" Long ago when the earth was still young "
                              From intro

The first kid-friendly Wii zelda game. Done in exact style of wind waker.


" Long ago when the earth was still young. The gods of darkness and light looked over the earth. Until one fateful day.... The greatest of all the gods of darkness came to earth. His reign of terror went on for may days and many nights. With the assistance of the other gods of darkness he was unstoppable. Until one day the gods of light came to earth as the spirit fairies. However in the struggle they managed to defeat their foe but lost their memories. They live on as normal fairies until darkness once again comes to the peaceful land "

The game is played with the Nunchuck and Wii remote. Link goes to save the lands after meeting Trila (a spirt fairy although you don't know it) and princess Zelda after the Great Moblin King and shade (a myterious socceror) steal her body. Link must journey to different islands collecting the pieces of the Triforce gems to defeat the Great Moblin King. Eventually they find out that shade, the moblin king's accomplice, is actually Sheikassa the dark god mentioned in the into. Sheikassa betrays the moblin king and tries to destroy the world. Link, Zelda, Trila and surprisingly the moblin king who wants revenge against Sheikassa for betraying him (and promises to be good) defeat Sheikassa and live happily ever after. OR WILL THEY??? (Duh, of course they won't!)


Alasta islandEdit

the basic island and link's home.

Also home princess zelda.

Sinister CitadelEdit

a creepy returning dungeon similar to forsaken fortress from wind waker

1st visitEdit

Goal: get through

Enemies: Miniblins, Mokoblins, Moblins, Kargarocs, Wallmasters, rats and keese

2nd visitEdit

Goal: get the NW sea chart

Enemies: Miniblins, Mokoblins, Moblins, Kargarocs, Wallmasters, Floormasters, rats and keese

3rd visitEdit

Goal: get the SE sea chart

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