This is a Fan-Fiction/Serial by SuicuneRider14. It is divided by parts, divided by chapters.

Part 1: Birth of a HeroEdit

Chapter 1Edit

At first, he thought there was a roar. In the middle of the night, a young boy, Link, heard loud booms in the distance. In his nightshirt and nightcap, he took a candle, a flint, and an iron brace, and left his home, sneaking by his sleeping parents.

"Zelda. We must go now. Ganon or your father will find us at any moment" Link heard a voice in the distance. He took the lighter and fuel and made a small fire. He saw at his feet, a small, scared, feral kitten, alone and hungry. Pitying it, Link took her with him. Crack. Trying to be unnoticed, Link stepped on a branch.

What he found next was a knife, pointed directly at his forehead.

Part 2Edit

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