Legend of Zelda: The Guantlet of Ledgends is an upcoming game for the nintendo wiii.


Link must find and then merge the 21 components of the gauntlet of ledgends, the components are scatter around Hyrule and Link must set out on a quest to find them.


The gameplay of Infinity Guantlet is similar to that of other 3D Zelda games. There are 4 main features to the gameplay.

  • Dungeons
  • Time Travel
  • Exploration
  • Puzzle Solving

In the dungeons, the player will have to defeat enemies and make their way through the level. At the end of a dungeon, the player will have to defeat a boss after the boss is beaten a piece of the gauntlet is revealedInside dungeons, the player can also find bonus items.

Time Travel can be used to acssess a dungeon, new area or bonus item.

More to come soon, also please don't edit!!!!!!

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