The Legend of Zelda: Mystic Beginnings tells the reboot of the franchise and it tells the first Link half to find the Auora of Triforce with the Mystic Eye in order to stop the malovent Ganondorf and resuce the fallen Princess Zelda.


The reboot story first tells a young teen named Link as he embarks on his destiny. He meets Ado, a bounty hunter who befriends him, and the two set forth to find the mysterious Mystic Eye where it holds powers he need to find the Auroa of Triforce, the only force that can lead him to the Master Sword. In an attempt to find the sword, he uncovers a sinister plot between Hyrulian figure, Lord Bardgen, and the criminal Ganondorf. Link discovers Princess Zelda is in the middle of their devious plan and must use the powers he see fit to stop them and rescue the princess. However, Link will uncover more about the Triforce and the Mystic Eye.


(p) playable

  • Link (p)
  • Ado (p)
  • Princess Zelda (p)
  • Ganondorf
  • Bardgen
  • King of Hyrule
  • Epona the horse
  • Boss Battles:
    • Zephyriua
    • Alphadon
    • Calmarius
    • Mal Ligant
    • Doomsday
    • Eradiacu
    • Incus
    • Hoptis
    • Shadow Link

Mystic EyeEdit

Like the Orcania and the Wind Waker, the Mystic Eye is a piece of item that is central to the protagoinist's story. The eye's story can be told when it is believed the father of the goddesses who made the triforce left them his eye. The eye itself can cast spells from altering time to stopping time to even rewinding time; other spells can activate shields and other defensive powers.

Auora of TriforceEdit

The Auora of Triforce is a energy force that can be only found by the mystic eye. With a unique spell cast, the protagonist can use the auroa to heal his magic or fuel the Master Sword. The auora is the only way to activate the Master Sword.


  • Hyrule
    • Kirocuou Hills
    • Forest Temple
    • Zudqous
      • Water Temple
    • Fire Temple
    • Wind Temple
    • Shadow Realm
    • Light Temple
    • Hyrule Castle
      • Underground Temple
      • The Triforce Room
      • Courtyard

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