, we are here to reach the Tower of Stone. Can you help us."

"I am sorry child, I cannot help you."

"But you are the ruler of Ikana."

"Yes, but the Tower of Stone was in this land long before we inhabited it. You see, when our people first came to this land we were in a bitter war. Our enemies inhabited the great tower and we invaded the fortress. My men failed, shadows spewed from the gate of the tower and we lost. My soul has ever since been haunted in this palace. Doomed to wander forever. Link, when we invaded the tower we found this. This is the mask of the Giant Kings. I believe it can help you, but you must prove you are the descendant of the Hero of Masks. Come now, you must defeat me in battle."

Link unseathed his sword and the two started to fight. Link emerged victorious after an epic battle.

"You are truly the Hero of Masks, take it. The history of this tower is strange and I don't know much of it. But I do know that we are not the first Ikanans. The ancient tribe that inhabited the tower are the true Ikanans, we are the new Ikanans, and the new Ikanans to the west are truly the new new Ikanans. Link this mask will give you the strength of the giants and you will be able to lift the largest stones in the world. Go on link, the path to the tower lies behind my throne. Go Link, destroy the shadows that haunt this land. That tower is evil Link, It was once a tower of gods, but it has been transformed to a realm of devils. Go Link, be careful.

Link went in and after many hardships reached the base of the tower. He saw another statue like the one he saw earlier. Just as he was about to approach it he saw a strange symbol on the wall. It was in the shape of a heart, a deformed heart with horns growing out of it. He realized it was an altar and as he walked up to it he entered a strange portal. He was transported into a strange desert with a giant snake like creature flying through the air.

Guardian of the Realm of the Devils- Moldar Edit

Link put on the Giants Mask. He saw several pillars throughout the desert. He picked them up with his giants strength and used it to smash into the creature. The creature submerged in the sand. Link put on his Moon Mask and transformed into a Keaton. He then dug into the earth and landed in an underground tunnel. He saw the beast. He jumped at the beast and scratched at its eyes. The beast cried in pain. Link repeated this several times and the beast died.

Link wandered through the desert until he reached an altar like the one he saw at the base of the tower. He read what was inscribed.

"Hear ye young traveler who gazes into the eyes of Majora. Listen to the mistakes of history, and do not make the same mistakes. The dark powers of Majora is to powerful to be wielded by man, before you take the mask remember the story of the Fierce Diety, who coveted the power of light and himself became shrouded in shadows."

"But the mask isn't there" said Oku.

"Very good young Oku."

Link turned around and saw the dark and hooded figure of the Fierce Diety.

"The Emperor spoken of is not I. He was weak, he could not wield the power of Majora, but I can. He desired the power of gold, but that was his mistake, he already had a much stronger power, the power of shadows. The power of evil. Link, wield your sword, we shall fight."

Suddenly everything around him turned into light and he found himself at the base of the tower again.

The Sage of the WindEdit

The two found themselves at the base of the tower once again.

"Link, are you okay? I am the one who rescued you." said the Elder of the Gerudos. "You must hurry, go to the tower of time with the four masks and open the door to the other world."

"But we never got the final mask." said Oku

"Then go, enter the tower, here is the key to the door I found it in the palace. Go now."

Link entered the tower and saw the keaton sitting in a large empty room, with nothing but a tall pillar in the center.

"Link, put on your mask," said the fox. "and take out your ocarina."

Link did and found out it was harp this time. Link began plucking at the strings and played the song of healing.

Link looked up and saw a young woman standing were the keaton was.

The Mask of the Tribe of Wind Edit

"I am the sage of the wind. Link, I believe this mask is yours, take it."

Link saw it, it was his ceremonial mask for the carnival.

"That is the Suns Mask. Combine the two together and you will have the mask of the ancient race of the wind."

Link did so and wore it. He turned into a magnificent Keaton with angel wings.

"Fly to the peak of the tower Link."

The two reached the top of the tower.

"This is the Stone Tower Temple, let me teach you the song of wind." Link listened to the girl's playing and copied her. The door to the temple opened, and the two entered and found the mask of Wind.

"Now we must play as a duet."

As the two finished the last note of the Wind Song the final mask glowed with energy.

"Link, let me tell you of this kingdom of Ikana. The keaton were the people who once lived in this tower. The form you take right now is what they once looked like. The keatons tower was so high it was said to touch the heavens. When the first dark emperor came to power he punished them for worshpping the golden goddesses. As revenge he flipped their home upside down and they fell to hell, to the realm of Majora. Ever since then the Keaton have hid in the catacombs 'neath termina. They cannot return to their home because it has been plagued by the dark shadows of Majora. Since then a tribe of shadow people called the Garos inhabited this temple."

"Link, I am the daughter of the mayor of clocktown." she said reluctantly. "I am in hiding from the Fierce Diety. That is why I stole your mask and remained in disguise. Link, let's go."

Light surrounded the two and they found themself in the Tower of Time. 

"How did you do that?"

"We flew on the breath of the wind, that is the power of the gods to the east."

They ran to Rosasha.

"Master, I'm back." said the girl, and then the monk turned around. Instead of Rosasha they saw the horrible dark emperor looking back at them.

The Legend of the Land Between Worlds Edit

"Hello Link. Thank you for these." The emperor slammed Link with his giant arm and the four masks fell from his backpack. "Hahaha. Silly child. I cannot believe you fell for my disguise. The hero of mask couldn't even detect my costume. I have been having you collect the masks for me and you knew nothing of it."

The girl ran towards the monster.

"Hahaha," the emperor flung the girl across the room with one swing of his arm.

"Stop now!!!" the ikanan wizard was in the room .

"Sir, you're here to save us. Wait, who exactly are you?" said the girl.

"It is me Angela, Rosasha. I've been watching and protecting you the entire time in this disguise. My true form is hidden deep in the catacombs, run now, rescue your father and make your way to the Land of the Goddesses!"

Rosasha then stole the masks back from the dark emperor and tossed them to Link.

The two rushed from the tower.

"Link, that man you saw was Rosasha, the Sage of Time. The true reason I am in hiding is because I am the apprentice to him. I guess he wanted to protect me while i was in hiding. I had no idea it was him however. Let's go Link!"

"Wait! What about my memory?" said Oku.

"Take this." she said and handed oku a strange pendant. "This is the pendant of memories. It belonged to my father."

Oku picked it up and all of his memories came back.

"Link... I remember it all... I came to this land to save it from the Fierce Diety. Link, listen. Long ago the world was chaos, the realm of light and the realm of shadows were one, the land of dawn and the world of dusk, the heavens and the land of devils. The gods divided the lands to restore peace, but links still existed between them. They created a sacred land in the center of the Kingdom of the Gods that connected them all. The gates were powered by what are known as the moon pearls. I am from that land. I am oku Prince of the Land Between the Worlds.

The Catacombs of TerminaEdit

The three approached a large door with four statues.

"Link, place the masks on the statues." said OKu.

Link did so and the door opened. The three proceded through the gate and entered a strange cavern.

"These are the catacombs, home of the keaton. I hid here as a keaton before I found the Ikanan Wizard. Let's go find the Magician Master."

They entered a strange cavern house.

"Ohohoho, you've returned Angela." said an ancient fox.

"How do you know its me, I'm not in my keaton form."

"Silly girl, Keaton's don't fall for such false disguises. I knew all along. I suppose you want to find the Door to the Land of Gold. The path to there is behind my house, but my key has been stolen. You need to find it for me. Search these caverns, it was stolen from me by a strange winged bat-like creature."

"But, these caverns lead all throughout Termina. How will we find it?"

"We have sealed all the gates to the overworld because of the Dark Emperor. He shouldn't have gotten far."

The two worked together to maneuver through the caverns, doing puzzles they could only do as a pair, and eventually found the vampire like creature.

"Stop!" shouted Oku at the thief.

"Hello Link, I have heard about you." replied the thief. "Oh those lousy Keaton, they sealed the exit out. I hear you have been causing the Dark emperor much trouble. I shall fix that."

He charged at Link and made him drop his sword. Angela picked it up and she began fighting the monster. Link then took out his hookshot and pulled rocks from the walls and shot them at the monster. Eventually the robber gave up.

"Huph, huph. You win Link. Take it. Take the key. Your world is doomed anyways. All worlds are doomed. The Fierce Diety will rule all."

The monster dissapeared in a flash of light.

"Hello Link, very good, you are a true swordsman." said Geruba approaching Link. 

"Momma!!! How did you get here?" said Oku excited.

"Oh, I was bringing Malon to town. She is doing much better, so I decided to bring her to her uncle. Then I heard that there were many strange things happening in the Tower of Time. I decided to come make sure you are okay. And I need to give you something."

She took out a shining shield.

"This was passed down from my ancestors. It was forged from the shattered glass of the Mirror of Twilight. This is the Mirror Shield. Use it well."

Link returned to the house of the Keaton Magician. He gave him the key and they entered the back caverns towards the Door to the Land of Gold.

Link then travelled deeper into the caverns with Angela. They eventually reached the prison. Sitting in the cell was Talon, the Mayor of Clocktown, the Mayor of the Town to the East, and the Mayor of the Town to the North, Angela's father. Angela approached the cell but stopped short. "Link look out!"

He turned around and a pale ghostlike creature wearing a mask with a single eye and a bloody tear stood before him. He could hear its heavy breathing and he ran. He suddenly found himself in a dark realm.

The One-Eyed Wizard Edit

Link began fighting the beast with his sword, but he soon found the beast's technique far surpassed his. After many injuries, Link realized that he had to try a different strategy.

Link looked around and saw a small beam of light. He ran towards it and used his shield to reflect the light on the monster. It let out a huge groan and he then started stabbing it with his sword. He repeated this several times and the wizard began shooting balls of shadows at Link. Link then used his shield to bounce it back at him and he attacked him again. He heard the creature shriek and everything went hazy. He awoke several hours later in a strange wood.

He heard Oku say."Link we're her. We're in Hyrule."  

The Land of the GoddessesEdit

"I believe we're in the lost woods. Link, we need to get back to my home village. The only issue is, it is in the clouds, and even as a keaton you could not fly that high. We need to go find the Deku Tree. He is the guardian of these woods and the Spirit of the Earth." said Oku.

The two toiled through the maze-like woods, for a seemingly endless amount of time.

"Ughhh. I don't know if we'll ever find our way out." said Oku, loosing all hope.

Link collapsed, exhausted.

When Link awoke Oku was floating above him trying to wake him up.

"Link, Link, Look!!!"

He got up and saw a bunch of small scarecrow like creatures.

"Those are the Skull Kids, this is their domain. Perhaps they can help us find our way out.

The Woods of the Skull Kids Edit

"We are the children of this forest. We were transformed into our current state when we got lost in these woods, and if you don't leave soon enough, you will become one of us. Follow us, we will lead you to the edge of the woods."

The two followed the strange children and they led him to the outskirts of the cursed forest.

"Aren't you coming too?" asked Oku.

"We cannot leave the Woods of Shadow. The world of light is not for us. Go on Link, but if you ever need our help again, all you need to do is ask."

The Skull Kids dissapeared back into the shrubs.

The two continued and they eventually reached a small village.

"This was once the home of the Kokiri, but they have not been seen in many years. Long ago when the Hero of Legend fought a great evil in this land, the Great Deku Trees father was killed. Ever since then a precious item, the seed of the Deku Tree was kept safe in the palace of Hyrule. One day the King of Hyrule built a secret garden in the sacred grotto and planted the sacred seed. It grew into a magnificent tree, the second Great Deku Tree."

The Great Deku Tree Edit

The two kept travelling and eventually reached the Sacred Grotto.

"Great Deku Tree. It is I, Oku, do not be fooled by my current state, this was the work of the Fierce DIety."

"Oh great Prince of the Land Between the Worlds, I must warn you, you must return to your home, I sense horrible things have happened to the king. I have been using this Gossip Stone to keep in contact with him and he has not responded in weeks. I fear the worst but hope for the best. Hurry child." said the Great Deku Tree.

"But we have no way of getting there." responded Oku.

"We?, who do you have with you?" asked the Deku Tree.

"Oh this is Link."

"Great Goddesses, it is the Hero of Time." said the Deku Tree.

"What, Link isn't the hero of time."

"Oh I beg to differ. I sense great things from this boy. Anyways my child, to reach your city you must climb my branches. Come now."

The Kokiri TreehouseEdit

The two climbed the deku trees limbs and reached a house built into the trunk of the tree.

"From this point on you will have to go throught this temple. It was once the treehouse of the Kokiri, my children, but they have dissapeared." said the Great Deku Tree.

Link and Oku maneuvered through the chambers and reached a large chamber with four torches of four different colors. Orange, Red, Green, and Blue.

"I sense a strange presence in this room." said Oku.

Four spirits descended towards Link. They began shooting ball of energy at him, he bounced them back at them with his shield, dispatching them one at a time. When only one remained, it split into many forms. Link used his shield to bounce light onto the apparition and it slowly dissintegrated.

Link then ascended an altar at the end of the room and approached a large chest.

He opened it and found a bow and quiver.

Link used his new item to reach the very peak, the lookout, of the treehouse. It touched the sky.

"Link look, to the east, there it is, the city of the sky." said Oku.

Then a giant bird swooped down on the two. They dodged him by a few inches.

Giant Monster of the Sky- Aerius Edit

"Put on the Keaton Mask!"

Link did so and flew in the air. He flew towards the beast but it batted him away.

Link landed back on the crumbling floor of the lookout tower. He took out his bow and shot at the beast. The moment the beast was stunned he flew again and attacked it. After several attacks the beast stopped. Link mounted it and began to ride it.

"Let's go Link, to the city in the Sky!!!"

The City in the Sky and the Search for the First Key ShardEdit

Link flew the giant bird to the outskirts of the city. As he landed he felt a familiar presence. He ran throught the cities, yet it was completely empty. However, Link somehow felt he wasn't alone. He saw shadows in the houses and alleys of the streets.

As Link explored four giant beasts landed on the ground surrounding him. Link took out his sword and attacked them. As the last monster took its final breath the unseen presences emerged from the alleyways. All of them were small bird like creatures similar to Oku.

"Hide me Link," said Oku retreating into Link's bag. "I can't let them see me this way."

"We are the Oocoo," spoke one of the creatures. "Protectors of the Temple of the Sky, the guardians of the land between worlds. We have been foretold of your arrival. Link, our King has locked himself inside the palace and our prince has gone missing. Our world has been ravaged by shadowy beasts and just as we gave up hope, a Hero cloaked in Green came and saved us. Link, the key to our king is shattered, spread throughout the Kingdom of Hyrule. Please, find the four shattered pieces and gain entrance to the Temple, the gateway to the other worlds."

Link agreed to it.

"Then come with me." said an old Oocoo woman.

They approached a large marble cannon.

"This will lead you to the first temple, when you want to gain entrance back to this city, you must find this cannon's twin, it is hidden somewhere in Hyrule."

The two were about to enter it when the old woman stopped him.

"You will not even say goodbye, Prince Oku?" said the woman.

"How did you know mother?" said Oku emerging from Link's rucksack.

"I could sense your presence. What has happened to you Oku?"

"The Fierce Deity did this to me."

"Well, child, your knowledge of Hylian History should help the Hero of Time on his quest. The four key shards were hidden in four temples that are portals between the worlds. Take this stone."

The old woman gave Link a strange gem.

"This is used to activate the statues known as gossip stones. The gossip stones act as links between different places including between the Twin Worlds. By traveling through the different worlds you will find the key shards."

The two entered the cannon.

"Well... good luck on the ride down."

They were shot through the air and landed with a crash.

The two were in a beautiful courtyard.

The Palace of Princess ZeldaEdit

"Huh... Link get up. I know were this is. It's King Hyrule's castle. Quick, let's meet the king, he can tell us where the key shards are."

Link got up.

"Let's go to the front gate."

Link followed Oku and they reached a large gate guarded by several soldiers. Oku approached them and proclaimed,

"I Prince Oku- Lord of the Sky, request entrance to the chamber of King Hyrule."

The guards lauged at the poor bird.

"How dare you!!! I shall have all of you terminated."
"You are not Prince Oku, you are a wimpy little Cuku. The prince is strong and brave and you are a little baby chick."

"Out of my way!!!" said Oku flying passed the guards.

Most of the guards went and grabbed the bird, while a few went and tossed Link out.

"Well that didn't work. I guess we'll have to sneak in." said Oku

The two maneuvered through the courtyards and eventually reached a strange grotto with several stain glass windows.

"Look Link, this is were the people of the Castle go to pray. This is wher the entrance to the Temple of Time is. And look at these magnificent portraits." said Oku pointing to the windows. "The Guardians of Fire- the Gorons, The Guardians of Water- the Zora, The Guardians of Earth- the Kokiri, The Guardians of the Sand- the Gerudos, The Guardians of Light- the Hylians, and... wait."

Oku approached the last window.

"I've never heard of this tribe. They must be the Guardians of Shadow. Something seems very familiar about this, have you seen this strange symbol before." Oku pointed to an eye with a single bloody tear.

"Whatever Link, we have to meet King Hyrule soon, before the Fierce Diety gets to my father. In that statue there is a crack we can get through. Crawl through it. I believe it should lead to the throne room."

Link crouched down and went in throught the crack. He was in a strange shrine with many strange artifacts.

"I guess I was wrong. Hmmm. I wonder what this room is for. Link, remember this room, I think this place is special."

They left the room through the adjacent door.

He found himself in a grand garden. Link began walking through the garden. In the center was a pool with a large fountain ingraved with fairies and goddesses.

"The pool is fed by the river surrounding the castle. Link, go into the stream, it should take us to a waterfall in Princess Zelda's personal orchard."

Link jumped in and was soon swept away by the water. Link fell down a waterfall and passed out.

When he woke, he saw the most beautiful girl he ever saw before him.

The Princess of the Golden LandEdit

Dawn was just falling when he awoke.

"You finally woke up." said the girl.

"Princess, princess, I know I look different but it's me, it's prince Oku. You need to help us princess."

"Shhh, you must be quiet. I do not want Gala to hear us."

"Who is that?"
"She is my father's advisor. Since she has been around I have not been able to trust anyone. Strange things have been happening in this kingdom. From the Mounains to the Desert, from this Castle to the Forests. I do not trust Gala. Oku, please tell me what you are doing here, and why you look like that."

"It was the Fierce Diety who did this to me. Link and I are here to stop him."

"I see... but exactly how can my father help you."

"Well... we're trying to find these key shards. We are trying to save my father. He has locked himself in the Sky Temple. Do you know where they are."

"No, but I believe my father does. But, he's been acting very strangely recently. I blame this also on Gala. I believe she is just using him for power. I think she is trying to usurp him."

"Well, what should we do?"

"....Hmmm. I heard my father mention that a key was hidden in the temple of time. I will take you there."

Zelda led them to the grotto they were in earlier.

Zelda took out an Ocarina and began playing. A large door opened in the statue. They entered and they were in the same shrine as before.

"This is the Shrine of Time. Look on the floor."

The two did so.
"The symbol of the clock. Time is what unites all worlds. Although it may flow differently, it is the single unifying law for all of the God's creations. To gain entrance to the temple, we need an ancient instrument known as the Ocarina of Time."

Link took it out.

"Where did you get that?"

They heard guards shouting in the distance.

"It doesn't matter. Play the melody I played earlier and the door should open."

Link played and the door opened. The two jumped in and prepared for the task in front of him.

The Temple of TimeEdit

"Link wait," said Oku. "Let me tell you something about this temple. It was built by my people. The technology here is strange. You heard what my mother said. That gem is made of moon pearl and it can activate portals. The gossip stones in this temple connect to places in termina. We will have to open the portals and travel back and forth through the worlds to get the key. The legend says that the four temples of the key shards have four exact, yet different, copies in Termina. The temple of time in Termina is thousands of feet beneath the Tower of Time. The catacombs do not even reach down that far. Let's go Link. I just want to warn you, I sense an evil presence in this temple."

They progressed through the ancient runes and found a strange one-eyed statue.

"There it is." said Oku. "The gossip stone. Take out the gem and show it to the stone."

Link took it out and a blue beam shot out of the eye of the stone. Link stepped into the beam and soon found himself in a temple similar to the one he was just in.

Link and Oku made their way through the maze-like temple by transporting himself between the Terminan and Hylian sections. He made his way to a strange shrine in the Hylian temple.

In the a giant triangle was inscribed on the floor. It was surrounded by six orbs with different symbols inscribed. Link and Oku began examining them when it appeared as if an earthquake struck the temple. A giant crack opened up in the floor, and a gargoyle the size of Link rose from the earth. It wielded a strange wand which was controling a bright orb and began waving it around. Using it he controled the statues that decorated the entire shrine. They came to life and began to attack Link. Link tried using his bow and sword on the statues but they were two strong.

Link suddenly got an idea. He ran in front of one of the gargoyles minions before the orb could hit it and used is mirror shield to reflect it onto the gargoyle. The gargoyle was now under his control. He forced it to slam into the jagged wall. The beast collapsed and suddenly everything in the shrine stopped moving.

Link looked at the bottom of the statue's feet and saw that there was a symbol inscribed that matched the shape on one of the orbs on the floor. He grabbed the wand from it's hand and used it to motion it towards the circle. The statue then glowed orange. On it's stomache an inscription was soon made visible. I am the spirit statue. Awaken my five brothers and bring them back here.

Link made his way through the twin temples and brought each of the statues back. Once the last one was in place the floor glowed yellow and Link stepped in it. He soon found himself in a giant altar.

In the altar stood a giant statue with a sword and shield in hand. Sitting on the arm of the statue was the dark emperor, the Fierce Deity.

"You finally arrived." said the dark emperor. "This temple houses another temple. The temple of light. It lies directly imbetween Termina and Hyrule. It is a world between the worlds. This is where you are now."

"Why are you telling us this?"

"Because you are about to die. And you at least deserve an explanation. Do you have any other questions?"

"Yes. Who are you really?"

"Some things are better left unknown."

"Take off your mask. Or are you a coward?"

"I a coward? Hahah."

Before Link could stop him Oku grabbed his hookshot from him and aimed it at the dark emperor. It came back and the mask was pulled of his face. The mask, the ancient mask of Majora, was in Link's hand.

The emperor screamed in pain, as if the light hurt him. Pulling the hood over his head he proclaimed

"Fine you keep that. The power is long gone from it. The beast that was onced housed in it is long destroyed. Oku, if you really want to know my identity come here."

Oku approached unwillingly.

"Oku look into my eyes, you know who I am."

The emperor pulled off his hood and Oku looked at him, disgusted and amazed.

"Who am I Oku?"


Link finally got a good view on the emperor and instead of the monstrous warrior he expected to see stood a tan girl with long orange hair. She was one of the desert people to the west.

"Shut up you stupid child. I am not the one who took you in. I am her sister. That's not all who I am, I am the mayor of the west. The queen of the Gerudo. And I am the traitor of Termina."

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