The Legend of Zelda: The Silhouettes in time is a fanfic written by Serras-Kai

The story chronicles the adventures of a pair of warriors-turned-unwilling heroes, Ark and Grave. The story takes place after Link's adventure to save Hyrule, however it is never quite clear which version of his adventure in question he recently finished. The story also tends to lean towards a darker tone, much more so than the games they are based upon.

ZTT 2 (Color)

Cover to Legend of Zelda: Silhouettes in time

Characters Edit

The Plot so far...... Edit

The prologue detailed Link's adventure through Hyrule, climbing mountains and searching the sea beds for anything to take Hyrule back from the malicious Ganondorf, a task he succeeded in a mere ten years prior to this story's beginning. Afterward, however, the remnants of the dark army sought out Link, forcing him to leave the good kingdom for what would undoubtedly be forever. Before he went, however, Zelda awarded him with one final gift: A new sword, forged for him and only for him, with which he could fight his way through the wilderness. The master sword, however, was put back in its resting place.

Some time afterward, Hryule enjoyed an extended time of peace. For years, not a single monster was seen within it's borders, and its people sighed a breath of relief. A festival was started in Link's honor, every year on the day he struck down Ganondorf. It was on this day, the day of joyous merrymaking, that the fate of Hyrule was changed once again when an attack so devastating to Hyrule so suddenly that none could stand in it's wake......

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