This saga begins a whole new era for the Legend of Zelda Series. Nine years after the Salvation of Termina, Link grows up into a fine, young, man. Zelda becomes the queen of Hyrule after the former queen's tragic death. Yet darkness is yet again on the future of not on Hyrule but the entire world, something even more powerful than the goddesses themselves...

Prolouge Edit

The three goddesses stood before the ominous figure. "You have brought destruction to our you must pay!" Farore said. The figure grinned, "You can't kill me, I'm more powerful than all of you." Then the figure attacked with his unusually large Helix sword. Din sent a large unseen force through her hand to grasp the figure. The figure screamed in aungish and pain... and disappeared.

Revelation Edit

Link woke up from his dream. It felt so real. Link thought. Link got up from his bed, it was still night though, yet he felt an urge to walk. Link walked past the Triforce Chamber, where the Triforce lay safe. Link turned around and walked into the chamber. The sages were there. "Link." Rauru said. "A dark time is upon us."

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