The Legend of Zelda: Spring is a fanon game and sequal to Oracle of Seasons. This is part of a 4 part saga and is the first of the four.


After the destruction of Onox the general of darkness, a new evil arose in Labrynna, it tore up forests and destroyed towns. The people cried out to the heavens and were answered. A young beautiful maiden came to the land. The maiden brought with her the Spirit of Spring, and used it to defeat this evil. She placed it in a chest bound by her magic. She restored order to Labrynna, and the people were eternaly greatful, and held a festival in her honor. They do this once every century, and the maiden would pass on her power to a worthy human every festival. However the people eventually forgot her deed and treated the festival as tradition instead of urgency, and on the sevenhundreth year is where our story begins...


Link is the hero of this story and is a different Link from any other game. He is a childhood friend of Zelda and protects her from any danger.

Zelda is the childhood friend of Link and unbeknownst to her, she is the princess of hyrule.

Crys is Link's companian throughout the story and hails from Labrynna.

Aether is the main villan of the story.


( If you have one, put an image of toon Link and toon Zelda from Four Swords, and I NEED a good artist to draw Crys for me thx<3)

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