Sword of Shadows

Sword of Shadows Pt. 1 : Hyrule's End Edit

This is the First in a planned Trilogy,

1.) Sword of Shadows pt 1 : Hyrule's End (Beginning of the End Saga)

2.) Sword of Shadows pt 2: Return of the Golden Prince (Long Road Back Saga)

3.) Sword of Shadows pt 3 :The Return of Link (Power of Omega Saga)

               Link: 4 years older from when he beat Ganon the first time, peacefully resides in Kokiri Forest

                Zelda - Princess of Hyrule, threatened by a mysterious illness that may kill her, she must rely on Link to help her and Hyrule once more

                Ganon - King of Evil, has returned stronger and hungrier than ever.

               rest of characters are pretty self explanitory

Disclamier : Nintendo owns most of this, blah blah, basically what you cant differenciate from the games, is mine.

just a warning, the numbers without chapters next to them are because the images screwed them up, dont worry you can still read it fine.

Premise Edit

the Master Sword has lost its power, Link cannot explain why, strange things keep happening around hyrule, Princess Zelda is dying, and a familiar evil walks the land once more, could it all point to the Master Sword's fabled and feared opposite, The Sword of Shadows?? link must find the cause before its too late.

Chapter 1 - Chicken Run Edit

Morning.......its still here.

Link has said the same thing to himself every day since he defeated Ganondorf 4 Years ago.

"Time for Breakfast" Link says smiling, he takes his Kokiri Sword and Fairy Bow to hunt, since he is not a Kokiri, he is allowed to leave the forest of his own accord. he leaves for Hyrule Field, and immeadiatley spots his food, a chicken, "must have escaped Kakariko Village" he says puzzled, he walks over to the chicken, it suprises Link that it allows him to do so, he picks it up and it just looks back at him "Better get you home, silly chicken" he ventures across Hyrule field and crosses the bridge to Kakariko Village. He enters the front gate of the village and falls to his knees in horror, the village has been burned down to the ground, smouldering bodies of the once peacefull village's inhabitants litter the ground. Men, women.......children. "Wha.....what happened here????" Link asked himself....still reeling from this discovery. he looked up at Death Mountain and it was normal, so it wasn't the volcano's doing. "the gorons will know" he walked slowly to the gate where the Death Mountain trail began. "H...He.Help!.." a voice shouted, Link raced over to the source and pulled out a young girl "are you alright, are you hurt???"Link asked frantically. the young girl was crying, her parents were crushed by the collapse of her house, Link felt anger, how could this have happened, and how had nobody noticed that the village was in trouble? all that was left was this girl and a........chicken. " Can you wait here?" Link asked the girl. she just walked away,as if she was in a trance. Link felt extreme sadness for this girl and the grand village that once stood here.

He travelled upto the Gorons Village. he talked to a goron just outside the village who said that Darunia the Goron Leader, was deathly ill and may not last much longer. Link couldn't believe what he was hearing, first Karkariko village burns, and now the Goron Leader was on his deathbed, Link quickly made his way to Darunias Chamber. "" Darunia's Voice was faint, "Wha....>Cough,cough<What brings" Link explaned what had happened at Kakariko, Darunia's eyes widened "no..why...." he was slipping. "Darunia, when did u get so sick?" Link asked, Darunia Replied much to Link's horror "yesterday....." it took 1 day for Darunia to get so sick to the point of near-death??? it didnt make sense, " Castle.....the Princess....will.. know..>cough,cough,cough<." he then sat upright, his eyes rolled all the way back into his head. "ugggghhhhh........Kakariko was a warning..............beware the Cursed Blade...........The Blade of Darkness.........for he who wields it" Darunia shot back down and started convulsing, the gorons could do nothing but watch their fearless leader in his last moments. he seized for a few moments and then...nothing, Darunia, the mighty leader of the Goron people, had died, Link fought back his tears, a man who once called him brother had died, it was hard for him not to feel grief. After composing himself, Link asked the Gorons about Kakariko, they said that the last night guard saw nothing. He then asked if anyone else was ill and they replied no, which didnt make sense either. "he must've been cursed!" one Goron shouted, Link took this into consideration, but only one other person that Link knows has died this way...The Great Deku Tree. " can't be" Link thought, "i killed him, i saw him dissapear to the sacred realm!" there was only one way he was going to find out if Ganon had returned, Princess Zelda. He gave his condolensces to the Goron people and said that he would return for Darunia's Funeral, he made his way back down Death Mountain, and back to the charred ruins of Kakariko. The girl had dissapeared, but the chicken sat exactly were Link left it. "not having the best of days are we now??" Link looked around him, no-one, he was sure that someone just spoke to him. "heheh....down here boy", he looked at the winked at him, Link fell back in suprise. "hohohohoho" the chicken was laughing!!! Link couldnt beleive what was happening.

"wha...what are you?" Link asked "not very bright are you boy? im obviously a chicken!" Link couldn't help but stare at it, it was a talking chicken!!!! " are you going to stare at me all day or are we going to hyrule castle??" Link snapped out of his fixation and picked him up "whats your name?" Link asked the chicken "Talmus, i am a shapeshifter in training!!, although i can only transform into a chicken, and i have also forgotten how to change back, so all in all im not a very good shapeshifter" there was a hint of sadness in his voice. "do you know what happened here?" Link asked, "i do not, i was in Hyrule Field all night and heard nothing, then you came along" Link had heard enough, they left the destruction that was Kakariko Village and headed for Hyrule Town.

Chapter 2 - A Dark Discovery Edit

As Link and Talmus headed for Hyrule Town, the sun had risen and it was as if nothing had happened, Darunia wasn't dead, Kakariko hadn't burned to the ground.....nothing. they came to the moat around the town but discovered that the bridge was up, "hmm....thats odd, its the middle of the day" Link looked at the chains holding up the bridge, "Watch this" He took out his bow and hit both chains with pinpoint accuracy, the chains shattered and the bridge came down, Link entered and found that there was no-one standing by the gate, they ventured into the Market Town and it was deserted. Link decided that they should go to the temple of time first, Talmus agreed and once thet entered the courtyard outside the temple, they discovered people hanging out the door, the people of Hyrule Town had filled the temple of time, Link squeezed through the crowd and to the altar at the centre of the temple, "Whats this?,the Door of Time is gone, thats not right." Link was confused, the door of time was meant to be closed due to his return to the past. He looked through and saw that the Master Sword was still there, Link approached it, none of the townspeople seemed to mind, infact they were just standing there, like statues, he continued his approach to the Master Sword it looked normal, just as he left it. He continued to approach it and he saw that it didn't shine like it did, its power had faded, it was just an ordinary sword. "Why has this happened? the master sword's power is gone!"

he went to touch it, and just as he grabbed its hilt, it repelled him, it sent him flying to the temple door. ">cough,cough<" he was severley winded "this is too strange, we have to see the princess.....>cough<" Link struggled to get up, he held his ribs as he walked, "here..i will heal you" Talmus spread his wings and started to glow, he let out a high pierced shriek.....then a blinding flash. "The pain....its..gone!" Link looked at Talmus with grattitude "well lets get going....onward to the castle!"

They reached the castle gate, there were at least 100 guards, "somethings happened....there arent usually this many guards at the entrance...." Link's confusion soon turned to concern, concern that something has happened to the King or Zelda. "he climbed the vines near the entrance as he did before, he looked first to see that the guards were all over the castle, "how are we gettin in there?" Link was frustrated, there was no way that he was getting past 100 guards.

"I can help!" Talmus chirped, i can shield us both and they wont be able to see us!! heheheh!" Link was ecstatic "woah, you're really full of suprises!" Talmus laughed and did as he did before he healed Link, except instead of a shreik he started to hum a song, he called it The Cloaking Melody, and once he was finished, Link noticed his feet had dissapeared, then his torso, until he couldn't see his hair infront of his face. "We must hurry, i can't hold onto this for long, Link made sure they got there in record time, and before they new it, they were inside the courtyard and within the castle grounds. "What now?" said Talmus "hmm...i dunno, this is the only way i know into the castle, but it looks like theres no way through the gardens at all." at that moment a voice called to Link "Link, its Zelda, can you hear me?" Link was overjoyed, "Zelda? yes i can hear you, where are you?" "Im in my chambers, listen >cough< the reason why i cant meet you now is because there are many guards who would notice my dissapearance.There is a crisis brewing, there is a massive energy disturbance to the east of whats known as The Dead Zone, in the centre of it is whats known as the Midas Temple that houses the feared blade known as The Sword of Shadows! it is the negative bi-product of the Master Sword's positive energy, but it was locked away as it was deemed too powerful to live in the same realm as the Master Sword. Since the Master Sword has lost its power, the Sword of Shadows has gathered enough energy to break its seal and its first target was Kakariko Village." "but what killed Darunia?" Link barged in "It seems that the negative energy given off by the Sword of Shadows is killing those who give the Master Sword its strength, thats the seven sages, But also, The Master Sword and seven sages also locked Ganondorf away, so with Darunia dead and the master sword gone....theres nothing stopping him from returning! and if our suspicions are correct, he is the one wielding the Sword of Shadows!!" Link tried to take it all in, the idea of Ganon returning, possessing a weapon that now outranks the Master Sword and with revenge on the agenda, he started fearing the worst.

Chapter 3 - The Light Fades, The Darkness Rises Edit

"This is just awful..." Talmus said. "I know, its difficult to find out what we need first...."Link replied calmly. "Link listen >cough,cough< the guards have left my room and have been made aware of your presence, i will teleport you, give me a couple of minutes...." it was Zelda, she was trying to save Link and Talmus from the guards,"Hurry princess!" Link tried to hide, but there was nowhere to run, he heard the trudging footsteps of the castle guards, the familiar sound of clashing chain mail, he turned to Talmus, "can you hide us again?" "im afraid that last trick used up too much magic" Talmus replied, Link tried to think. "Wait!!, the song you used to hide us, i could possibly use it" at that moment Link took out his old Fairy Ocarina and perched Talmus on his shoulder. "sing the song again Talmus!" Talmus repeated the notes and Link played them on his ocarina... after a few moments, they were invisible. "It worked!!" Link shouted in triumph "SHHHH!!!" Talmus shushed him, the guards approached

"hmm..there is nothing, Impa said there was a boy and a chicken here?" "yeah..i know, but i dont see anything!" the guards started to turn back when an almighty flash came down from the clouds. "WATCH OU.....ARRRGHH!!!" the first guard was struck by the flash and was killed, the second drew his sword, "come out hethen...i know you are here!!!!" a cloaked figure came forth from the shadows....wielding a black sword and shield. The sword is what intrerested Link it had a similar hilt to the Master Sword, but the blade was longer, and shone like the Master Sword once did, could this be the Sword of Shadows??. " taking you to in..." "heheheh...i do not think so puny human..." the figure proceeded to draw the blade and strike it into the ground, the blade began to glow, a dark aura surrounded it and the figure. "say goodbye..." the figure cackled as the sword shot a beam of dark energy into the air. It blocked out the sun, and dark clouds gathered and it was as if it was night, thunder was heard in the distance. Link couldn't see anything apart from the glowing sword, the man's red eyes through his cloak and the outline of the soldier as he was blown away by the sword's immense power. Once the sword stopped glowing, there was nothing left of the guard except his armour and Hylian Shield, "hahaha...this is too easy, now all i need to do is find the princess and that brat Link, once i find them, the power that should have been mine will finally be mine and along with this blade, i will be feared once again" he then took his hood down and stared right at Link, but couldn't see him. Link's worst fears were realised, it WAS Ganondorf and he DOES have the Sword of Shadows! "yes....Ganon...King of WORLD!!! hahahahaha" he was just as cynical as ever and it was clear what he was after...the Triforce of Courage and Wisdom which Link and Zelda still held in their posession. Ganon drew the blade from its spot in the ground, it seemed to wrap itself around his arm as he held it. "ahhh....yes...such power!!!" the Triforce of Power was glowing on his left hand as he held the Sword of Shadows in his right, he had a deathly arsenal at his disposal and now seemed as right a time as any to strike. Link approached him slowly and drew his sword silently, he then lunged at Ganondorf with all his strength but hit only the ground, rain running down his face, he looked up to see Ganondorf staring at him, Link was visable again and quickly recovered his sword and composure.

Chapter 4 - Ganon's Revelation Edit

He took a few steps back and circled Ganon who merely greeted his arch-enemy "Hello, Link! my its been a while.." "huh....spare me the pleasantries Ganondorf, or is it Ganon? or have you found a new name for yourself these've had 4 years to think of one" Link tried to remain calm, but his focus was being drained, what was it? was it the constant rain water falling on him? the fact that his friend Talmus was just next to him?, or was it just the sheer thought of facing Ganon without the Master Sword?. Link went with the latter, the Master Sword was what beat him before, and even THAT was hard work! "my my Link has it been 4 years? i lost track as i was having so much fun!"

there wasn't a hint of sarcasm in his voice, he was serious...he didnt feel anything, as if 4 years in abyss was playtime for him. "No i had so much fun in that white abyss because i had one thing going for me.....revenge! you see as i had nothing but revenge on my mind, my powers began to grow, the Triforce of Power sensed my urges and slowly but surely it became a true weapon of darkness, i poisoned the Triforce of Power so much that it became not the God's creation, but mine muhahahaha!!!, but thats not all, even though i turned the Triforce on its creators, there was still one problem....the Sacred Realm, i couldnt escape it!!! no matter how much power i had, the one thing i couldn't escape was that eternal dead space. But my luck soon turned and after 4 years which was exactly 7 years in the future from today! i found my answer, the Master Sword, the very weapon used to destroy me, i managed to use the Triforce of Power to transfer its power to a weapon that exsisted in the Sacred Realm, my realm, the Sword of Shadows!!!, yes the very blade you see me carrying haha!, but there was a problem, since neither my spirit for that matter, exsisted in that time, due to your descision to return to your childhood, I couldn't return to a time where all 3 pieces of the Triforce did not exsist, so i chose a time where it did......this time, but i chose my moment to return carefully, the Sword of Shadows had absorbed the Master Sword's power thanks to my ability to transfer it through the Triforce of Power, but the Midas temple door that leads as a secondary door to the Sacred Realm, a back door if you will, was closed and only one thing could open it, yep you guessed it the Master Sword!!. I was furious as you can imagine, but i remembered that there was another key to unlocking the door, from the inside... all i had to do was give the Sword of Shadows a soul, my soul. I sacrificed my body which in turn, the Sword absorbed and the door opened, thankfully the triforce of Power was on my side, and i managed to manifest myself as part of the sword, serving as eachothers host, so if one was lost, the other would be too, a risky deal i know but hey, solitude will do crazy things to a crazier person....hahahahahahahahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" "then why destroy Kakariko village??!" Link shouted, "Well i was hoping to find the Shadow Sage Impa there but found nothing, so i blew the place to smitherines!!!" Ganon replied, his laugh, his tone of voice, Link couldn't take much more, his anger was as such that he would be willing to attack Ganon even if it meant sacrificing a solid plan, he desperatley tried to keep a cool head. " what about Darunia? why'd you kill him, i mean if you took the power from the Master didn't need to start killing off sages!!" "Hmph...Darunia.....his death was not of my doing !, it was the Sword you know, the Master Sword drew its strength from the sages that locked me and the sword away in the Sacred Realm, but when i transferred the Swords power to the Sword of Shadows, i reversed the process and the Sword of Shadows started draining the life from those sages..heheheh, so Darunia's death was merely down to his rank as the Sage of Fire!" "Then....Then the other sages will suffer the same fate....including.." "....Princess Zelda hahahaha..." Ganon cut in. "By my count all remaining 6 sages are currently suffering from the Sword of Shadows deadly effect, including Ruto the Zora and.....Saria..." he was grinning as wide as Link had ever seen him grin, he was proud of what he was doing and it was killing everyone Link cared about, including his best friend, and there was nothing he could do to stop it...

Chapter 5 - Enter Phantasm Link Edit

Phantasm of courage2

Phantasm of Courage


Link's anger was building, Ganon was killing all of the sages by using the Sword of Shadows and he could do nothing to stop him. "So Ganon, what happens once all of the sages are dead?" "Well, there souls will be enough to power the sword for all eternity and i will be invincible with the Triforce of Power in my left hand and the Sword of Shadows in my right, AHAHAHAHAHAHA........!!" there was the laughter again, it pierced Link right through to his soul, his anger was at his peak. "argh....Ganon! you wont get away with this!!!" "oh hush foolish boy!" Ganon then proceeded to attack Link head on, Link drew the Kokiri sword and swung at him, Ganon vanished and re-appeared right behind Link and blasted him with his magic. ""Link was badly hurt after just one hit, Ganon's power had grown immensely and Link stood little to no chance of stopping him, but he wasn't giving up. "Lets go Ganon....LETS GO!!!!" Link didn't notice it but his Triforce of Courage was shining....brighter than it ever has, "HEEEYAAAAA...!!!!" Link caught Ganon on the shoulder, and sliced deeply into it. "ARGH....MY ARM....YOU MISERABLE LITTLE PEASANT...ILL MAKE YOU PAY FOOOOORRR THAAAAAAATT!!!!!" "not so funny now Ganon is it, in fact i find it pretty funny that i managed to hit you, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!" Link's mind games began to affect Ganon "Grrrr....he will pay........i'll make sure" "yes Link, keep at it now!!"

Ganon heard the voice of the chicken behind Link and smiled "ahhh....perfect!" he teleported again so Link, thinking he would do as before, looked behind him, but he wasn't there, but neither was Talmus, he then heard a thud behind him, he turned round to find Ganon standing over Talmus' lifeless body. "TALMUS....NOOOO!!!" Ganon jumped to the top wall of the Castle courtyard as Link approached his friends now lifeless body. "no....Talmus, you...didn' make him pay....ill...make" The Triforce of Courage started glowing black, and Link's eyes were red, "ARRRGGGHHH....AAAAAARRRRRRRHHHHHhhhhhhh......." a veil of darkness consumed Link and it quickly took shape, once the veil had dissappeared Link was replaced by a hooded figure with steel gauntlets, and a Steel Mask with eyes that lit up like torches. He took out what seemed to be a sword with no blade, the Triforce of Courage started glowing again and a blade that seemed to be made completely of light shone from the hilt. "Ganon....your time has come" the figure said in a calm voice. Ganon jumped from his perch and landed infront of 'Link'. "I see... you're Link's negative energy, its been dormant for so long, you've taken a physical form..." "Ganon, you broke his spirit, so i the Phantasm of Courage will step in and defeat you." "Phantasm of what?...'re not a part of the boy's spirit...oh well even more fun for me hahaha!!" "Ganon!! pushed the boy's will to such limits that i have been called forth from his Triforce of Courage to help him and i promise i will defeat you!!" The phantom walked over to Talmus' body and his hand began to glow...and the shapeshifter's life was restored. 'Link' set him down near the garden entrance to rest and walked back towards Ganon "Lets do this.." he grasped his sword and picked up the Hylian Shield used by the guard killed by Ganondorf, Ganon increased his strength by tapping into the Triforce of Power, "Listen to me.....Phantom, the boy's triforce will be mine, understand? and so will the girl's soon enough, once the sage of time is weak enough i will strike, in the meantime let us enjoy our little skirmish....HOOOOAAHHH" Ganon lept into the air and charged down hoping the force alone would kill The Phantasm, but he dodged easily and smacked Ganon across the face with his shield. "hmph...simple moves will not catch me off guard this all you have to offer? " The Phantom was confident Ganon could sense that he truly was the pinnacle of courage, unmoved by anything...but Ganon had one thing the phantom didn't, a blade capable of destroying him. "Hmm...time to get serious, HEYYYAAAA!!..." he swung his sword but the phantom countered and both were at a standstill, his blade matched the Sword of Shadows, but neither Ganon or the Sword itself would not allow it to be beaten, Ganon used force push to tip the scales but the phantom was not for relenting, he countered with the Triforce of Courage and both were giving there all, countering eachothers moves. Ganon finally broke the Phantom's resistance and he slid across the garden "'re not too bad at this phantom, but know this, the next time we meet i won't be giving you a second chance....farewell ahahahahaha....." and like that, Ganon dissapeared using his teleportation technique. "Hmph....coward" the phantom grunted. He looked over to Talmus and checked that he was still breathing. he picked him up and saw that there was a blue light behind him, "Link...Link! >cough< its me Zelda, step into the light, please hurry!" the phantom stepped foward and could hear a faint but familiar melody but suddenly he felt a sharp pain and lurched, the light teleported him to Zelda's chambers but he passed out, the last thing he heard was.."You've met with a terrible fate...haven't you?"

Chapter 6 - Masking Emotions Edit

Phantasm Mask

Phantasm Mask


Link awoke with a thumping headache and slightly blurred vision, there were 4 people in the room with him, he recognized Zelda, and Impa, but the other 2. "urgh.....whats going on?" Zelda turned and looked ecstatic to see her friend finally awake, "Oh Link your alive, thank heavens!" "What happened??" "You fought with Ganondorf, he has returned and you drove him away, we can't thank you enough" Impa proclaimed. "Where's Talmus??" remembering what Ganon did to his friend, "Im right here Link!!" he looked to his left to see a boy about his height and in a long purple tunic standing beside him. "Talmus??, you changed back!" "haha, actually i didnt, this man helped me" he pointed across the room and there was the voice Link heard before he passed out..."The happy mask salesman??" Link said in shock. Wait, i get it, he played the Song of Healing to turn you back!" "yes and he did the same for you too" replied Talmus "What do you mean?" Link was puzzled, "Well your anger took over and manifested itself into something that had something to do with your Triforce of Courage, it called itself the Phantasm of Courage." Zelda explained "What?, no way!, i let my anger, cloud my judgement, i never let Ganon get to me before" Link was petrified in case this happened again and did hurt someone he cared about.

 "Link, its okay, we understand, Ganon's mind games are hard to ignore, just calm down" Zelda tried to be reassuring, but Link wasn't listening "Link, we managed to transform the Phantom into a mask, The Phantasm Mask to be precise, and we think that if you talk to the spirit within, it may help you to understand that his power is what we need, and only you can wield it" The mask salesman made a very good argument, Link snapped out of his fear and the salesman, handed him the mask, Link put it to his face, but nothinh happened, instead a shining blue light transported him to a strange place, he was standing on a pillar with the triforce symbol on it, "Hello...Link" he heard a strange voice infront of him, a figure appeared. "Are you the Phantasm of Courage??" Link asked as politely as he could, "Indeed i am, i feel that, before our powers merge again, we talk about how we plan to stop Ganon, i mean his power grows daily, and also with the rest of the sages dying from the Sword of Shadows, he could easily claim the remaining Triforce pieces, and our window will be shut, we would never beat him if it came to that.." "yes phantom....if, Link's words were strong, full of courage, something the phantasm drew strength from, "yes i feel your power, it grows with your courage, and that will be your advantage over Ganon, for that is something he will never have. The bright light took Link back to Zelda's quarters "Well Link try it on!" Talmus egged him on, Link put the mask to his face and felt the familiar change he went through when he transformed the first time, when the transformation was complete, the Phantasm of Courage, now known as Phantasm Link stood, ready for battle and an iron strong will not even Ganon will break, no matter what.

Chapter 7 - Heavy Losses Edit

Just as Link was about to set off trying to stall Ganon's rise to power, Ganon was about to enter Kokiri Forest, " this is where the brat lives, Ganon smiled devilishly, "Well, id better make my presence known. He charged up the Sword of Shadows, and launched it into the ground, the entire forest caught fire, and spread all around the Kokiri childrens homes, they were sleeping. "AHAHAHAHAHA....oh this is too much fun", the sadistic Ganon now set his sights on the forest sage..Saria "Great Blade of Darkness, point out that which i seek..." Ganon's arm rose and pointed to Saria's house, he teleported to the front door and found here in her bed, her and link's house were the only houses that hadn't caught fire yet. "Hello, my dear" Saria looked over and saw Ganon, she was too ill to show any shred of fear, she started coughing "aww...there, there my pet, uncle Ganon is going to put you out of your misery! muhahahahahaha.." Ganon uses the Sword of Shadows to absorb Saria's soul and her lifeless body falls to the floor. Ganon quickly teleported to the Lost Woods and found a Skull Kid. "What do you want mister?, we hate grownups..." The Skull Kid clearly didn't know who he was dealing with. "Hmm...i believe you will be interested in a particular item i have, i cannot use it, only those with a pure mind can use it, do you want to give it a try little man?" "Uhh...sure, what is it?" the skull kid replied, "Look for yourself!" Ganon threw the Skull Kid the item wrapped in a purple cloth, the Skull Kid removed the Cloth to reveal a Mask. "woah....what is this?? its a mask mister, what use would i have for a mask?" the skull kid was disgruntled, he clearly felt he'd been dealt a raw deal here, "its a special mask boy, a mask with power!" the skull kid was sold, he put on the mask and it instantly took him over, Majora's Mask was reborn. "Ahh...Ganondorf...i see you kept your end.....of the bargain" "Yes Majora, the boy will be here soon after discovering his home on fire, and i will be watching, lets hope you keep your end of the bargain!" Ganon threatened. "Yes..yes Ganondorf, I will kill the boy and deliver the Triforce to you, i understand" "Good Majora, i didn't bring you back out of the goodness of my heart..." "Indeed" Majora replied. From Hyrule Gate, Phantasm Link saw the orange glow coming from Kokiri Forest and called his faithful horse Epona, though when he donned the Phantasm Mask, Epona transformed also, she was now Epona, the Phantom Steed.


Link climbed onto Epona and they set off at lightning speed, once they reached the entrance to the forest, the orange glow dissapeared, Link tied Epona to a nearby tree and entered his home. "Oh...God!!" Link couldn't look, it was just like Kakariko Village, no-one survived. The charred remains of the Kokiri children were scattered amongst the ashes of there wooden homes, "Saria..." Link thought, her house hadn't burned down, he climbed up the ladder and entered but found that he was much too late, he held his best friend's lifeless body in his arms, swearing that Ganon will pay dearly for her demise. "oh....LIIINK!!!"Link heard someone calling his name, Ganon?, no much too high pitched, it sounded like a.....Skull....Kid. "oh...LIIIIIINK!!!!" Link peeked through Saria's door, the skull kid walked right by, Link jumped down and drew his sword, the skull kid's back was to him, "Ahh....joined the party i see Link?" the skull kid turned to face Link and much to his horror, he was wearing..."Majora's Mask?, how....when?" "your old friend Ganon...ofcourse, he revived me with that exceptional blade of his, and once he handed me to this.....thing, my powers were fully restored, now that i have you in my sights...EEEEYYYYYAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!" the skull kid's head busting scream brought Link to his knees, when he looked up he saw that the skull kid was lying unconcious next to Majora, who had now taken on a new physical form, this one was more human looking than his previous forms, he had hair and 2 eyes this time, and the mask's design made up his body shape. "Impressed? thanks to Ganon's power, i have forged a new form and i tell you now, i will not be beaten so easily this time!. Just then, Majora conjured something into his hand, "remember this?" Link looked at the item, "no...the Fierce Deity's Mask?" "eheheheh, the very same, and now i will use the same weapon you used against me, to defeat you once and for all!!!" Majora put the mask on, there was a flash of lighting, rain began pouring down, the glow coming from Majora's transformed state was dark, and was giving off an energy that would see the Ganondorf of the past sweat about. "urgh...erg....uhhh...muhahaha" Majora's transformation was complete, he was now Fierce Entity Majora.

Chapter 8 - An Even Battle, Fierce Entity Majora vs Phantom Link Edit

The 2 warriors stood, staring eachother down, the newly transformed Fierce Entity Majora, and Phantom Link. "Well, Link? are you going to make the first move? or will i?" Link just stood, silent, unmoved by Majora's new found strength. "Majora...lets go", Link drew the Phantasm Sword, and Hylian Shield, he ran towards his foe, and swung his blade, but majora caught it "" Majora then kicked Link in the stomach and knocked him backward, he then summoned his twin elemental helix swords one made of fire, the other, ice. " this" he created a vortex containing the powers of both fire and ice, Link dodged it and ran at Majora, he was about to conjure another vortex but Link struck him in the face with his shield, he then proceeded to slash at Majora with the Phantasm Blade, but he dodged every attack, like he was travelling at lightspeed. "Your fast Majora, ill give you that, but i will still defeat you!" Phantom Link's words fell on deaf ears as Majora prepared to unleash an even stronger elemental vortex, "TAAAAAAAAKEEE, THIIS!!!!" this one was 10x bigger than the previous one and started to rip throught the remains of Kokiri Forest, Link tried to run through it with his shield, but it just sucked him right up. He escaped by removing his shield from his arm, he fell from quite a large height, but the power of the Phantasm Mask stopped him from hurting himself, he watched as his shield was frozen then ripped to pieces by the ensuing fire "oh no, without my shield im defenceless, wait! thats it, Majora dosent have a shield either, if i can attack him with this vortex, and remove the Fierce Deity's Mask then i can defeat him" Link ran towards Majora, as the vortex followed him, he jumped up towards Majora and tried to attack him with his sword, Majora countered with his Flame Helix blade, because the Phantasm Blade was made from the Triforce of Courage, it didnt break, but he couldn't break Majora's either and he still had his Ice Helix blade free and just as Link predicted, he swung it at him. Link backflipped and landed safely as Majora swung his Ice Blade, but hit his own arm instead! ", how..could i have been so....careless??!!?" His arm was now ice, and he also dropped his Flame Blade too, Link ran towards it and picked it up, Majora smashed his now useless arm, and a tentacle came forth, Majora's breathing was heavy. "I....I still have the Ice Helix Link, i am at no disadvantage here" it seemed as though Majora didn't even believe his own words, Link ran towards his opponent, both blades infront of him, he leapt into the air and charged downwords, majora used his tentacle to grab Link, but Link countered with the Flame Helix, he cut off the tentacle head with it and it caught fire, Majora screamed with agony "ARRRRGGGHHH.....NOOO!!!...I WILL NOT LOSE...." Link continued to charge and countered Ice with Fire as he clashed with Majora's remaining Helix Blade. He was about to deliver the final blow with his Phantasm Blade when he saw the Mass Elemental Vortex behind Majora, so he hilted his sword, jumped over Majora, grabbed him in mid-jump and when he landed, threw him over his shoulders and fly kicked him into the vortex. "ARRRRGGGHHHHH!!!!!!!!!.......HOW DID I LOSE.....TO HIM....A..GAIN?......" The vortex spun faster as Majora was destroyed, along with Majora's Mask and the Fierce Deity's Mask, it eventually shrunk as it spun faster until.....BANG!!!!. it was gone, Majora was finally defeated, Link looked up and saw Ganon looking right down at him. "heheheh....Impressive Link, or is it Phantom Link now? if you want to see Zelda alive again, you'll come to the Temple of Time...we will finish this once and for all!!, oh and by the way, my former right hand girl, Nabooru, you'll know her as the Sage of Spirit, is dead, that makes it 3 down, 4 to go hahahaha....HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!" he then teleported away towards Hyrule Town.

Chapter 9a - The Master Sword's Conversion Edit

Link made it to Hyrule Town as fast as he could on Epona, rode right upto the Temple of Time, he then leapt of Epona and drew his sword, he entered the Temple of Time with only a Sword and a warrior's determination. When he entered the Temple he saw Zelda lying on the altar unconcious, Link ran over "Zelda, are you alright, Zelda! its me Link" he removed the Phantasm Mask to see if Zelda would wake up now, she didn't and there was something else too, there were 2 statues standing on either side of the Door of Time, Link looked over to the left and saw the Statue of the Happy Mask Salesman. He ran over to the statue and saw that it was indeed the mask salesman, he looked over to the other statue and widened his eyes in shock, it was Talmus, Link clenched his fists in anger, his friend was a statue and Zelda was unconcious, probably near death because of the Sword of Shadows. Link shivered at the thought of Zelda dying, he had to defeat Ganon, speaking of which, he wasn't in the temple, and even odder was the fact that the Door of Time was now shut, it was open before when the Master Sword mysteriously repelled Link for touching it. Link looked at Zelda again and found that there was something sticking out of her pocket, it was the Ocarina of Time!!!! Link took it out slowly and looked at it, "yup....its definetly the Ocarina of Time, but i needed the 3 spiritual stones the last time, but it was open without the stones when i arrived earlier" Link decided that it would be worth a shot, he played the Song of Time and suprisingly, the door opened, he saw the Master Sword was still in its hilt, he ran over to it, leaving Zelda on the altar, he looked at it and it was glowing again, the Triforce of Courage shone on Link's hand. "Huh?...mabye its fixed? i mean, mabye it needed time to heal itself or something" Link touched it, he wasn't repelled this time, "Excellent, i can defeat Ganon now" just as he pulled it out of its stone, he wondered, Ganon told him to come to the Temple of Time, Zelda and Talmus were inside already and the Master Sword is mysteriously working again? Link realized he may have made a grave error and shoved the sword back into the stone. He backed away from the sword which began to glow red, "Heheheh, my i almost had you boy, you see if you had held on just one more second, you would have ended up just like your friends outside." That voice was Ganon's, Link reached inside his tunic and pulled out the Phantasm Mask, "I see, you dont want to fight me as you are, just hiding behind a mask like the coward you really are Link." "Im the coward Ganon?, if im such a coward then why do i have the Triforce of Courage?, if im such a coward, how come it was me, a then 11 year old boy, who defeated the almighty "King of Evil" ? huh! answer me that Ganon!!!....GANON!!!!!" there was no sound for a few moments, Link turned his back to the Master Sword and then, there was darkness, Link couldn't see a thing, so he did the only thing that he could right now, he put on the Phantasm Mask and became Phantom Link. The light was restored and Link turned to see Ganon, staring at the Master Sword, "Too long have i feared you, Blade of Evil's Bane, thats what they called you, not anymore, because i have your power now, within your twin, your opposite, and i shall wield you also...." Link couldn't believe Ganon's words, he was going to wield both the Sword of Shadows and the Master Sword, "you cant touch it Ganon, you know that as well as I do" "Hmph...with this blade, i can do anything, hahahaha!" he pulled the sword out with one hand, it began to spark and shock Ganon, who just started laughing. "Hahahaha....Sword of Shadows, pour your negative energy into the Blade of Evils Bane, convert it into a weapon of darkness!! the Sword of Shadows began to glow bright red, as did the master sword, its purple hilt became black and the blade changed to a greenish colour. "Triforce of Power, maintain the Master Swords power as a godly weapon, may it be so that the god's may never rob this blade of its rank as the Cursed Blade of Legend, the one blade that was deemed uncorruptable and now rests in my hands!!" The Triforce of Power shone bright as did the Triforce symbol on the Master Sword, Link assmumed that this was to protect it from being destroyed by the gods. "Muhahahaha, ive done it, ive converted the Master Sword!!! ive taken the last defence of Hyrule and twisted it into my own Weapon of Darkness!!!" Link fell to his knees, there was nothing he could do, not even in his phantom state, "Time to demonstrate my new power, he pointed the Master Sword at the Happy Mask Salesman, and sliced through the air with it, this created a Shadow Slash attack, it travelled all the way over and sliced throught the Mask salesman statue, he had sliced through it diagonally, the top half slipped off and smashed, the mask salesman was dead.

Chapter 9b - Of Dark Blades and Warp-holes Edit

Link feared he would do the same to Talmus' Statue so he drew his sword, " really think you still stand a chance? i have 2 of the most powerful weapons ever made, you have 1 shard of the Triforce, which of course will be mine soon enough, that reminds me, Zelda will be dead within 10 minutes and then i will have her power and her Triforce! that will make 5 sages, due to that pathetic Impa sacrificing herself for Zelda, and that just leaves Ruto and Rayru, do i get to the Sage of Light, of course, a Warphole, i will create a Warphole to bridge this temple to the Temple of Light...and then i will kill Rayru and..." Ganon was interrupted, Link had stabbed him throught he chest with his blade whilst he was distracted, he fell to his knees and whinced "I......can't...believe...." "What Ganon??, cant believe i outfoxed you again?" Link was releived, he'd beaten Ganon again, or so he thought. "No...haha, i cant believe you thought i'd die from your little cut, you know what kid? your not the hero you once where, now, your just a little kid who likes to play swords with people like me, who are serious in their intentions, so it gives me great pleasure to say, the Hero of Time is dead, the Master Sword is dead and soon, you and Zelda will be joining them in the next dimension!!" He made a perfect circle with the Master Sword and pierced the middle with the Sword of Shadows, this created a Warphole, which began to suck Link in, "Say goodbye Link, for this will be the last time you make a dent in my plans", the warphole sucked in Talmus statue, "Talmus!!!....No!!" Link tried to hold on to a pillar but he was slipping, " cant, give up!" Link held on for as long as he could but he eventually lost his grip and was sucked into the Warphole, before he dissapeared completley, Ganon grabbed Link's left hand, "I believe this belongs to me!!" He absorbed the Triforce of Courage from Link and then said his goodbye "Farewell Link, dont worry, ill keep the place tidy while your gone....HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!" Ganon let go of his hand and Link was gone, the warphole was closed and Ganon continued to laugh, "HAHAHAHA...THE HERO OF TIME IS NO MORE!!!!!" he used the power of his twin swords to transform the Hyrule townsfolk into Minions for his army and his voice could be heard all around Hyrule "PEOPLE OF HYRULE!!!, THIS IS YOUR NEW KING, GANON!!! I WILL GIVE YOU ONE CHANCE TO HAND OVER THE ZORA PRINCESS RUTO TO ME, AND JOIN MY ARMY, IF YOU DO NOT!!! MY ARMY OF MINIONS WILL DESTROY YOUR HOMES AND SLAUGHTER YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS!!!!!, A NEW AGE HAS DAWNED AND NO HERO WILL SAVE YOU NOW!!" his minions then chanted "HAIL GANON, KING OF EVIL, OVERLORD OF HYRULE!!!!"


"Link........wake up Link....WAKE UP!!!", ">cough, cough< Tal...Talmus?" Link replied groggily "Yeah, Link are you alright, i had to take the mask off, sorry, it seems we've been warped to a strange place"  "Huh....really?...wait.... GANON...where's Ganon???!!??" "I dont know Link, i think he's the one who's put us here.." said Talmus, Link stood up, and looked around, he ruled out Termina, and it definetly wasn't Hyrule, he saw a  town nearby, a sign read Derubia Town so he and Talmus started to walk towards it, worried about what Ganon was upto in their abscence and with the Triforce of Courage ripped from his possession, his adventure is now a lot harder.

                                                                                                           END OF PART 1

                                                                           Sword of Shadows Pt.2:Return of the Golden Prince

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