The Legend of Zelda: The Sacred Scepter is a game created by Paperluigi ttyd. It takes place in the child time after Four Swords Adventures.

Confirmed InfoEdit


  • Link
  • Zelda
  • Fortundo (villain)
  • Phylirus (villain)
  • Frezella (villain)
  • Demortal (villain)
  • Spirant (villain)
  • Hallus (villain)


  • Venyon
  • Hyrule Castle Town
  • Hyrule Castle
  • Temple of Time
  • Hyrule Field


  • Wind Fortress
  • Ancient Acropolis (reused from a game that I was going to make but didn't)
  • Gerudo Drilling Rig*
  • Forest Palace**
  • Fire Palace**
  • Water Palace**
  • Shadow Palace**
  • Spirit Palace**
  • Light Palace**
  • Hyrule Castle


  • Slingshot
  • Bow
  • Sacred Scepter


  • Ancient Creature: Wereliff (Wind Fortress)
  • Masked Pyrodragon: Chargonia (Ancient Acropolis)
  • Reptilian Sand Monster: Dragohma (Gerudo Drilling Rig)

More TBA

*Species subject to change

**Can be completed in any order, but Spirit Palace must be completed after Water Palace. This is only the recommended order.


Sacred ScepterEdit

Very early on in the game, Link will receive the Sacred Scepter. The Sacred Scepter will have many functions with its different spells. Along with Great Fairy Fountains that give him either new spells or ways to save magic, Link will find Magic Containers along with a Heart Container, increasing his max MP by 10. He can also find Jar Tokens, and by finding 4of them, Link's MP will increase by 10. There are also scrolls located in dungeons that allow Link to learn new spells. There are some scrolls in other places, too. Additionally, bonus scrolls can be found, but they are found in pieces. Once you have found all 5 pieces, usually in the same region of the map, you will learn a new spell. Link starts with 30 MP

Known SpellsEdit

  • Spell of Healing
    • Restores 3 Hearts (20 MP)
  • Dominion Spell
    • Allows Link to control statues (5 MP)
  • Protective Spell
    • Prevents Link from taking damage for 3 minutes (3 MP every time he is hit. If he isn't hit at all, then the spell is free)
  • Spell of the Gods
    • Allows Link to warp to any Sacred Statue located throughout the world. Can also create take Link out of dungeons and then send him back in to that point upon conducting the spell again (2 MP; warping back into dungeons is free)
  • Cursed Spell
    • Doubles damage given and taken for 3 minutes (8 MP)

Speed-Based GameplayEdit

Unlike previous Zelda titles, this game has a large focus on speed based gameplay. With targeting, Link can quickly charge to an enemy and perform an attack. Link can also do divebombs, back slices, helm splitters, reaction smashes, and a new move called a bash counter. Here is a list of all the different sword moves Link can pull off.

Move Command
Slash/Jab Swing Wii Remote
Spin Attack Swing Nunchuck and Wii Remote sideways or downwards
Fatal Blow Swing Nunchuck and Wii Remote downwards when the prompt appears while targeting
Homing Slash Shake Wii Remote While Z Targeting an enemy from a distance. Continue Slashing upon impact to due an Repel Bash
Divebomb After doing a Repel Bash, continue to target and then repeatedly make the command for a jab. Doing the command for a slash will due another Homing Slash
Shield Bash Shake Nunchuck along
Back Slice Side step and then side step again to roll around an enemy, then slash with good timing to curl out of the roll. Continue slashing to do a Repel Bash
Helm Splitter Do a Shield Bash then do the command for a Fatal Blow. While in midair, you can slash repeatedly to do a Repel Bash or simply wait until you land on the other side to finish the Helm Splitter.
Bash Counter When an enemy attacks you, swing your sword with good timing to knock them far away from you, then do a homing slash and continue to slash to do a Repel Bash.
Triforce Slash Successfully do 7 or more golden slashes in mid air to do a Triforce Slash. Continue slashes then hold your sword back and slash forward with good timing to do a Finishing Slash. Divebombs do not count as mid air slashes. As most enemies in the game are finished off in 7 slashes or less, the Triforce Slash is only useful for mini-bosses and bosses. (Note: In order to do midair slashes, you must start of the combo by doing a normal slash, so if the enemy is still alive after 8 slashes then and only then a Triforce Slash will occur. If the enemy you were targeting is defeated after the eighth slash, then Link will simply do a Quake Slash and knock all enemies away from him.) (Note 2: A Golden Slash is any slash that is done is good timing right when the Sword flashes gold. With slightly off timing, Link will do a Silver Slash and with more off timing Link will do a Bronze Slash. This only results in the enemies being more likely to drop hearts, magic jars, or rupees and doesn't actually increase Link's sword strength. If Link has max health, the golden slash will become a Platinum Slash.)

Special SlashesEdit

As mentioned above, after Link does a slash, the sword will flash gold shortly afterwards. Slashing again with good timing will do a Golden Slash. If you are slightly off you will do a Silver Slash and if you are even more off you will do a Bronze Slash. If Link has max health, the Golden Slash will be replaced with a Platinum Slash. All of these slashes have the same affect as a sword beam, but without the beam, unless it is a Platinum Slash. They are all one and a half times as powerful as a normal slash and the better the kind the more stuff the enemies will drop. Golden Slashes and Platinum Slashes also cost magic.

Slash Type Dropped
Normal Slash Nothing
Bronze Slash
  • +10% chance for the first hit, +1% chance for every hit after that
  • 3 hearts OR 1 Small Magic Jar OR 10 Rupees
Silver Slash
  • +20% chance for the first hit, +2% chance for every hit after that
  • 6 hearts OR 2 Small Magic Jar OR 20 Rupees
Golden Slash
  • +30% chance for the first hit, +3% chance for every hit after that
  • 8 hearts OR 1 Large Magic Jar OR 25 Rupees
Platinum Slash
  • +40% chance for the first hit, +4% chance for every hit after that
  • 1 Large Magic Jar OR 50 Rupees



  • Bottles (5)
  • Heart Container (Permanently adds 1 more heart; found after dungeon bosses)
  • Piece of Hearts (4 is the equivalent of 1 Heart Container)

Dungeon ItemsEdit

Quest ItemsEdit


Long ago, an evil man arrived in the world and tried to take control of it. Using the fears of the princess of the land, he gained access to the Sacred Realm, the hidden location of the Triforce, the Ancient Relic left in the land by the Golden Goddesses. After seven long years, the hero destined to stop the evil king returned and with the power of the sages, sealed the evil king away within the Sacred Realm. Having lost seven years of his life, the princess sent the Hero of Time back into time to live out his childhood. Back in the past, he warned the princess about the evil king's plan to get the Triforce. While the evil king was locked up, the Hero of Time departed on a personal journey that none ever heard the tale of. Some say his journey brought him to hostile swamps, snowy mountains, murky oceans, and deadly canyons. Some even go as far to say that his journey turned him into different creatures, but it still remains a mystery.

While the hero went on his journey, the evil king was locked up in the prison. Soon it came the time for the evil king to be executed, but as if by some divine prank, the evil king had still found a piece of the Triforce, allowing him to survive his execution. After breaking his chains, the evil king killed one of the sages with his bare hand, before the other sages sealed him away with a realm blanketed by twilight. A hundred years passed and soon a minion of the evil king broke out the Twilight Realm and took control of the land to give to his master, the evil king. Thinking that the minion was the center of the plot, the hero defeated him and saved the realm blanketed by twilight, before returning to his own land and killing the evil king once and for all...

But as the curse of the ancient one remains, the evil king will always find a way to return. This is one of times he returned...

In a village by the name of Venyon, a group of townspeople are gathering in the center square. They are talking about the arrival of the princess of Hyrule to their village. The mayor comes out of his house and proclaims that the princess and her troops can be seen on the horizon. All the townspeople rush to the town gate and look. One person yells how the mayor was right and how he can see the princess off in the distance. After a few moments, the princess and her troops arrive in the town. One troop yells loudly for all the people of the town to line up on the sides of the main road and salute. The princess walks down the road and looks to either side. She notices an open window and inside can see a boy sleeping on a bead. She stops and turns to him, taking a few steps forward. Two troops rush into the house and grab the boy from his bed. They take outside and throw hold him in the line just in front of the princess. She gives the troops an angry look before they let the boy go. He stays in line and looks forward. The princess steps back and continues walking down the road until she eventually reaches the town square. She proclaims that the village has done well to sustain itself over the past year and therefore will be receiving special gifts from the royal family in the coming days. She walks back down the road and stops just in front of the boy. She says that she is going to take one person from the village to help her bring the gifts back with him. She asks the boy his name and he responds by telling her that his name is Link. He takes a step forward and follows the princess back to the gathering of troops. The princess turns to Link and introduces herself as Zelda. The two mount a horse and follows a bunch of troops on horses as they ride off into the distance.

Eventually, Link, Zelda, and the troops arrive in Hyrule Castle Town. Zelda lets Link wander freely around the town while she and the troops head into the castle to get the gifts. Link heads around town and finds that none of the guards will let him leave the town at request of the princess. All the people Link can talk to simply welcome him to the town or ask him his name. Link heads into a back alley and finds a series of blocks that allows him to get on top of the houses. By doing this, Link eventually can find a treasure chest with the keys to the castle in it. Links heads into the first room of the castle and finds Zelda and the troops with a big stack of meats, fruits, and other materials for the village. Link takes a few steps forward before Zelda turns around and tells Link to stop. Before she can run over to him, a magical barrier appears around Zelda and the troops. 6 figures suddenly appears in a circle between Link and Zelda. The figure in the front introduces himself as Hallus and says that the six of them will revive "a king most evil." After a short conversation, the figure dressed in red sets the gifts ablaze and then the six figures teleport away along with Zelda and the troops. Link is left alone with the burning gifts. He runs out of the castle where he finds a suspicious man waiting for him. He chases the man all around town until he traps the man in a dead end. The man says that his name is Nolan and that he is a master swordsman. He praises Link for keeping up with him and takes Link to his Sword School.

At the Sword School, Nolan teaches Link the basic slashes, the spin attack, the shield bash, and the fatal blow before he makes Link fight a robot dummy named Cyborg. After defeating Cyborg, Nolan teaches Link about Homing Attacks and Golden Slashes before making Link fight Cyborg again. Once Link has defeated Cyborg for the second time, Nolan tells Link that he knows of a wise old man who lives in the town that would be able to tell Link about the whereabouts of Zelda or where he should go next. Link finds the man who tells Link that each of the six figures are hiding with the 6 palaces located across the world. Link starts to head out but then the man tells him that it is not as simple as finding the tyrants and defeating them. The man tells Link that he will first need to find the Blade of Evil's Bane, the Master Sword. The only way to do this is by collecting the three Sacred Gems that will allow him to open the doors to the resting place of the sword. The man tells him that the first of these gems, Farore's Gem, is located deep within the forests of Faron. Links leaves the man's house, goes through the town preparing for his journey and then leaves Hyrule Castle Town for Hyrule Field.

Once in Hyrule Field, there are many ways for Link to go. The Faron Woods are located to the southeast but more importantly Venyon is located directly to the east. Link tries to head here but notices that the path to the village is blocked by unbreakable barriers, so Link leaves it alone. He heads to the southeast and eventually enters the Faron Woods. In the Faron Woods, he finds some simple puzzles involving finding log bridges, picking them up, and then throwing one side across a gap so that Link can walk across it. Eventually, Link makes it to a large tree near the center of the woods. He heads inside the tree and solves some puzzles involving climbing ladders to cut down vines so he can swing across gaps. After repeating this several times, Links makes it to a hole near the top of the tree. He exits the tree and goes up a upwards spiral until he makes it to the very top of the tree. Here he finds the guardian deity of the forest, the water dragon, Faron. Many Deku Scrubs are around Faron as Link approaches the center of the top. Before he can continue moving, a Deku Scrub hops over to Link and looks at him. He turns back and hops over to Faron. After a moment, Faron bursts out in anger, asking Link if he truly is the hero who is destined to stop the tyrants of the land. Link says he is, but before Faron can respond, there is a loud rumbling, and the tree itself starts to speak. He tells Link that because of him, all the monsters inside of the tree have fled. He tells Faron that Link is the one. Faron flies up into the sky and returns a moment later with a scepter floating in front of her. The scepter floats down to Link's hands and he takes it. Faron tells Link that the Scepter is a sacred relic kept by the goddesses. She says that it will aid him greatly on his journey, gives him a key so that he can move on, and sends back to the base of the tree.

Link uses the key to open a gate to another section of the forest. He finds some more log bridge puzzles and now also find some new puzzles involving pushing Flame Throwers and then stepping on switches to activate them, which can burn bushes revealing a path. Eventually, Link makes it to a large tower. There appears to be a path straight through the tower, but upon going in one side, metal bars come down from behind him and a herd of 20 Bokoblins pours in from the other side, before another gate closes behind them. After defeating the 20 Bokoblins, Link can proceed, but he shouldn't yet. He should look in the tower for a block that he can push. By pushing it, a switch it depresses, creating a staircase to the top of the tower. Link goes up the stairs and finds a treasure chest containing a Slingshot, which he can use to advance in the area. He goes back down to the top of the tower and uses the Slingshot to bring down a vine that Link can use to swing across a gap. On the other side, Link finds some more of these puzzles. Link also finds some Silver eye switches that must be shot with the Slingshot in order to activate them. These are used for a zip line puzzle at the end of the forest. After clearing the zip lines, Link makes it to the base of a large fortress.

Link walks up to the large door that is the entrance to the fortress. He uses his slingshot to hit the large eye on it which opens the door. He then walks inside and discovers that it is called the Wind Fortress. The first room is relatively small, and only has some Green Bokoblins and Keese in it. After defeating all the enemies, the door to the next room unlocks. This room has some enemies in it and three doors: one directly in the front, and one on either side towards the front of the room. If Link goes in the right or front doors, he will enter rooms with puzzles that he cannot yet solve, so he should go into the left room.

Wind Fortress
Dungeon Items: Mapsprite Compass Smallkey Smallkey Smallkey Bigkey Scroll Fadedboomerang
Quest Items: Treasuremap Treasuremap Pieceofscroll
Element(s): Forestdungeon Winddungeon

This room is a long outdoor corridor with another door at the other end and then a side door near it. The front door is locked so Link should go in the open door. Upon entering this room, the door closes behind him. Link walks forward into the room and finds a treasure chest. He opens the chest and finds the Dominion Scroll, a scroll with markings showing someone how to do a spell with some kind of scepter. Link takes out the scepter. It jumps out of his hands and begins to spin around. After a moment, a fairy like female comes out of the scepter. She tells Link that she is the fairy spirit that lives inside the Sacred Scepter and that her name is Lya. She teaches Link how to how to perform the Dominion Spell (up, left, right, double spin, up) and then returns to the scepter. Using the Dominion Spell, which can control statues, Link moves the Statue on this room onto a switch, which makes a gate open revealing a second chest. Inside this chest Link finds the first small key of the dungeon. Getting this key unlocks the door into the previous room. Link should go into this room and then open the door to the next one using the key.

In this next room, Link must use the Dominion Spell again to move the statue in this room onto the conveyor belt so that it is moved to the other side of the room. Link should then walk up his path which also makes the statue walk up it's path. Once the statue steps on its switch, Link should press B to stop controlling it and then go over to his switch. This makes two barriers disappear, allowing access to the next room. Before Link opens the door to the next room, he should control the statue and place it on the warp pad just in front of the door, sending it into the next room. In the next room, Link finds some enemies walking around and three doors. One door has bars, 1 door has a lock, and the final door is unlocked. Link should go into the room that is unlocked. He can't bring the statue into this room with him.

In this room, Link finds another statue and three different switches. Link should repeatedly move statue on the different switches with the Dominion Spell so that the platform he is standing on remains sticking out of the wall and does not retract (each platform is activated by 2 of the three switches). Once he gets across all the platforms, he finds a chest containing the second small key. He should go into the previous room and unlock the door, send the statue into the next room and then go through the door. In this room, Link finds a door in the room with a large fan over it preventing Link from getting close to it. Link should put the statue on one of the switches and then stop controlling the statue and go over to the second switch. This deactivates the fan in the room, but not for long enough so that Link could get to the door. Link should quickly run to the middle of the room and grab one of the two metal orbs before the fan reactivates. Once it does, he should place the orb down on the ground in a small slot for it, creating a stone barrier that would block the wind. Link should go to the back of the stone barrier and grab small statue and place it down near the the second switch. He should take the large statue of the first switch with the Dominion Spell and then place the small statue on the second switch. He should use the Dominion Spell again to take control of a different large statue (one in a corner of the room by the door; the Dominion Spell only works on the closest thing it can control) and then move it onto the warp pad directly next to it. Link should then use the Dominion Spell for a final time to move the original statue on the first switch and then quickly head into the door before it locks.

In this room, Link finds the statue that he warped into this room. He simply takes it to the end of this room and warps it into the next room and then heads through the door. This room has no puzzle, and appears as if it is a ledge in a main room of sorts. Link can't drop down as there are fences. Link should move the statue onto a warp pad, but instead of warping, the Statue turns towards the center of the room and does nothing. Link should go back to the second room of the dungeon and head through the right door next.

This room is a courtyard like room. There are fences so that Link can only go forward, not to either side, but can see a wide variety of plants and trees outside. There are two Bokoblins in the room but Link does not need to defeat them to move on. The next room is empty and a had two doors, one to the north which is locked and one to the south, which is not. Link should go through the unlocked door and find another courtyard. There is a statue at the far side of the courtyard but there is a wall in between that only has a crawl space. Upon crawling through, the camera shows the statue and then shows that there is a warp pad on top of the wall that Link just crawled through. Link should control the statue and place it next to the wall. He should push the box in the room next to the statue and then climb on the box, then the statue, and then the wall. He should run around a structure until he eventually finds a switch. He should push a box onto the switch. He should then go around and do this on the other side. Once both switches are presses down, a gate opens up. Link should go through the gate to collect the Dungeon Map. Back to solving the puzzle in this room, Link should grab a box and place it down in front of the box. He should then grab a ramp and place it down so that something could be pushed up and sit on the second box. He should place the second ramp on top of the original box, perform the Dominion Spell, and guide it to that Warp Pad. Once the statue is gone, Link should go down and, one at a time, take the final two boxes, up them up the ramp and then make a bridge across a gap so that Link can get the dungeon's third and final key. He should go into the previous room, unlock the door, guide the statue on the warp pad, and then go into the next room.

The next room is very similar to a previous room in the dungeon. Link should guide the statue to a warp pad, which sends it into the next room. He should then take the other path and head through a door into a different room. This room is just a pass by room that leads Link into another pass by room. The room that the statue is in is also connected to the pass by room. Link should head back into this room. He drops down a short drop long enough so that he can't get back up. After defeating all the enemies in the room, a gate opens up so that Link can guide the statue onto a warp pad and into the next room. Link heads back around in a circle and eventually makes it to the room where the statue went. He takes it into the next room, another pass by room, until he and the statue end up in the same room as the the statue from the left side of the dungeon. He places the statue on the warp pad, and now that both statues are in the room, a large door in the main section of the room opens up, revealing a staircase behind it.

Link goes back into the second room and this time goes into the front door. He heads through the room where the door just opens up and goes up the stairs onto the second floor. On the first room of the second floor, Link finds a room with two locked doors, one on either side. Upon defeating all the enemies in the room, the door to the right of the door Link entered in unlocked itself. Link goes through this door and finds a small room with some enemies but no major traps. Link heads into the next room. In this room, he finds a statue. He leads it to a warp pad which takes it into a room next to it. There is a wall in front of Link with a crawl space, but Link ignores it for now. he enters the room and finds some platforms connected to swinging ropes. Link needs to lead the statue through the course and onto the warp pad on the far side of the room. This puts it into the next room. He should exit this room and go through the crawlspace. He enters the next room, ignoring another crawlspace. In this room, Link needs to push the block in the room onto a switch so that the platform with the statue on it raises. Link should guide the statue across until it comes to another jump. Link should push the block onto the next switch, which raises the platform with the statue on it. He should lead it to the end of the narrow strip where it accidentally steps on a switch, opening a gate and letting a bunch of enemies into the room and locking the door. Once Link defeats all the enemies, he should move the statue onto the warp pad, leave the room, go through the next crawl space, and enter the third and final room. He may also notice a locked door in the front.

In this room, Link simply needs to defeat all the enemies and then move the statue onto the warp pad. Back in the previous room, Link finds that the statue on top of the wall that the locked door is in. He should guide the statue onto a switch, unlocking the door. Upon entering the room, the door locks behind him and 3 Dinalfos jump out. After defeating them, a chest with the Boomerang appears in it. The boomerang is just a normal boomerang, but it can be locked onto targets like the one from The Wind Waker. Link uses the boomerang to unlock the door and then heads all the way back to the first room of the second floor.

Link should use the boomerang to hit a switch in a tunnel of a wall. In this room, Link finds a locked door to his left and an unlocked door in front. He goes through the unlocked door and finds a room with a bunch of spinning platforms. He has to navigate to the far side of the room and grab a statue; the kind that can be picked up. He then has to transfer the statue across a conveyor belt by using the boomerang to hit switches, making the conveyor change directions to navigate through a maze, all while Link navigates himself through the spinning platforms. Link cannot take the conveyor belt because there is a gate that only the statue can pass through. Once both Link and the statue are at the correct destination, Link should place the statue on a warp pad, sending it into the next room. In this room, Link has to go up a spiral staircase to get to where the statue is. He then has to bring the statue down the staircase as a spiked ball chases him. Once Link gets down to the bottom, a cutscene shows Link diving and the spiked ball rolling past him into a gap. Link should then place the statue on a warp pad and head into the next room. In this room, Link sees the statue at the far side of the room. He runs to get it, but once he picks it up, a bunch of enemies appear and both doors lock. Once Link defeats all the enemies, a gate in front of three switches above the door to the next room appears. Link has to use his boomerang to hit all three at once, unlocking the door. He should place the statue on a warp pad sending it into the next room.

Through this door, Link finds that he is on a ledge of the room with the spinning platforms. He should grab the statue and place it in front of the warp pad on the original door. He should head back through this door, find the statue, place it on the warp pad, but instead of warping, the statue faces the locked door. The door soon unlocks, allowing Link to move on.

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