The Legend of Zelda: Prophecy of Time is a new Legend of Zelda game made by Paperluigi ttyd.


It is unknown is the game will officially have chapters, but chapters are being added anyway. These chapter names might change as well.

Prologue: The Spirit Civil WarEdit

A mysterious prisonner is seen in a prison. Another figure walks up to him and breaks his chains, but the prisonner remains immobile, as he is encased in a stone. The moving figure grabs what appears to be a sword inside the stone, but when he can't pull it out, he smashes the stone casing to pieces. He grabs the sword and says that now that he has the Sword of Time, nothing can stop him from ruling the world and finding the Triforce.

The Boy Who Was Summoned

Meanwhile, Link, a young boy who lives in Yonder Village, is summoned to go to Hyrule Castle. But the town elder warns him that he must first cross the Bakoro Desert, make his way through the Floray Forest, climb one Lokahyro Tower and then decend on the other to go over the Deep Pits, and then head up the Fields of Time to make it to Hyrule Castle. What the elder doesn't tell him is that he first has to find the Forest Sword and the Forest Shield. The Shield can be found in the bushes behind Link's house. The sword is in the house next to Link's, but reguires two keys hidden in the river that runs through the village. Once he has the sword and the shield, he gets ready to leave, but the elder asks him if he will head into the Bleek Woods first and rescue the children. He agrees.

The Children Lost in the Woods

Link heads back across the town and enters the Bleek Woods. This area serves as a training area, but it also holds the game's first boss. Here, Link learns how to attack, shield, target, set items to the D-Pad, and use the action button. After heading through the woods, rescuing children, and retrieving the Sacred Water from the Sacred Pool, Link reaches a clearing in the Woods where he finds the Forest Spirit. Thee Spirit attacks him, and the battle wit the Controlled Entity: Forest Spirit begins. To defeat the Spirit, Link must simply attack it four times right after the Spirit attacks him. After defeating the spirit, she reveals that she was controlled by the Bleek Prophet, a spirit like creature who was banished to the Dark World, but has now returned. She then gives Link the first part of a story:

     Long ago, spirits roamed the Earth in greater numbers then they do
     now. This is becuase about 1000 years ago, there was a spirit civil war.
     The evil spirits wanted to destroy the humans, becuase they thought they
     were simple creatures that did not belong on the planet. The good spirits
     disagreed. Soon, the evil spirits were defeated and banished forever to
     the Dark World. Here, they harvested on the dark energy, turning into
     spirit-like creates called prophets. They have not been heard from ever

The Spirit finished by saying that the previously read line is all she knows about the Prophets. She gives Link two pieces of a heart container and sends Link back into the village.

Having saved the children and found the Sacred Water, Link may finally go on his quest.

Chapter 1: Adventure AwaitsEdit

Leaving the Village

After leaving the village, Link finds himself in Bakoro Desert, a vast land with rolling hills covered in sand. He heads along for a while before he finds some enemies, which include Sentries, Skullcrackers, and Skulltulas.
Gold Skulltula
Gold Skulltula
Gold Skulltula in the Sand
About halfway through the desert, there is a shack that you cannot enter. The Skulltula is behind the shack.
He continues along the desert defeating enemies until he makes it to an inn. Once night falls, he enters and finds three old men sitting around the table. He talks to the first one who says, "I am flora not fauna." The second one says, "I am foliage not trees." The third man says, "I am shruberry not grass." After talking to all three, the doors locks behind him and the three man talk in unison, asking Link, "What are we?" Before he can respond, the man in the middle, the first man Link talked to, says, "I... Ambush."

The Mysterious Desert Monster

Three men gets up and start spiraling together to form the Geki Demon. Link, who is trapped in the house, heads into the basement of the house to escape the Demon. He finds the key in the basement and leaves the house. He is chased by the Geki Demon all the way to the edge of the desert, near the Floray Forest. He heads into the forest, hoping the demon will stop in the desert, but the Demon continues to chase him. Link continues to run, and finds more enemies, including Klaktinas and Rotonunises. After reaching the center of the Forest, Link finds the Floray Spirit, who the Forest Spirit had told him about. The Spirit tells Link that she and the Forest Spirit are twins, and that she knew he was coming. Beofre they can continue talking, the Geki Demon arrives and roars at Link, who starts backing up. He heads out of the other side of the forest until he finds maze area. He gets trapped in the maze as he can't find the exit. The demon arrives at the entrance to the maze and claps his hands, making everything but the maze's inner walls disappear, the two gaps in the outer wall close, turning it into an arena.

Once the arena is completely formed, the battle with the Desert Monster: Geki Demon begins. To defeat the Demon, Link must attack it's tail, which is it's weak spot. As long as the creature is mobile, Link will not be able to see it's back side, so the creature must be paralized with a Deku Nut, and then attacked in the tail. After the tail has been hit five times, it will disintigrate into nothingness. The Floray Spirit then appears and congradulates Link for defeating the Demon, and rewards him with two more heart pieces, giving him the four he needs to increase his max health energy to 4. The Floray Spirit then tells Link more of the story that the Forest Spirit told him.

     The Dark World was a very dark place, as it's name suggests. Here,
     one of the spirits, the Spirit King, was quickly changed by the dark
     energy, causing him to become the Phantom Prophet. Once the rest of the
     spirits had changed into Prophets, the Phantom Prophet ordered the
     construction of an empire that would hail him. This great empire, known
     as the Prophet Kingdom, has never been seen by any mortal, it has only
     been passed down from generation to generation.

The Floray Spirit tells Link that there is more to the story, but she doesn't know the rest. Link walks out of the forest and finds himself in a plateau area that is home to the Lokahyro Towers, which surpass the Deep Pits. Link walks up to the first towers and enters it, not knowing the dangers that lay inside.

The First Tower

Inside the first tower, Link finds many new enemies including Demon Hands and Demonions. He defeats many enemies in the central room before finding the key to the corridor on the left. He heads down this hallway and finds a room with moving platforms, and a solid platform on the other side. Once Link gets to the other side, he find the map to the first tower and a button. When he hits the button, the moving platforms arrange themselves on the right side of the walls in a stair-case shape. Link has 30 seconds to climb the stairs and reach the second floor. Once this is accomplished, he has an option. Go to the left, which results in creating a shortcut staircase to the main room, or go right, which leads deeper into the towers. On the right, Link will eventually find the Hyper Slingshot, which comes with 30 Deku Seeds. The slingshot can be used to take out the Eye of Horus in the room and move on into the staircase to the third floor. On the third floor, Link finds another Eye of Horus, but this one is protected by a barrier.

In order to make the barrier disappear, Link should finds the key in the room and use it to open the right door on the main room of the first floor. If he goes in this door, he can go to sublevel 1, where he has to defeat three Deku Scrubs to make the staircase disappear. Once he goes down to sublevel 2, he can hit a button which makes the barrier go away from the Eye of Horus. He also finds the Map to the first tower in this room. Link heads back up to the third floor and hits the Eye of Horus to advance

On the fourth floor, Link has to defeat three Deku Scrubs, which makes a button appear. If Link hits the button, this will change the staircase on the second floor to being on the left side. Link should go back down and climb the left staircase. If he wants to go back, he can just hit the button to switch the staircase. The left staircase leads to the inside of the wall, which is really just a staircase up to the fifth floor.

Dekurion, the King of the Deku Scrubs

On the fifth floor, Link has to push and pull and the blocks so that they are covering only the blue spaces. Once this is done, the door to a staircase to the roof in opened up. Link also recieves the compass when this is done. Once on the roof, Link faces the mini-boss Dekurion. To defeat Dekurion, Link has to attack it normally twice, and then for the third and fourth hits, he has to stun it with a Deku Nut and then hit it with either a Deku Stick or a Deku Seed. Once he is defeated, Link is rewarded with three Recovery Hearts. He can know hit a button with makes a platofmr extend from the side of the tower to a floating platform where the bridge across the Deep Pits is. Link goes across the bridge and arrives on the roof of the second tower.

The Second Tower

To enter the second tower, Link must defeat the two Deku Scrubs on the roof, which makes the door to the fifth floor appear. On the fifth floor, Link has to take out the Eye of Horus, which opens to door to the fourth floor. On the fourth floor, Link has to arrange the block up against the wall and hit the switch, which makes the blocks arrange into a staircase down to the third floor. Here, Link has to defeat three Deku Scrubs and head down to the second floor. On the second floor, Link has to defeat all the enemies, and then an additional Deku Scrub will appear. Link has to defeat this in order to get the map, as well as information on how to get into the main room on the first floor. The Deku Scrub tells him that he has to take out the Eye of Horuses in the next room in this order: Bronze, Slver, Gold, Platinum.

Once the Eyes have been taken out, Link recieves the key to get into the main room. In the main room, Link must go outside and find the key, which is used to open the left corridor in the main room. Down this corridor, Link finds the staircase to sublevel 1. Here he finds some enemies and defeats them, making an old man appear. The old man stars talking to Link in gibberish that he can't understand. After throwing a Deku Nut at him, the man reveals that he is Mr. Lokahyro, the desinger of the towers. He starts talking to Link about Ocarinas, at which point he gives Link to Spirit Ocarina. He also teaches Link the Song of the Wise Old Men (A < > A < >), which is reckognized only by a group known as the Wise Old Men, as which he is a part of. He then goes on to say how the monster in the floor below them locked him in the tower so he couldn't help Link. He tells Link to go defeat the monster.

The Shade Smelter

Link goes down onto the floor below him and finds the monster. The monster is called the Lokahyro Guardian: Shade Smelter. To defeat it, Link must climb the staircases along the walls of the circular room and hit the monster's headcap with a Deku Seeds five times. The monster's most dangerous attack it the Wall Slap, can move the staircases up, making it so Link can't get off the staircase without hurting himself, or down, which makes it so he can't reach the demon's head. The Wall Slap can also completely destroy the staircases temporarily. After defeating the monster, it disappears into nothingness and Link is rewared with a Heart Container, which increases his max health to 5. Link should walk on the blue glowing area, which teleports him to outside the second tower.

Outside the second tower, Link finds Mr. Lokahyro, who congradulates him for defeating the monster. He then tells Link more of the story, this time about the great hero.

     As for the great hero, everyone knew of him, the children, the old 
     men, especially the women. For those who have yet to walk this world, he 
     will still be known to them, as the Great Hero, or The One Who Banished 
     the Prophets. As for how he defeated the Prophets, most people say it was 
     luck, but ask him, and he says it was with the power of the Sword of the
     Ancients. Only the chosen one will find out who is correct.

He concludes by saying that his friend who roams the Fields of Time, Mr. Doloro, knows more of the story. He tells him that Mr. Doloro is also a member of the Wise Old Men, and the co-designer of Hyrule Castle. The last thing he says it that he should go to the Field of Time and find his friend. Then, with a flash, he is gone. Link then goes into the fields of time, and continues his adventure.

Chapter 2: Helathy, Wealthy, and WiseEdit

The Fields of Time

Once in the Fields of Time, Link finds many easy enemies to defeat and an extremely simple navigation structure. Once it becomes night time, the enemies become harder to defeat. In the day time, Link encounter, Shellshots, Fliks, and Buzzabis, but at night, he encounter Flotos, Skiks, and Achaises. Link heads to the area of the Fields of Time that glows red, this individual field being called the Field of Flames. He should cross the field of flames only after purshasing a Fiery Tunic from the man standing outisde. The Tunic costs 150 rupees (at the start of the game, Link can carry 250 rupees...). By wearing the Fiery Tunic, Link can survive in the Field of Flames.

The Field of Flames

Once on the Field of Flames, Link finds himself scorching hot, surrounded by enemies such as Firots and Polindrums. In order to clear the path in the first room across the first lava river, Link must throw one of the nearby water buckets into the river, which will make the lava cool, forming a path. This has to repeating a few times throughout the course of the field, but there are no real puzzles. Once Link reaches a downhill section, he must find a key that unlocks the door to the Fire Shrine at the bottom of the hill. At the base of the hill, Link finds a final lava river before entering the Shrine.

The Fire Shrine

Inside the Fire Shrine, Link minds several locked doors, but no keys in sight. There are no doors he can go in. He walks to the center of the room and finds a man, who tells Link his name is Mr. Doloro and that he knew he was coming because Mr. Lokahyro told him so. He tells Link that the area the Shrine he is in has long since been sealed shortly after thr Great Hero passed. Mr. Doloro tells him that he should go to the House of the Wise Old Men to defeat the beast that is hauting them instead. He tells Link to play the song that Mr. Lokayhro tought him at the front of the house, which will open the door.

Inside the House of the Wise Old Men

After going back across the Field of Flames and the Fields of Time, Link reaches the House of the Wise Old Men. He plays the song which grants him access to the house. In the first room of the house, Link finds a courtyard room with vines on the walls that resembles the first room in the Forest Temple from Ocarina of Time. Link should limb the left wall to get up to the ledge and take out the Eye of Horus on the front wall away from the entrance. He should then repeat this with the right side, which opens the door into the next room. This room is a long and wide hallway with some enemies such as Skulltulas and Sniferouses. There is no puzzle in this room, only enemies. In the third room, Link finds a circular well lit up room with a man standing right by the door that he walked in. If he talks to this man, he will ask Link kindly to leave his house. After playing the Song of the Wise Old Men, the man man revelas himslef to be. Mr. Santino, the other co-designer of Hyrule Castle. He lets Link continue on in the house by giving him a key, the only way to go into the next room. The door that Link should open is the one on the left. The right one has no lock, but something is blocking it. The center door has something else surrounding it, with a iron bars in front of the door as well.

In the first room on the left, Link finds some enemies and a staircase on either side of the room. The left side has a Deku Baba at the top, which when destroyed rewards Link with 10 Deku Nuts. The right side has a locked door. Link heads down the original hallway in this room and get to the second room on the left. This is a circular room with a door on the other side. As Link walks into the room, the doors are closed by iron bars and Link is forced to battle two of the dungeons mini-bosses, the Scalofers. After defeating each Scalofers, the doors open up and Link continues on into the next room. In this room, Link finds the first real puzzle. He must push and pull blocks and then hit the switch so that the water that flows in from the next room doesn't wash away any of the blocks. After the water stops, Link must push the blocks against the opened wall in order to form a new wall. Link hits the switch again which makes the blocks break part of the opposite wall as the water flows in. After the water has stopped, Link should go in the newly formed door.

In this room, Links finds some enemies and a torch. Link should light a Deku Stick on fire and use it to light the other two torches in the room on fire. This creates a staircase onto the second floor. On the second floor, Link heads into the only unlocked door and finds a long room which heads back to the second floor section of the room with Mr. Santino. Link heads across the bridge and gets to the other side of the second floor. If he heads right, Link will battle another Scalofers and be rewarded with the dungeon map. If he goes left, Link will find a hallway with a bunch of enemies and an Eye of Horus at the end. He should not his the Eyes or Horus yet, but instead enter the door and head down the empty hallway. On the other side of that hallway, he finds another Scalofers and by defeating is, is rewarded with the Bomb Glove, which allows him to hold bombs. He also gets a Bomb Sack which allows him to carry bombs. Using this, he should go back into the room with the Eye of Horus and hit it with the Slingshot. This change the corridor in the next room so that instead of heading to the room with the Bomb Glove and Sack, it heads to a room with a key. Link now has an option.

His first option is to go back to the room on the first floor that has the barrier and use a bomb to blow it up. Inside this room, Link finds a long corridor with a few enemies in it. In the next room, Link finds a puzzle. First, he must climb to the top of the room using the staircase. Then, he has to send a bomb down to the first floor by dropping is down a hole to an unaccesible section of that floor. Link goes in the unaccesible section and finds a switch. He has to hit the switch, and them climb up to the top of the room and hit the switch that appears on the ceiling within 30 seconds or the other switch will deactivate and the switch that Link has to hit will disappear. Once both switches are down, the door to the next room opens. In this room, Link finds a twisted corridor that leads to a room where he stand on the ceiling. He must destroy the three Deku Scrubs, which will makes a switch appear back in the other room before the twisted corridor. Hitting this switch shifts the corridor so Link can walk on the ground in the room that has the Deku Scrubs. Here, Link finds a key and an unlocked door. He goes in this room and finds a simple puzzle. Link must pull the lone block into the divet so he can climb up and hit the switch, which makes the compass appear. It also makes the other door in the room with the bomb and switch puzzle open up. In this room, Link hits a switch, which does nothing for the moment.

His second option is to go to the unlocked door on the second floor and use the key there. In that room he finds a long corridor with several enemies. Every 30 seconds the corridor shift 90 degrees to the right, but from Link's point of view he is still on the floor. The door at the other end only opens if Link is rightside up or upside down, not if he is sideways. If he is rightside up, then he will open the door and find the final mini-boss for the dungeon, two more Scalofers. This rewards him with a key. If he goes when he is upside down, he will find the top of the boss room which has a lcoked door on the other side as the entrance. In that door, Link finds another switch, which when activated will only make the iron bars in front of the door on the first room deactivate if Link has also hit the other switch.

Once inside the final door in the well-lit room, Link finds a member of the Wise Old Men. He plays the Song of the Wise Old Men, but the man does not react. Wondering why, Link goes up to the third floor and finds a fiery section of the house, which according to Mr. Santino, was meant only for the eyes of the Wise Old Men.

The Third, Fiery Floor

In the fiery section, Link has to complete a somewhat complex puzzle. In order to activate the puzzle, Link must go into the room on the left, which leads down a long fiery corridor. Here, he finds a timed switch that activates raised platforms. Link should hop across the platforms to get to the other side, before time runs out. He must open this door, which leads into a oddly shaped room. Here, Link must make it to the other side but hitting the switch, which cools the lava temporarily. The lava still flows, but it is now cool enough to walk on. Link has two options to go to. He can go to the right, which leads to a staircase to the fourth floor. On the other side of the staircase, Link can go into the fourth floor section of the first fire room, Link finds himself on a small ledge. Here, he finds some enemies. When he defeats the enemies, a key appears. Link should go back down the stairs and go the other direction in the room with the cooled lava. Here, he finds a narrow room with some enemies. When Link is halfway through the room, a fiery boulder will drop down and start to roll towards him. Link has to make it to the other side of the room to escape the boulder. Here, Link has to defeat several enemies, which makes a switch appear that he cannot hit.

Link should go back into the room with a fiery boulder. He notices that it has crashed into the wall and been turned into a staircase. He goes up the small staircase and enters the door, which is in the room with the unhittable switch. Hitting this switch opens the door on the other side of this room, but still on the ledge. Link has to carefully walk on the ledge around the room and go through the door in time. In this room, Link finds some enemies. When the enemies are defeated, Link is rewarded with the Boomerang. With the Boomerang, Link should go back to the staircase on the other side of the cooling lava room and go onto the ledge on the fourth floor, in the first fiery room. He can use the Boomerang to hit the switch hanging in the center of the room. This makes a door open in the main room on the third floor. Link can fall down without taking damage.

In the newly opened door, Link finds some enemies as well as more lava. He also finds movign rock platforms. On each platform is a switch, except for one platform. Link should make his way to this platform and take out the Eye of Horus in front of the door. This makes numbers appear on each switch. Link has to hit the switches in the order of the numbers, 1-6, and then hit the switch that appears on the seventh, formarly empty platform. This makes the door open. Link should defeat the enemies in the next room and be rewarded with a key. He can take the staircase at the other end of this room to go up to the fourth floor. Here, Link finds a long ledge in the first fiery room. He should go to the right and hit the hanging switch here, and then hit the hanging switch from the left as well.

Remember the Deaf Man?

Now comes the tricky part. Link should fall down and go back into the well-lit room with the man who didn't respond. Link should play the song of the Wise Old Men, which will make Mr. Santino run into the room. Mr. Santino will tell Link that Mr. Yaito is deaf. Mr. Yaito starts talking to Link, telling him that he used to be able to hear. Mr. Santino tells Link that Mr. Yaito can still see, but he chooses to ignore anyone who cannot prove that they are a member of the Wise Old Men. Mr. Yaito says since Link was able to figure out that the puzzle was unsolvable without some help, he will help him. He snaps his fingers and a ladder appears in the first fiery room onto the ledge that allows Link to hit the fourth side of the hanging switch. The conversation ends, and Links goes back into the first fiery room, climbs the ladder, and hits the switch, creating a staircase into a seperate section of the fourth floor.

The Ancient Fire Golem

After climbing the staircase, Link makes it to a long narrow room on the fourth floor. He should walk to the end of this room and take out the Eye of Horus, opening the door. The next room is circular. Link must jump on the platofmrs quickly so they don't collapse, making him fall in the lava. When he gets to the other side, Link should save.

The next room is home to the Fire Golem. When Link first walks inside, he finds the room to be a long circular track with a larger circular platform in the middle. A lava river seperates the two pieces of land, and four bridges at each side connect the two. Once Link walks into the center of the circular platform, the Ancient Monster: Fire Golem appears.

In order to defeat the beast, Link must go back to the outside platform and target the golem. He should shield in front of a bridge and wait. If the golem spits fire, he should get out of the way. If he spits a rock, Link should stay. The rock will be deflected and it will hit the Fire Golem in it's weak spot, it's head. After this has been done two more time, the Golem will jump onto outside platform and start chasing Link. Link should go into the circular platform and target. When the golem tries to jump on Link, he should throw a Deku Seed at it's head, knocking it off balance. He should then hit the head with an arrow to damage it. Once this has been completed four more times, Link is rewarded with Heart Container, which increases his max health to 6. He should step on the blue platform which takes him to outside the house.

Outside the house, he is greated by Mr. Doloro, Mr. Santino, Mr. Yaito, and Mr. Lokahyro. Mr Yaito tells Link more of the story.

     The fire spirit was one of the evil spirits. Named Pyra, the spirit
     constantly battled the Earth spirit, Terra. Eventually, along with her
     fellow Prophets, Pyra was banished into the Dark World. She rose up the
     ranks and eventually, along with her brother, Cryo, became one of the most
     feared prophets, even to other prophets.

After he has finished telling Link the story, Mr. Santino tells Link that he must find their fifth member, who went missing in the Ice Shrine. Link agrees and heads off on another quest.

Chapter 3: Fire, Ice, and Stormy WeatherEdit

Back on the Fields of Time

Link heads back across the Fields of Time. The field remains unchanged from before. Link heads over to the Field of Ice, on the exact opposite side as the Field of Flames. He enters the Field of Ice.

The Field of Ice

On the Field of Ice, Link finds similar puzzles to those on the Field of Flames. Link must find Blue Fire and use it to melt red ice and open pathways. Link must repeat this a few times until he reaches a frozen lake. On the frozen lake, Link must find the key and use it to open the door to the shack on the lake edge. Inside, he talks to a man who tells him that the only way to get to the Ice Shrine at the bottom of the lake is to melt the ice and then drain the water. He tells Link to go into the basement and follow the pathway to an underground hallway that leads to the lake. Link finds a carved out section of the frozen lake. At the end of the carved out section, Link finds Blue Fire, which he must use to melt the Red Ice at the side of the carved out section. This starts a chain of melting, and soon the whole lake is melted. The water rushes through the whole in which Link entered in and flood the shack's basement. Link wakes up just ouside the man's house. Link can go down into the basement and swim through the newly made opening in order to find a Great Fairy. This fairy will give him the Super Spin attack, which costs 1 MP. It is executed by brining your sword back to charge and then slashing your sword forward.

Back outside, Link finds an empty lake. He can go down to the bottom and enter the Ice Shrine.

The Ice Shrine

Inside the Ice Shrine, Link finds only one accesible room. In the center of this room, Link finds some footprints black footprints. He should follow the footprints which lead him out of the Shrine and back across the Field of Ice and the Fields of Time. The footprints lead him all the way to Rylio Mountain. At the base of the mountain, Link finds Mr. Goluron, who tells Link that the only way to save the world is to defeat every single Prophet. He tells Link that the Ice Prophet, Cryo, has captured the Wind Spirit, Aero, is keeping him in the dreaded Blizzard Volcano, which can be found at the top of the Mountain. Before going up the mountain, Mr. Goluron teaches Link a new song, the Song of Friends (^ < ^ > ^ ^), which allows him to talk to anyone important that he has met so far. If he plays the song know, he will be able to talk to any member of the Wise Old Men.

Climbing Rylio Mountain

After learning the song, Link begins to head up the mountain. Although the peak is not that high, the path winds back and forth, so the area is long. Link finds enemies such as Burning Hoppers here, but there are no puzzles. Halfway up the mountain, Link finds a split path. To the right is a few enemies and a chest with a bottle inside of it. The left is the path that heads higher up the mountain. After climbing a bit more, Link makes it to the summit. He should play the Song of Friends and talk to Mr. Goluron, who tells him to shoot an arrow at the pile of rocks on top of an overhang, which will makes the rocks falls and build a stairway to the entrance.

The Blizordos

In the first room of the Volcano, Link finds a bunch of creatures running around. Only one of the creatures will talk to link, the one in the far left corner of the room. He is the leader of the Blizordos, the creatures who live in the Volcano. He says that ever since their leader Cryo turned evil and captured Aero, the Blizordos have had to complete extremely challenging work to get by. The leader, named King Blizo, tells Link that his people will help Link if he finds three items that will help them for years to come. Lastly, he tells Link that the items are a Food Basket, the Water Vial, and the Cornucopia of Life, and that they are all located in the first and second floors of the Volcano (Link starts on the first floor).

The Food Basket

To find the Food Basket, Link must first climbs the stairs to the right of King Blizo. This takes him up to the second floor. Here Link finds some enemies such as Freezis and Flowayohs. At the top of the staircase Link finds a ledge that circles around the room. He should go to the other side and open the door. Inside he finds a circular room with ice in the middle. He has to destroy all the Freezis and avoid the Haunted Jars to make the Key to the next room appear. Inside this room, Link finds the Food Basket and some Haunted Jars.

The Water Vial

The Water Vial is also located on the second floor. Link needs to go back to the ledge in the first room and continue around the ledge to the section that he couldn't go to in the other direction. He should open this door and destroy all the Flowayohs on the other side. Here he encounters a new enemy called a Magnux. He should destroy this and head into the next room. Here, Link must first fill the room with water by hitting the switch on the floor. Then, he must swim out of the water and hit the switch which freezes the water so Link can walk across it and enter the door to the next room. Inside this room, Link finds the Water Vial.

The Cornucopia of Life

Unline the first two, the Cornucopia of Life is on the first floor, but to find it Link must get a key on the second floor. He should go in the room behind the one with the Water Vial and defeat all three Magnuces. This will make the key appear. He should go back to the first floor and enter the door in the far right corner from the entrance to the Volcano. On the other side of this door, Link finds some Freezis and a Magnux. He should go to the end of this room and take out the Eye of Horus, opening the door to the next room. Link should defeat both Flowayohs in this room and then push both blocks so they are covering both pressure platforms, which will open the door into the next room. Inside this room, Link finds the Cornucopia of Life.

Now that he has all three of the items, Link should go back to King Blizo and give him the items. He will reward Link by opening the path deeper into the Volcano.

The Fiery Freezer

Now that he is on B1, Link comes to a slightly cooler yet slightly hotter section. The farther he goes down the more dramatic the difference between the hot and the cold. In this room, Link finds ice crystals hanging from the cieling and lava flows on the ground. Link should use the technique he learned in the Field of Flames and poor water on the laval to solidify it. He should then let the ice crystals fall, shattering the lava. In the small crevass, Link finds a chest with a key, and a few Ice Holits, a new enemy. He should use the key to open the door into the next room. Here Links finds some Flowayohs and Magnuces, as well as a staircase. He should climb to the top of the staircase and hit the switch on the far side of this room, creating a platform. He should go down and cross the platform and then turn around and hit the switch on the front of the staircase, which makes it shift to the other side of the room, allowing Link to go up back to the first floor and inside the wall where the staircase originally was.

Back on the first floor, Link finds a room with some Magnuces and Haunted Tiles. He should go to the end of this U-turn room and be in a room that is very nere the beginning room. In this room, Link finds some Flowayohs and some Ice Holits. After defeating all of them, a chest with the Map appears. A switch also appears, creating a pathway back into the first room. Link should go back to the room with the moving staircase and go down this corridor. At the end of the room he finds a Big Skulltula. He should destroy the Skulltula and go into a next room, a giant staircase heading deeper into the Volcano. At the bottom of the staircase is a room with a lit torch and four unlit torches in each corner. Link should use a Deku Stick to light the torches and open the door.

The second basement floor is much larger than any previous floor. The first room that Link walks into is the main room of the dungeon. Here Link will complete the main tasks. He should go to the center of this large room and destroy the Ice Holits. He should then hit the arrow target that is directly above the center of the room. Hitting this will open the first door, which is in the left front corner of the room, based on where Link entered the room.

On the other side of the door, Link finds a tall structure that goes almost to the top of the moutain. Link should begin climbing the structure, which is a tower with a path on the outside of it. Link walks up the platform, which circles upwards around the tower, until he makes it to a side ledge platform connected to the wall. Here, Link should defeat the Magnux and turn around so he is facing the tower. He should hit the target so the tower is lowered, allowing Link to climb higher. He should continue climbing until he makes it to the next ledge and repeat this step. This time, the tower is raised. Instead of climbing around the outside of the tower, Link finds himself on the inside of the tower. The door locks behind him and he has to fight the dungeon's first mini-boss, the Skull Crusher.

Skull Crusher

In order to defeat the Skull Crusher, Link must get its spikes stuck in the wall and attack its back. When the Crusher charges, Link should avoid this attack and hit the Crusher in the back. After he has been hit a few times, the door will open and Link can climb up the inside of this tower.

The platform to start climbing in located on the right of the room where Skull Crusher was faught. Link should stand on this platform until it reaches a ledge, which he should get onto to. He should go along this ledge and climb up the wall on the other side of platform that took him up to this ledge. At the top of the climbing, Link finds himself at the top of the tower. Here, he can hit the switch which opens the door into the next room.

Inside this room, Links finds some Freezis and Flowayohs, but no puzzle. Once all the enemies are defeated, a chest appears with a key inside of it. Link shold go back to the main room and use the key to unlock the left door in the left back corner of the room. Inside this hallway, Links finds some Skulltulas and some Haunted Tiles. He should avoid the tiles to get to the end of the room. Here, Link finds four high columns and one semi-high column. He should stand on the semi-high column which activates a motion censor, causing the columns to move up and down. Using the moving columns, Link should can make it to the top ledge of this room and collect the key to open the door in this room...



  • Yonder Village
  • Bleek Woods
  • Bakoro Desert
  • Floray Forest
  • Lokahyro Towers (present-day dungeon)
    • Deep Pits (past location, can be seen but not traveled to in the present)
  • Fields of Time
  • Field of Flames
  • Fire Shrine (past dungeon)
  • House of the Wise Old Men (present-day dungeon)
  • Ice Field
  • Rylio Village
    • Rylio Tombs (optional present-day dungeon)
  • Rylio Mountain
  • Ice Shrine (past dungeon)
  • Blizzard Volcano (present-day dungeon)
  • Market
  • Hyrule Castle
    • Courtyard
    • Sewers
  • Hyrule Caverns (present-day dungeon)
  • Time Shrine (present-day and past dungeon, mostly past)
  • Dino Town (past, destroyed by the present)
    • Dino Ruins (optional past dungeon)


  • Hyrule Castle (originally, eventually taken over)
    • Courtyard
    • Sewers
  • Field of Shadows (replaces the Fields of Time)
  • Field of Earth (replaces the Field of Flames)
  • Field of Air (replaces the Field of Ice)
  • Earth Shrine (dungeon)
  • Air Shrine (dungeon)
  • Phantom's Realm
    • Phantom City
    • Woods Shrine
  • Moro Cliffs
  • The Prison of Thallo (dungeon)
  • Prisola Jungle
  • The Prison of Carpo (dungeon)
  • Ancient Road
  • Ancient Armory
  • The Prison of Auxo (dungeon)
  • Phantom Castle (Hyrule Castle taken over upon Link finding the sixth key; mini-dungeon; no boss)
  • Phantom Shrine (dungeon)
  • Sacred Shrine (final dungeon)
  • Shadow Shrine (optional dungeon)
  • Celestial Shrine (optional dungeon)
  • Shrine of Heroes (optional dungeon)


  • Lokahyro Towers (Shadow and Earth)
  • House of the Wise Old Men (Forest and Fire)
  • Blizzard Volcano (Fire and Water)
  • Hyrule Caverns (Shadow and Earth)
  • Rylio Tombs (Shadow and Fire)
  • Fire Shrine (Fire)
  • Ice Shrine (Ice)
  • Time Shrine (Time and Spiritual)
  • Dino Ruins (Shadow and Spiritual)
  • Earth Shrine (Shadow and Earth)
  • Air Shrine (Light and Air)
  • Woods Shrine (Forest and Spiritual)
  • The Prison of Thallo (Shadow, Time, and Spiritual)
  • The Prison of Carpo (Water and Spiritual)
  • The Prison of Auxo (Shadow, Fire, Electric, and Spiritual)
  • Phantom Castle (mini-dungeon; Shadow and Spiritual)
  • Phantom Shrine (Shadow, Fire, Earth, Electric, and Spiritual)
  • Sacred Shrine (Light, Water, Air, and Spiritual)
  • Shadow Shrine (Shadow)
  • Celestial Shrine (Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Ice, and Spiritual)
  • Shrine of Heroes (Shadow, Light, and Spiritual)


  • Link
  • Princess Zelda
  • Ganondorf
  • Phantom Prophet


  • Recovery Heart (recovers 1 Hearts once collected)
  • Recovery Potion (recovers all Hearts when used)
  • Magic Potion (recovers 3 units when collected)
  • Deku Stick (used as a weapon)
  • Deku Nut (used to stun enemies)
  • Deku Seeds (used with slingshots)


  • Sword of the Forest
  • Shield of the Forest
  • Hyper Slingshot


  • Lokahyro Guardian: Shade Smelter (Lokahyro Towers)
  • Ancient Weapon: Fire Golem (House of the Wise Old Men)


  • Dekurion (Lokahyro Towers)
  • Scalofers (House of the Wise Old Men)


  • Thallo, Carpo, and Auxo's names come from the three most common Horae in Greek mythology, however in the myths, they were goddesses. In the game, they are men.

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