The Legend of Zelda: The Dawn Bringer is a (fictional) game in the Legend of Zelda series. It's counterpart is The Legend of Zelda: The Dusk Bringer.


The world has been flooded by the goddesses. The Great Sea is now the habitat of the population. Or, that is, until the Dawn and Dusk Bringers. The two great entities of evil who conspired against Din, Farore, and Nayru. They remove the water, which kills all people, plants, and anything else. In this new, post-apocalypse Hyrule, only seven species remain. One Goron called Yogoro, one Rito called Yyman, one Human named Hyloi, one Korok named Kilhu, a Shiekah named Impasa, a deity named Feerk, and a Twili named Zonic. Seven is a recurring number in this world, because of the seven survivors. Yogoro was made the sage of Fire. Yyman the sage of Wind. Hyloi the sage of Earth. Kilhu became the sage of Life, Impasa of Death, Feerk of Light, and Zonic of Water. Their descendants are the people who inhabit this land now, a land where water is scarce, the dieties are few, the Demons are supreme, and, not to mention, Link is reincarnated again. You play as Link and 7 other main characters as you go through dungeons and defeat the Dawn Bringer.


Party CharactersEdit


  • Linik: The reincarnation of who was known as "The Resister". Presumably, The Resister was another incarnation of Link who fought the Bringer Demons, as both have been shown wearing green clothes (Linik only wore them in one cutscene, while mostly he wears something similar to the Wind Waker Link's blue clothing, also suggesting that The Resister was the Wind Waker Link) and because the Dawn Bringer takes a particular interest in killing Linik.
  • Yoggro: The Gron reincarnation of Yogoro. He can use flame magic as well as Goron powers, which harken back to the Gorons evolving over time into Grons. He comes from Erupto Mountain, and the Gron prophecy states that The Goron shall save the Mountain. Everyone believes this to refer to Yoggro because he can curl up like a Goron.
  • Yrito: The Zorito reincarnation of Yyman. She can use wind magic because of her lineage, and can breathe underwater and fly. Some believe that Rito evolved from Zora, which explains why the strongest Zorito, the evolution of Ritos, can breathe water. While no Zorito can live without water, only Yrito can full-out breathe water.
  • Dekhu: The son of the chief Huu. Huues evolved from Dekus long ago, and there actually was an 8th survivor, a Deku named Huu. The species is named for him.


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