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12.shiekah in the shadows Edit

it is now possible to get Epona (and later required). I will make a separate chapter for Epona after the game is finished.
link arrives in Karkariko village. the people are nowhere to be seen. the sky is dark and only one person is outside. Shask is standing in front of the well. he has a knife in his hand. ready for anyone or anything that comes out.
link runs over to him. "Knockall has done this" says Shask his back to link. "he has resurrected a beast that should be in eternal slumber. I was able to keep it at bay for the last couple of years but a few hours ago something changed. Knockall has done something. the shadow is stronger now. I must go in and destroy it once and for all." Shask turns to face link. "also the king is worried about some-" a large shadow rises from the well and attacks Shask. Shask raises his arm and strikes the shadow in the head. the shadow curls around the blade and begins to swarm around Shask.
"link!" says Shask. I need your help but it would be foolish to follow me now. you need to be able to see the truth. go to the gate of the desert and upstream from there you will find a cave. inside it is the Shiekah’s treasures. the one you need will allow you to see through deception and cure the blindness of invisibility."
the shadow completely surrounds Shask and he disappears. the shadow retreats into the well leaving only one thing on the ground where Shask was.
the player gains control of link again. the object is obtainable. it is the harp of Shiekah’s. this is an upgrade to the royal recorder (I will explain upgrades later).
link can now enter the temple below the well by using iron boots but that would be as Shask said foolish. so the mini dungeon Shiekah’s treasure hold is the next destination.

the gate to the Gerudo desert is located in the south of Hyrule. it is locked and unenterable (I'm pretty sure that’s a word). to the left (coming from Hyrule) is the cave of Shiekah’s treasures. there are two bridges leading towards the gate both of them crossing a large gorge. the ledge leading to the cave is on the forth side. the ledge is annoyingly long and if the player falls off it is even longer to get back up.
the cave is sealed and only by playing the Hyrule past on the Shiekah’s harp can it open.
the cave has few enemies in it. the first of four rooms has a lot of poes. the second room has five dark chu chu's which can only be killed by luring them into the light beam in the centre of the room. the final room has six redeads all of which have to be defeated to gain entrance to the forth room which has no enemies. just treasures. only one is obtainable. the lenses of truth. this does just as Shask said. what he failed to mention is that it drains magic and the less magic link has the harder it is to see with it.
link leaves and heads back to Karkariko village.
the dungeon below the well consists of skulltulas, redeads, blue bubbles, kesse, stalfols, floor masters, wall masters and those things in the well shadow temple in ocarina of time I forget their name (they attack with hands coming out of the ground). many enemies are invisible.
guarding the weapon (well it’s not really a weapon) is one of those things I cant remember the name of with some redeads in the same room. the weapon is the Pegasus boots. they increase link’s speed just as much as the bunny hood in Majora’s mask but decrease his grip like hover boots in ocarina of time. when link is running with them on he will hover over small gaps (just like the hover boots as well).
guarding the bosses key is... well a room with rocks falling from above, redeads hindering movement and invisible holes.
the bosses of the temple. it might look as if I’m getting lazy but that is not the case. I do have a design for a boss of this temple but it’s not that good and it resembles bongo bongo and I don’t want people telling me that my game is just a newer version of ocarina of time.



anyway link strike the final blow and a portal appears.
link steps into it and appears in the temple of sages. Shask is already waiting and there is one less ghost. (only two ghosts remain).
he speaks "thank you link. you have allowed me to regain my true power. I have seen the world and I discovered why the shadow gained power. Knockall is searching for something. if he finds it we will all be destroyed. the king was worried about something when I left. one of the remaining sages is the royal sage. the leader of the other six. the king believed it was him so he traveled to the temple beneath old Hyrule castle. noting happened. he called Rauru but I had to leave before I hared what Rauru had to say. I know what the king fears. that Zelda is the sage of royalty. enough talk. I must now bestow my power onto you."
Shask raises his arms and the medallion falls from above. it stops between Shask’s arms and glows with purple energy. it shoots towards link. (music) link got the medallion of balance. the shadows resemble the yin to every yang. the darkness to every light.
the screen goes white and Shask message appears "when you need me I will exit the temple"

link lands in front of the well. he turns to walk away but dark link is standing just meters from him. "You! I was expecting Knockall but killing you will be just as sweet."
"Why?" asks Dora. "what have we ever done to you?"
"silence fairy! this means I will have a harder time searching for Knockall then I thought. do you know he has returned? I don’t know how he managed to find a way out of the future with out fighting all of Hyrule castle but he did and now he's back. looks like I wont have to wait to at all to become the ruler of Hyrule for all time" dark link raises his sword. "but I’ve had quite enough of you!"
dark link charges at link. link raises his sword and shield. the screen flicks to looking at them from above. dark link seemingly runs right through link. link falls to the ground. the screen is now behind link dark link has his back to the well. "I actually thought that you'd put up a fight. it matters not. goodbye link"
dark link attacks but a shadow blasts him away and Shask emerges from the well. "I’m sick of you sages! stop getting in my way dammit!" dark link attacks Shask but Shask disappears and dark link falls in to the well a message appears across the screen as dark link falls "I’ll be back"
Shask bends down and inspects link. "you’re injured. it looks like shadow energy has entered your body. you must go to Hyrule castle. I will go on ahead and alert the guard that your are coming"
Shask walks away and the player gains control of link again. link is glowing black. the injured is draining strength. a quarter of a heart is taken from link automatically every five seconds.
if link stands on the tree stump in front of the well and plays the Hyrule past he will be warped to the great fairy of winds who will give link the hurricane sword spin.
link sets off towards Hyrule castle.

13.The Masters Sword Edit

link try’s to enter the castle but something is wrong. the guards have not been informed he was coming and throw him out when they see him. link sneaks past them and enters the castle. after sneaking past several guards the player will come to an armory. inside it is a huge guard who is heavily clad. it roars and attacks link with a spear in grabs off the wall. the spear rack falls and link is able to pick up the one standing vertically. (music) link got the imperial spear. it can be used in close range combat by tapping the button it is set to or thrown by holding the button and aiming. the spear can price the shells/amour of shelled/armored creatures.
the enemy is an impostor guard. they are quite tuff and this one is even harder because link health is still being drained. after the monster is dealt with a cut scene occurs. Shask enters the room. "link there you are.... who is this?" Shask walks over and inspects the guard. "he is not one of ours. I feared something like this would happen. monsters have been attacking Hyrule at the boarders of the land. we believe Knockall is behind it." Shask walks towards the door. "come. its time to see the king.

link enters the throne room. it lies just beyond the garden with the stone. Rauru and the king are waiting. Shask leaves links side and stands to the right of the king.
"we have a problem, link" says the king. "I am glad to see that you have already reawakened five sages since we last met but we have hit a dead end. Zelda is the royal sage and as you know she has been kidnapped. there is away though we needed you to-"
"wait sire" says Shask. "link is injured. I think Rauru should take a look at him."
the king looks at Rauru. "very well"
Rauru walks to links side and looks at him. "hmmm. this will cause trouble. I can remove the curse for now but you will need to protect yourself in the future." Rauru concentrates energy and a blast of light illuminates the room. after it subsides the glowing on link stops. "that will protect you for one day and one night. when the king is finished I will tell you what you must do to cure it completely.
"anyway" says the king. "my septer is an ancient relic which can communicate with other members of the royal family. unfortunately it has never been needed before so its power has been drained. I have searched the scribes of the castle and have learned of away to return power to it. the septer was given to the royal family by the Shiekah. two Shiekah brothers invented a song which can give energy to energy drained objects. unfortunately the Shiekah’s are long since wiped out. only Shask remains and he is not a descendent of the brothers. there tomb is located in the royal graveyard north in the of Hyrule. go there and visit there tomb. if we are luckily they will great you with kindness. if we are unluckily they will try to make you like themselves."
"what does that mean?" asks Dora confused.
"you will find out soon enough" says Shask.
Rauru steps forward. "link you are the hero of time. you do not fully understand the whispered legend but you are a hero who saved the world from a terrible evil. now you must find the blade that can repel evil itself. The Masters Sword. it once lay in the original temple of time but that has fallen to ruin decades ago. when the castle was being rebuilt, it was decided that the sword be moved to a safer place. we wanted it to stand on holy ground that had never been spoiled by war. it was not hard to make a descion. the master's sword lies some where in the Isador woods."
"the great Decku tree will know" says Dora "we should go and ask him"
"remember" announces the king "once you are finished getting the weapon you must go to the grave yard and learn the song from the composer brothers"
Shask walks over to link and grabs him. "stay true to yourself link” Rauru says. Shask throw down a Decku nut and with a blinding flash disappears.

link appears outside the gate again with Shask. "don’t take the kings eagerness to complete the quest to heart. it is hard for him. Zelda is his only air. he is under allot of stress. goodbye link"
Shask throws down a Decku nut and disappears leaving link and Dora alone on the field.
"you know what were doing" says Dora. "we must go back the Isador woods and find the masters sword otherwise that curse will return. after we've done that we need to learn a song from some Shiekah’s in the graveyard that lies in the north of Hyrule. once that’s done we return to Hyrule castle and awaken Zelda as a sage from there. after that we find the last sage and we go to the future where we beat Knockall and save the world. simple... eh?"
link nods and Dora fly’s into his hat. the player gains control of link again.

link arrives at the isador woods. he visits the great Decku tree and the cut scene occurs.
"so you have returned once again. what is it that you wish to know?"
"we need to know where the master sword is" says Dora.
"so it is time. the master sword is heavily protected. not by monsters but by trees. there are two songs you must learn in order to obtain it. they lie in water and stone."
"what does that mean?" asks Dora.
"lake Hylia and Hyrule castle town. they are where you can learn the songs. once you know both go to the isador woods and when there is no straight path make the plants hibernate"
"that doesn’t make much sense" says Dora.
"it will. now go quickly. time is drawing to a close"
link leaves the meadow and the player gains control of him outside the entrance to the path.

in castle town there is man playing a music box. take out the Shiekah’s harp and he will say "my song will sound fantastic on that!"
replay his song (>) (>) (V) (V) (^) (^) and you will learn the song of ages. this can cause buildings to fall to ruin and turn night to day and day to night.

in lake Hylia there is a pair of scarecrows. take out the Shiekah’s harp and one will say "I bet that makes a good sound. try this" he will some how compose 6 notes and by playing (>) (^) (A) (^) (>) (<) link will learn the song of seasons.

in the isador woods coming from Hyrule field and facing he village is a dead end. if link plays the song of seasons here the plants will retreat and disappear and link can enter a hidden part of the isador woods. it this part there is a huge clearing with a temple in the middle.
the temple is inaccessible from the outside but there is a carpet in front of is. link has to stand on this and play the song of ages to make the temple turn to ruins.
link can now enter the remains of the temple. at the far side a door still stands.
a heavy iron clad warrior is standing in front of the remaining door. it turns and looks at link and roars a battle cry. this is an iron knuckle obviously left here by Knockall.
there axe takes away five hearts on contact but link can deal with that (cant he? do you think I’m pushing it a bit by putting an iron knuckle here? maybe a dark nut would be better)
after the iron knuckle is dealt with a pillar appears in front of the door.
link must stand on it and play the song of time to open the door. a cut scene immediately occurs.
the camera shows the circular room from a far with link on the left and the master sword in the middle set into its pedestal. the screen zooms in on the handle of the sword and shows the Hylian engagement. Dora fly’s up to it and says "go on link. take it."
link slowly walls over to it and grips both hands on it. his left hand begins to glow again but it soon fades away. link lifts the sword up and yellow light explodes from the pedestal. Dora is sent flying away. the light has covered the spot where link was standing. the light swirls around and enters the sword in links hand.
link swings it and screams "heyaaa". he twirls the sword around and places it in its scabbard.
Dora flies to link's side and the both leave the temple.
(that’s the reason why the second dungeon was called the temple of light and not time. there is three temples that could be called the temple of time in this game. this one the second and one that is traveled too near the end of the game).

14.he does not fear the dead Edit

the player gains control of link again on Hyrule field.

the next destination is the royal graveyard. to get, in Epona is required (there is a fence blocking it) I already said I would explain how to get her in a bonus chapter after the main story.
there are three main graves at the back of the grave yard as well as some unmarked ones that could be pushed back. the one in the middle is the royal grave. the one on the left (as you come in) is the tomb of the Shiekah leaders and the one on the right is the tomb of Shiekah warriors.
the player must stand in front of the royal tomb and play the Hyrule past on the Hylian emblem (I know, it exactly like ocarina of time). this will open the royal tomb.
it is easy to enter just jump into the hole (I don’t think it would be good if the headstone blew off that’s disrespectful to the dead Hylians).
the sixth dungeon. the royal tomb.
this has enemies such as stalfols, kesse (again, there every where), dinolfos, redead, gidbos, poes, skulltulas, like like's and Garo (you remember them from Majora’s mask right)
the dungeon has many vines, spider webs, ice, water pools with high ledges, fire and torches.
guarding the weapon of the dungeon (well actually holding the weapon) is a Garo master. it fight's exactly like in Majora’s mask except one knife is composed of fire and the other of ice. when he dies he speaks to link about how they invaded the tomb of the Hylians before suffering their curse. he gives link the weapons he used then he blows himself up. the weapon(s) are the fire dagger and the ice knife. they are what they say. weapons that strike with fire or ice. they have a long strike range but eat away magic. they can have an effect on the surroundings and the description say "they can melt the coldest ice, freeze even fire, burn wood and solidify water."
guarding the bosses key is a large skulltula that can only be hurt with fire or ice.
the boss(es) of the dungeon is the composer brothers Sharp and Flat. when link enters the final room a cut scene occurs.
link steps on to one of five square pieces of ground in the room. a message comes across the screen. "look Flat. do you see?"
"yes Sharp. some one has entered the hall of our beloved kings."
"he is not of royal blood. I wonder what he wants. he he"
"he must be brave to walk among the dead"
"perhaps he does not fear us"
"ha! that is not the case"
sharp appears on link's left and flat appears on his right.
"let’s show him what happens to those who desecrates tombs!" says sharp.
"and we'll keep him to defend the tomb when were done" says flat.
they fly into the air.
"as one of us?"
"as one of us"
both of them laugh and the message appears





they battle using knifes and arrows. sharp uses the fire dagger and arrow while flat uses the ice knife and arrow.
the arrows make a pool of fire or ice if they don’t hit links shield. the knives deal a considerable amount of damage and will also freeze and burn link.
to beat them link must use the opposite knife to either hit back the arrows or parry the knife. they fly above link and only go near link to attack link with the knifes. they tend not to stay together and attack link from opposite sides. they do not have the same health bar and link must dispose of both of them to be victorious.
as always when the final blow is dealt the cut scene occurs.
both brothers fall on corresponding places.
"seems strong" says sharp.
"strong enough to be a hero" says flat.
"maybe he is"
"but why would he of come here?"
"if he does not want to hurt the remains of kings?"
"to learn a song" says Dora.
"a song"
"a song!"
"we have not composed in years"
"so caught up in protecting"
"and guarding"
"we have forgotten are true job"
"to compose"
they both take out composer sticks and direct the song of the sun to an invisible orchestra.
"that was great"
"the Melody of Darkness"
"or the Nocturne of Shadow"
"or the melody of darkness"
"hey!" says Dora "where still here!"
"quite sorry"
"sorry indeed"
"forgot you were there"
"just slipped the mind"
"you wanted to learn a song?"
"which one?"
"the one that can return power to mystical objects" says Dora.
"the song"
"of storms"
"a favorite of ours"
"one of our best I’d say"
"so with out further ado"
"we will begin"
they direct the song of storms to the invisible orchestra. link replays it and learns the song of time (music). this can summon a storm that can cause mystical things.
"now is there anything else we can do?" asks sharp.
"for you?" asks flat.
"or must you go"
"back above to where kings live"
"and ghosts do not"
"where light shines"
"and darkness cowers"
"or is that the case?"
"is it that not so"
"are shadows gone"
"or is all not as it should?" asks both at once.
"it’s important we go" says Dora. "it is not as it should be."
"is that so?" says sharp.
"we better let you go" says flat.
"to the world"
"above ours"
the blue light surrounds link.
"promise to visit us"
"once you have spread the light"
the screen goes white and link appears outside the royal tomb.
"man they were" annoying says Dora. "let’s never go near this place again."
link shakes his head and runs out of the graveyard. "hey where are you going? come back!"
(link can stand on the Hylian emblem and play the song of storms to transport him to the great fairy of power who gives link dins spark. its like dins fire only it doesn’t explode.)

15.The Legend Of Zelda Edit

the player gains control of link at the entrance to the grave yard.
the next destination Hyrule castle!

link enters the courtyard with ease this time since the guards have been warned of his journey.
the king is waiting for link. Shask and Rauru are there too. if talked to the king simply says "have you got it? good now play it".
link plays the song of storms and a storm appears in the sky. the king and two sages go out into the garden. link follows.
lightning flashes above before striking the king. the king holds up his septer and in generates energy.
"are you ready? link." asks Shask.
"we're going to bring you to the temple of sages. the king should be able to send Zelda to it from here too." say Rauru.
the blue light surrounds link and the screen flashes white.
noting can be seen for about ten seconds until link appears in the distance getting closer but not moving.
a blue light appears and with it Zelda.
she looks at link. "you. you’re the boy who was there when I was kidnapped. you’re the hero of time! you tried to save me I should have seen it before.
"sorry I have to explain. I was never normal. as a child I would sometimes dream of millions of iron clad warriors. other times the warriors would be swallowed by a cloud of darkness. I never knew what they meant but a year ago they intensified until I could never get to sleep with out dreaming of metal and darkness. when the iron clad warriors attacked my hand glowed and I was fully bestowed with the wisdom of the gods. I could understand the dreams and knew legends people did not. when Knockall captured me I did noting but dream. even now I sleep in his world. this time I dreamed of you and all that you have went through since the iron knuckles captured me.
"the sages have called you the hero of time before but you do not know why. the child didn’t just bring the evil man to justice and the man didn’t just try and take over Hyrule. he succeeded using the power of the gods. he used the Triforce itself to get what he wanted."
link's face become shocked indicating he knows about the Triforce.
"your parents would of told you about it.-(link sadly shakes his head) you are the descendent of the hero of time. the hero beat the evil force the man had become. the evil force that is known as Gannon.
"my descendent then sent yours back in time to prevent the fall of Hyrule from ever happening. the man was as you know trailed and killed. it is apparent that Knockall knows of these legends. he is searching for the two remaining Triforce pieces. he already has one under is control.... mine"
Zelda holds up here hand (I think it’s her right hand) and a golden triangle appears on it the bottom left shines brighter then the other two pieces. link looks at his own hand but it is bearing only a glove no shining triangle. "this is why he has returned from his future. to seek and find the other two. while you have been trying to contact me he has been searching. I sense he is close.
"there are three places in Hyrule other then the temple of time that can lead to the sacred realm where three temples are dedicated to the three goddesses of the Triforce.
"you will not get into knockall's future as easily as you think. the goddesses them selves have safe guarded this future. you will need their consent to get their. these three temples are what Knockall is searching for. he hopes to find the Triforce and conquer it flooding the land with his dominance forever."
Zelda steps closer to link. "time is drawing to a close. my power is draining. you will be unable to contact me again. there is so much I wish I could tell you but you need this."
Zelda pushes link away and he falls slightly. the white background disappears and is replaced by the blue back round of the temple of sages.
Zelda raises one of her hands (the one that does not bear the Triforce) and a medallion falls from above and stops inches from her finger tips. it is covered with pink light and flies into links open arms.
link got the medallion of leadership. this symbolizes the peace that will last in Hyrule as long as it’s ruled by good hatred people.
the screen goes white and Zelda’s final message appears "every one is counting on you, Link!"
link finds himself in the royal garden again.
"so she gave it to you?" asks the king. "the medallion? you only need one more now, right?"
"no" says Dora. "the sages aren’t enough. we're going to need the consent of the gods too"
the screen goes up to the stone and shows the Triforce at the top.

16.the last sage Edit

"Link" says Shask. "we have a problem. the last sage is the leader of the Gerudo. but the Gerudo have long since shut themselves in their fortress and remained hidden from Hyrule. the man who attacked Hyrule was their leader."
"you mean Ganon" says Dora.
"yes did Zelda tell you that name?" asks the king.
"yes, why?" asks Dora. "are we not supposed to know?"
"its not that its just few remember his name. anyway that is unimportant. we have to listen to Shask."
"there fortress is shut. you must have seen it when you went to the treasure hold of the Shiekah’s. we believe there must be another way in. you need to search Hyrule. I’m afraid there is not much we know. why don’t you ask the Zoras or the Gorons. they might know more then us."
The player must now travel to Zoras domain (he finds this out by trial and error of visiting all the races). There he must talk to Rio. he will simply say something strange is going on in the river temple path.
The river temple path is the path leading to source temple that has little to stand on. Coming from Zoras domain towards the temple there is a high ledge on the left. It cannot be accessed while swimming and it is also protected by some vines.
The player must use the ice knife to freeze the water to get to the ledge and the fire dagger to burn the vines away.
Link climbs up and walks down the short path. something in a bush on his right moves. Dora alerts link and he looks behind it.
A small girl is behind it. Not much younger then link.
“hey!” she says. “Quit it. you’ll get me caught”.
“what are you doing?” asks Dora .
“I’m spying on the Gerudo. I’m planning to steal their treasure.”
“so does this path really lead to Gerudo fortress?" asks Dora.
“Of course not” she says. “the main fortress is on the other side of Hyrule. The Gerudo encampment is up here. It’s how they get out of their fortress with out much notice. There’s an under ground river following the Zoras river all the way to the fortress.” the girl gets up from the bush and runs up the path to another ledge. “you have to get under the encampment to get to the secret river. Not an easy task but the great thief Avreil can do it"
"who’s that?" asks Dora.
"me! you stupid fairy" says the girl now know as Aveil.
"hey!" says Dora. "you have no idea who you’re talking to!"
"neither do you" says Aveil. "but I have no time to talk. I have a fortress to storm." she jumps into the water below and swims towards the encampment.
"grrr" sys Dora. "how ignorant is she?"
the player gains control of link again. he must now sneak into the Gerudo encampment.
the encampment is quite low and not overly big. most of it lies under ground and it has a lot of water surrounding it as well as inside it.
link reaches the trap door that leads to the under ground river. the room is busy and link must wait until everyone leaves.
the player has to inspect the trap door. it’s locked. suddenly it opens from the other side and link jumps back.
a single Gerudo emerges and sees link. "hurry!" says the lone Gerudo to others below. "there’s someone up here!"
the hatch suddenly closes and Aveil is standing behind it. the Gerudo turns around and sees Aveil. "you!"
Aveil runs and jumps high into the shadows above. the Gerudo turn and faces link. "ill just have to deal with you myself" she says as she draws two swords.
link defeats the Gerudo in combat and she jumps away similar to Aveil. the Gerudo dropped a key. link gets it but when he holds it above is head Aveil comes from above and grabs it. she unlocks the hatch and jumps down.
"I am getting sick of her" growls Dora.
link follows Aveil into the secret river.

link emerges in the Gerudo fortress. link hears from some Gerudo talking among themselves that their so called leader should be at the top most tower but she’s gone missing.
Dora tells link they should go to the top most towers to see if they can find any clues.
unlike the encampment the Gerudo fortress is big and complex with most of it rising up from the ground.
link reaches the top most towers (this must seem quite boring since I’m not saying what the fortress is like).
it is a neatly furnished room with an opening from above. a giant blue block with a yellow sun is at the back of the room.
a Gerudo jumps from the hole in the ceiling. "who are you!? did she send you to get back treasure? you won’t be getting anything except a trashing!" the Gerudo draws two swords.
she looses and escapes while saying "just you wait. you won’t leave here alive!"
a link is stuck in the room but after a while Aveil appears once again.
"you! she says. "are you following me?"
"we were her first!" says Dora.
"I’m getting sick of you"
"like wise"
"who are you anyway? it takes guts and skill getting in here undetected."
"neither of which you have"
"I wouldn’t have got here with out guts or skill would I?"
"you did noting. we got rid of the Gerudo. you just walked past the doors we opened"
"you opened! you did noting fairy! he did all the work"
"I provide the info. I play my part."
Aveil ignores Dora and goes to the corner of the room where she takes out a yellow knife. "ah here it is." she stands in the sunlight and hits the blue block with the knife. "my secret way out" she says.
"what do you mean your secret way out?" asks Dora. "who are you?"
link and Aveil are walking down a dark passage now.
"how do you know so much about the Gerudo?" asks Dora.
Aveil stops walking. "the Gerudo aren’t that bad"
"that doesn’t answer my question."
"I’m their leader"
"what!" screams Dora.
"I ran away to see my father but I forgot my knife so that’s why I came back"
Dora fly’s in front of Aveil. "if you’re their leader then you must be a descendent of the sage!"
"th.e s.a.g.e" Aveil falls to her knees., "no no no no NO! it’s not our fault!"
the screen flashes and Aveil and link are on Hyrule field. a dark cloud covers the sky. a black cloud dominates the horizon.
"it wasn’t our fault. we had to follow our laws!"
a man on a black stallion is suddenly in font of Link and Aveil.
"we stopped him. we helped. as a sage we partly sealed him!"
the hoarse rears up and the man shoots lightning into the sky. the screen flashes again. link, Dora and Aveil are in the cave.
"we must go to the temple of sands in the desert colossus. some thing has happened and the guards are frowning on the Gerudo again.
"last time Hyrule was nearly destroyed it was all due to a single Gerudo man. the gods punished all the Gerudo for it. now Hyrule is under treat again and it is because of a resounded of the desert again.
"the iron knuckles are desert monsters but they have never had a king before now. they've never even shown signs of intelligence. some thing is wrong. It does not matter what knockall’s past is. he must be stopped.
"this path will lead us into the secret river. from there we will return to the fortress and into the desert.
"also here. I know who you are now. you will be able to use this better then me." (music) link got the light blade. this can strike enemies with powerful light blasts. it is powered by magic and the sun and wont work in doors or shadows.
the three of them continue down the passage way and reach a trap door. Aveil opens it and jumps into the river below. link follows and the player gains control of link again in the river.
in the fortress Aveil distracts the guards allowing link to enter the desert.
another cut scene occurs. link, Aveil and Dora are standing before the vast desert.
"don’t worry. the great thief Aveil is with you. we can do it"
the player once again gains control of link, in the desert.

17.the seven sages Edit

link must make his way across the desert (sometimes Aveil is a guide).
at the end is the Gerudo colossus. before link can enter it a cut scene occurs.
clanking can be heard from the temple. Link hides behind a rock and Aveil jumps into a small oasis. Knockall emerges from the colossus. he walks past the rock but stops. he turns and looks at the hiding place link is in. he walks towards the rock. link grows dizzy. Aveil sees what’s happening and slowly gets out if the pool. she picks up a coconut and throws it at Knockall.
Knockall spins around and blasts the coconut with fire and traps Aveil in a block of ice.
he walks over to her and grabs her.
"what do we have her? alone Gerudo girl." says Knockall. "I think serving some time a top the colossus will make amends for that." he grabs her by the throat and throws her. she fly’s into the air and he shoots her with a light blast.
she hits near the top of the colossus and is buried in an avalanche of rocks that falls from above.
Knockall chuckles and walks away leaving link where he is.
"o no" says Dora. "what was he doing here? I hope Aveil can hold out until we get to her
"don’t worry Aveil. we're coming"
the player gains control of link again in front of the rock.
link enters the temple. in it there are light beams and suns that are activated by the light. the enemies include iron knuckles (at last),dark nuts (maybe), dinalfos, Armos, like likes, stalfols, redeads gidbos basically loads of annoying strong monsters.
guarding the weapon of the dungeon (the mirror shield but you've probably guessed that by now) is an iron knuckle and guarding the boss’s key is an eyegore.
when link enters the final room a cut scene occurs.
the iron knuckle is standing with his back o link looking out the third eye of the colossus. his arms are behind his back. he laughs and turns around. it’s Knockall!
he laughs again and his head bursts into blue flames.
he steps forward and a double sided axe appears in his hand. laughing once again the message appears.


This is a complete rip off of phantom Ganon in the sense that it’s a practice for the real fight.
he won’t using lightning attacks but he will use fire and ice blasts.
link must deflect the slow blasts with the knife of the opposite element.
is successful it will bounce back and stun him.
then using the mirror shield link must use the light from the third eye of the colossus to weaken the amour.
attack then rinse and repeat. he has a lot of health and a strong attack so it’s a careful fight.
when the final blow is struck the cut scene occurs.
the amour falls off and the creature roars in pain. the stones on the axe shatter and the flaming mask turns to ash and reforms as a heart container.
a ladder appears leading to the eye in the Colossus.
link climbs the later and emerges outside. a path way on his right leads to the head of the Colossus. link walks up it and comes to a pile of rocks on the brow that Aveil is in.
links hand automatically vibrates and the rocks blow apart reviling the injured Aveil.
a blue light surrounds her and she disappears into it.
the player gains control of link again and walks into the light.
the screen flashes white and he appears back in the temple of sages. the stage link is standing on is now higher then the ones the sages stand on.
the last ghosts disappears and Aveil replaces him.
"it is done, link" she says. "you have reawakened all seven of the sages. I’m worried too link. I don’t know why Knockall was at the Colossus but he was searching for something and I think he found it. he would have asked me if he hadn't."
"it is unimportant" says Rauru appearing on his square.
"you have all the keys now" says Shask.
"you can now reach the future" says Fado.
"if he is still in this time it is better for you" says Laruto.
"if it does come down to a battle we will help you" says Goron link.
"free princess Zelda and she will lead us" says Aveil.
the sages look at the empty space meant for Zelda.
Aveil raises her hands and a red/brown medallion falls from above and stops in between her hands. it fly’s to links hand. (music) link got the medallion of souls. it resembles the sands of the desert like the vast land of lost souls.
the screen goes white and Aviel’s last message appears "careful going back. the Gerudo are still looking"

18.consent from the gods Edit

  link appears back in the Gerudo desert outside the Colossus.
 some Gerudo appear in the distance swiftly getting closer. "quick link. we need to get out of here" says Dora.
 link automatically plays his ocarina and plays the song of sages. the map off Hyrule appears with the warp points on it.
  link warps and appears somewhere else. the player gains control of him where ever he warped to.
  (if link warped to Hyrule castle this does not happen) Dora says "quick! lets hurry to Hyrule castle." link makes his way to Hyrule castle.
  in the court yard where the stone is only the king is waiting. he speaks "Shask and Rauru have returned to the temple of sages. quick we must hurry to the future."
  the seven medallions raise out of link and slowly float into their own places on the stone..... noting happens. the king falls to his knees. "No! I don’t understand. what’s wrong? all seven are there!"
  "Zelda said we needed consent from the gods. I wonder what she meant"
  "the gods have to believe in our cause. Hyrule will be in ruin if we fail."
  "it could be something else." says Dora. "but what?"
  the king’s face suddenly looks up. "consent form the gods. we looked into it but we thought we found noting." he walks into the room behind and takes a scroll and reads it. "the goddess of wisdom will accept the chosen few into their realm if they can master the following song"
  the king sings a song (^)(A)(^)(A)(>)(v)(<)(^).
  link plays it too (music) link learned song of Nayru. with this song you can give depressed people inspiration and take down wards of the goddess of wisdom.
  "we didn’t think it was relevant" the king continues. "but if you can visit the exact place in the sacred realm that the goddesses left from you could find something they left behind. that would do, right?"
  "well try" says Dora. "But how do we find know where to play the song? and even if we do know this is only one song well have to learn two others as well."
  "I have faith in you. I know you can do it"
  the player gains control of link again in the throne room. if he plays the song of Nayru a voice from above says west. the song of Nayru has a bonus effect (as well as the two mentioned in its description) of telling link the direction in which the next story line event is.
  link must search the western side of Hyrule. some where over there is the western ocean path. (it is not possible to get to the ocean that is mentioned)
 the path is accessed through a cave but the cave is blocked up by a blue sun block. using the mirror shield link can dispose of the sun block and continue.
  at the end of the long path is a stone door that leads to nowhere over looking the sea.
  link must stand before it and play the song of Nayru.
  the rock shines blue and opens reveling a portal. link automatically steps in and is transported to the sanctuary of wisdom.
  after much thought I have decided not to make the the sanctuary of wisdom a dungeon. here is why.
  1. it corresponds with the story line.
  2. I couldn’t think of a boss to put at the end of it.
  3. I couldn’t think of a reason to get a weapon to enter it or a suitable weapon to obtain inside.
  4. I think eleven dungeons would be too much.
  5. I don’t like odd numbers like eleven.
  the sanctuary of wisdom is a giant temple that stands shining in a world of darkness. link is warped to directly outside of it but he can not access the dark world beyond because the temple lies on some kind of cliff.
  the player must enter the temple. inside the huge temple link finds himself in a huge room with a door on the far side.
  in the next room is a load of pillars with a sundial in the centre.
  link approaches the sundial and plays the song of Nayru.
  a blue light explodes out of no where above the sun dial and link must cover his eyes.
  a voice comes from the light. "if you have summoned this of my power then you must have a righteous heart. hero this is where I Nayru left Hyrule in the sacred realm. if you are here then you need a portion of my power which I will gladly give."
  the light recoils in on itself and forms a stone of pure energy. (super dramatic music) link received Nayru’s Gemstone. this embodies all the wisdom found in Hyrule and the worlds beyond. wisdom is a dangerous thing and in the wrong hands can cause destruction.
  a blue light appears leading to the outside (it’s not that far a walk but it seems right to have the blue light)
  link steps into the blue light and disappears.

19.Pure Power.... Ganondorf. Edit

link appears outside the portal on the western ocean path.

  playing the song of Nayru the voice of wisdom says south (this will not tell in which direction link should go relevant to where he is but more to where abouts the destination is in Hyrule)
  if you press Dora’s icon she will say "I wonder... Zelda has the Triforce of wisdom and it was her family that had access to the song of wisdom. maybe there’s a connection."
  this means link must return to the Gerudo desert. also when link arrives Dora will promptly remind link that Knockall was searching for something at the colossus.
  when link arrives at the colossus (he could of warped there directly which would mean Dora never gets to give he advice) Aveil is already there waiting.
  "I decided to return to see what Knockall was looking for after we failed to open the gate and this is what I found."
  she leads link to the base of the colossus. there is some notes carved into it.(A)(v)(A)(v)(^)(<)(>)(^) (music) link learns the song of din. this song can bestow a sense of power to people who believe they are weak.
  "will it help you?" asks Aveil.
  "it should" says Dora "but we still need to find dins portal now"
  "my people tell of the fiery core which lies west of here" says Aveil "we worship that as a holy place for din. maybe you should check there.... only it’s not really easy to get past it. I suppose you could freeze it if you have enough power but then there would be a big lump of ice in your way."
  "I’m sure we'll figure something out" says Dora.
  "ok then. I have to return to the temple of sages now. were trying to reach Zelda again. we'll need her help if were to open the door"
  Aveil disappears and Dora says "you know what. she’s not that bad. although we do still have a problem. how are we meant to get pass that big ball of fire she was talking about?..... o no!... were going to have to go back to those damn Shiekah’s! they could freeze it then melt it for us with there bows. I might of warmed to her but I don’t think ill ever warm to them and there talking. well what are we waiting for? let’s go!"

(I usually add this after the dungeon but link automatically warps away when he finished this one so ill say it now. if link stands on the rock in front of the oasis and plays the song of seasons he will be warped to the great fairy of wisdom who will grant him Nayru’s blessing if he acquires all fairies in the dungeon. ill explain the effects of Nayru’s blessing after the story as it is a fickle thin that could change easily)

  the player must travel to the royal grave yard on the other side of Hyrule.
  as soon as link enters the graveyard the cut scene occurs.
  Sharp and Flat appear above their graves waiting for link.
  "it seems you have returned"
  "luckily we were out and about"
  "it should save you the trouble of finding us"
  "all the way down under the ground"
  "is there something you want in particular?"
  "or have you just come to say hello?"
  "Well" says Dora. "we need your help."
  "what ever do you need?"
  "well get it done"
  "it might be"
  "some fun"
  "we need you to freeze then melt the fiery core in the south of Hyrule south."
  "no?" says Dora.
  "we can’t not leave the graveyard"
  "or our beloved kings"
  "you must freeze it yourself"
  "but your knifes will not do"
  "you need a bow"
  "a magic bow"
  "of fire"
  "and ice"
  "we will supply"
  "but you must"
  "pass a test"
  "of power"
  they both fly up and spin around
  "are you ready?" they say together.
  Link must select yes or no.
  select yes and the battle commences.
  link appears in a dark room and is immediately attacked by redeads kesse and stalfols. a summoning wizrope conjures more and more enemies and must be defeated to win.
  after link successfully defeats all the monsters ha appears in the graveyard again.
  "you passed"
  "you passed"
  "hold out your bow"
  "and we will bestow"
  "the power to burn and freeze"
  "from afar"
  two of links arrows fly from his quiver and float over to sharp and flat respectively.
  sharp takes up his own bow and shoots a blazing fire onto links arrow.
  flat takes up his own bow and shoots an icy gale on to links arrow.
  both arrows magically shoot towards link. link holds up his hands (music) link receives the fire and ice arrows. he can now shoot arrows of fire and ice from afar.
  Sharp and Flat return to their graves with on final word.
  "good look"
  "the blood line depends on you"
  the player gains control of link again inside the graveyard.
  the fiery core is on the map of Hyrule but it can only be accessed from the Gerudo desert.
  using the ice arrow link freezes the great ball of fire and using the ice arrow link freezes the great ball of ice making a lake surrounding and island with a single grey door on it.
  link swims over to the island and climbs up.
  playing the song of din the door bursts into life in a red flare opening its doors to the portal beyond. link automatically steps through again and appears in the sacred realm again. like before he is outside a great temple on a cliff shining light through a dark sky.
  unlike last time though when link enters he finds himself in a dungeon. the temple of the goddess
  as for what the them of the dungeon or the monsters... I have no idea. the weapon I came up with is the magic Shiekah chain (like the grappling hock only it uses magic and can damage enemies) but that could change quite easily.
  the boss of this dungeon is none other then.... Ganondorf (as the chapter title suggest)
  when link enters the final room (called the alter of power) the cut scene occurs.
  Knockall is standing in front of the sundial on the pillar in the middle of the square room.
  he suddenly realizes links presence and turns quickly around. "Aaa. the hero of time has come. yet he still does not yet posses a fragment of the Triforce. do you honestly think you are the hero of legend? ill tell you the answer. your not. the hero died years ago. along with him went his Triforce. back to the alter of courage. just like the Triforce of power connected Ganon to this place when he was sealed away. but that is no more"
  Knockall holds up his left hand "I control the Triforce of power now" as he says this his hand tenses and the Triforce appears on it with the top most triangles shining brightly. "I could dispose of you right now but where would the fun be in that? I will prove you are not the hero of time!"
  Knockall holds up his hand and a purple portal appears in front of him and a man falls out.
  Knockall then grabs Ganondorf with the same hand and his eyes go white. "if you are the hero you will have no problem defeating him. he doesn’t even control his portion of the Triforce anymore."
  Knockall walks towards link and the door and grabs link by the cuff. link doesn’t attack. ill be off then. back to my future kingdom" he throws link across the room.
  "you won’t be able to get back" Dora screams. "the castle is ready for you!"
  "castle? I don’t need to return through the castle in that world. look where we are now. the castle will be the same in the sacred realm with out any defenders."
  "No stop!" Dora bumps into Knockall.
  "leave me alone fairy!" Knockall holds up his hand and Dora is caught in a swirl of golden energy. "you’ll be the first to feel the wrath of my power!" he swings his hand and Dora is sent flying to the other side of the room.
  link runs towards Knockall but a hand appears in his way. link looks up into the face of the deranged Ganondorf. Knockall leaves the room and Ganondorf lets out a shout and flies into the air.
Enslave king of Darkness: GANNONDORF! <center>~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

the cut scene continues as link runs out of the centre of the room Ganondorf punches the pillar destroying a portion of the walking room.

  the player gains control of link again.
  Ganondorf fights exactly like he does in ocarina of time except because he has lost a large portion of power the light arrow is not needed to pierce him after he takes a hit from one of his own attacks.
  also because this the only way to block his huge spell is with a perfectly timed spin attack.
  Dora has been injured so she won’t help you Z target in battle even when Ganondorf falls.
  when the final strike is dealt a cut scene occurs.
  Ganondorf roars in pain and falls to the ground. knockall’s voice appears. "hmm I didn’t think you could do but it still proves noting." a portal appears above Ganondorf. "he is useless to me now so ill just dump him some where in this dark world he has created. as for you. I see you have nearly filled in all the requirements to get to my future kingdom the long way. but one more task lies ahead of you and you probably won’t get by it. it might be fun to tell dark link how to get in to the temple of courage too. ha ha ha. ill be waiting for "you hero" ha ha ha"
  Ganondorf falls into the darkness and the pillar with the sun dial appears again.
  link looks around for Dora but then automatically takes out his ocarina and the player must play the song of din.
  a red light bursts into light and forms a shining ball.
  mighty hero who must commend power to make it thus far. you seek a portion of my power that I shall willingly grant to your own.
  the light recoils in on itself and forms and stone. (music) link received Dins Gemstone. power unlike knowledge is dangerous it any hands and can corrupt even the purest of people.
  link sees Dora and picks her up "link...I’m sorry. I couldn’t stop him"
  link just smiles and the player gains control of him.
  a light appears in the room and link steps into it.

20. “Dark Link!” Edit

link lands back on the island outside the portal.

   he turns to walk away but a voice appears on the screen "link! this is the Decku tree speaking. you must hurry back to the Isador woods. we're under attack!"
  the message is abruptly cut off and Dora fly’s into the air "what are you waiting for link? we have to hurry!"
  the player gains control of link again.
  link enters the village to see it is indeed under siege. the solders are fighting off monsters.
  "the Decku tree!" shouts Dora.
  link automatically runs to the back of the village.
  the screen shows a sword embed into the wood of a tree.
  only one figure is standing in the clearing of the Decku tree.
 "you!" whispers Dora.
  Dark link laughs. "you’re too late. the Decku tree has already told me the song of Fora. the Triforce of courage is mine. the world is mine. your mine."
  dark link removes his sword from the great Decku tree. he walks towards link slowly and defiantly but stops half way through the clearing. "this is not the time nor place, link. I will destroy you in time but not right now."
  dark link laughs and disappears.
  the screen shows the clearing from above.
  link runs into the middle of the clearing, sword out, to where dark link was and screams slashing the air.
  the screen reappears on the great Decku tree. a small whole is in his front but it is spreading infection through out the tree visibly killing it.
  "link. link! this is important. you have almost succeeded your quest. only one key is left. you must now learn the song of Fora."
  link looks up from the ground and takes out his instrument. 
  the trees once again begin to blow a song (>)(A)(<)(A)(v)(A)(<)(^).
  (music) link learned the song of Fora. this song gives people courage and lets them stand against evil.
  "I must go now, link.... and with me the Kokiri and fairies. the world is changing. my children will be unable to survive with out me and the fairies will have no reason to show themselves"
  "you can’t...die" says Dora.
  "I have not been the first Decku tree and if you succeed and the goddesses are kind I will not be the last. but for now.... goodbye"
   the leaves of the Decku tree and the trees in the clearing rapidly fall and turn brown making an autumn ground.
  Dora fly’s up to the great Decku tree. "good bye father of the woods"
  she returns to link and the player gains control of him again.
  Dora’s icon will be flashing and if pressed she will say "we know the song now but we have no idea where the portal is. maybe the king knows something."
  the player gains control of link again in the clearing.
  to find the next portal the player must either visit the king who will not in a cut scene say an old temple lies to the west or simply play the song of Nayru which will point west.
  the dark cave door guards the old path stopping anyone from getting past. four switches must be hit simultaneously to open the door and that requires a boomerang.
  I don’t quite have anywhere planned for the original boomerang (I do have an idea for the upgrade including tingle) so I’m open for suggestions.
   the path way past the door continues slightly west but then takes a right angle turn north.
  at the end of the path is an old abandoned temple. the entrance is blocked by rubble which means the song of ages is required to fix it up and enter to find the temple.
  in the centre of the temple is Fora’s Portal.
  link plays Fora’s song and enters the second to last dungeon.
  The Great Temple.
  again link is on a cliff with a temple in a world with a dark sky. this time the temple he stands in front of is huge and shines brightly.
  in this temple are among the hardest monsters in the game including bird knights (not my invention but they’ve only been briefly used) and dark Knuts (but no iron knuckles).
  if you’ve played "Zelda ii the adventure of link" then you will recognize all of the connections. this dungeon is like a huge maze.
  guarding the weapon of the dungeon (the hock shot.. what did you think I'd forgotten about it?) is two bird knights and guarding the bosses key is a huge Armos.
  when link enters the final room a cut scene occurs.
  link enters the large circular room. surrounding the edge of the room is roman esc pillars with darkness in between each one.
  a loud scream comes from the space directly in front of link and a large red bird fly’s out at speed and tries to grab link.
 link doges and the bird fly’s into the darkness again and fly’s through the room several more times before it stops.

Master Of The Great Temple: Thunder Bird!

  thunder bird fly’s over the room raining fire balls down on link or attacking with its talons.
  link must use the hock shot as soon as he appears which will drag link onto the bird which will keep on flying as link strikes it.
  thunder bird is not too dangerous but is time consuming because it is unknown which hole he will fly out of until the last second and if link is not aiming for that exact hole or one each side he will miss (the bird attacks with lightning speed).
   when the final blow is struck a cut scene occurs.
  thunder bird screams and fly’s into the darkness above the room. a couple of seconds pass before a second scream is issued and a heart container falls and the victory music plays (I only notice now that I didn’t include the heart container appearance since the second boss so ill just say you get one after all previous bosses now.. you get them of all previous bosses.)
  the pedestal in the centre of the room rises and the player gains control of link.
  when link approaches the pedestal though another cut scene issues.
  the screen shows the pillars behind link as he walks towards the pedestal. link looks at his hand and a glow shines from it onto his face. he reaches his hand towards the pedestal but a shadow appears standing on the pillar behind link. sensing it link turns quickly around.
  "Dark Link" says Dora the screen now showing the small fairy.
  "why? why would the pedestal not rise for me. I have shown courage, power and wisdom. I was even able to bend the residents of this temple to obey me yet still I can not touch the pedestal of courage...
  Dark link suddenly appears only five feet away from link. the pedestal goes down again. "its you! you’re the descendent of courage. as long as you live all I want belongs to you. that means you can no longer live"
  he disappears and the player gains control of link again.
  during the game play the message appears.

Shadow of evil All that is and isn’t DARK LINK


first off dark link will attack with a hammer. he is slow and easy to doge and after around three hits he will disappear.

  he will reappear on one of the pillars with his bow out. he will fire one arrow and disappear. after one hit with your own bow (it’s the only thing that will be fast enough to hit him) he will fire three shots and disappear and after another life is taken he will fire five arrows quickly before vanishing to a different pillar.
  after the third shot he will disappear again but won’t reappear. his attack animation can still be hared and link must use the lends of truth to see him. he will slowly walk up and strike and if known what to do very easy.
  next he will appear away from link and fire volley after volley of air bombs. the only thing to do is doge until he runs out.
  he will reappear and attack with a boomerang and spear at once. he will doge projectiles ant the only way to damage is to quickly get to him and slash.
  again he will go on to the pillars but this time he will use elemental arrows. link must counter with the opposite element but he must be quick (because dark link is).
  after he takes five hits hell reappear on the ground and attack sword and shield. his other weapons are locked but so are yours (you can only use your sword and shield).
  last of all he will attack with all he has including sword and shield. he is extremely fast this time and will disappear quickly. if he uses air bombs the only method is to doge and if he disappears quickly move because if he appears on the pillar you wont be fast enough to get him (because your not expecting it)

yes I thought this boss through very thoroughly :)

21. Tri Force Edit

when link strike the final blow the cut scene occurs.

  Dark link falls to the ground and link puts the master sword to dark link's neck. the hand link is holding the sword with begins to vibrate and the tri force clearly appears on it with the left bottom triangle shine the brightest.
  Dark link looks in awed shock at link's hand. he looks back at link (the screen shows link, his sword and Dora)and says "all you have I have also. skill, courage, power and speed. all except three things that you posses and I never will. the masters sword-" the screen shows the master sword "-, the Triforce of courage-" the screen shows the first close up of the tri force of courage. "- and a fairy." the screen shows Dora.
  "and a good heart" adds Dora.
  "even a heart covered in shadow and darkness can be good" dark link replies. he disappears and reappears behind link with no sword out. he walks forward speaking again "you are strong but you are not strong enough to stomp knockall’s world alone. I believe you could even destroy Knockall himself but his servants now number that of a large army." Dark Link stops. "I have turned the denizens of this temple into my own servants. together we will destroy Knockall and his world"
  "how do we know we can trust you?" asks Dora. "you could take his seat as ruler of the world once we kill him for you. this could be exactly what you want"
  "you don’t need to trust me. but you need me to help you"
  "link" whispers Dora. "I’m not so sure about this. he killed the Decku tree!"
  "you have no choice. but if you truly wish to do so then kill me"
  dark link kneels on to his knees and raises his through. link looks into dark links blood red eyes... and puts his sword away. link walks past dark link to the now reappeared pedestal and takes out his instrument.
  the player must now play the song of Fora.
  the voice of the goddess can be hared. as green light appears.
  "hero who stands on the alter of courage has shown the courage to over come all challenges thrown at him. traveled into the sacred realm itself to claim a blessing it is a that hero shall receive it.
  the light recoils in on itself.
  (music) link got Fora’s gem. courage can be shown by both good and evil. corrupt and uncorrupted but it takes a true hero to provide the very essence of courage. at last link has all the keys necessary to get to knockall’s world.
  the screen shows links back and dark link watching.
  the screen goes black and dark links laughter can be hared.
   link falls from the sky in the blue light and lands in front of the ruins of the original temple of time. the player then gains control of link again.

22.Time Edit

don’t need any directions as to where to go next but if link does play the song of Nayru it says the centre of Hyrule holds the gate to another world (bit longer then the other directions one but hey this ones never going to change)

  link must go to Hyrule castle and into the court yard in the centre of the court yard at the centre of the castle at the centre of Hyrule.
  as soon as link enters the court yard the cut scene occurs.
  the king looks up at link. "your back. have you done it? have you got the consent from the gods?"
  The screen shows links head. he nods.
  the king jumps up with joy. "we must call the guard. we will take all our forces and attack Knockall full on."
  "no" says a shadow. "you cannot use the Hylian knights to do this. I will use my army." dark link also steps into the clearing. "together with the power of light and shadow Knockall will fall."
  the seven medallions float out of link and surround the clearing. ghostly images of six of the sages appear above them. the medallions fall to the ground on seven spots round the stone now big enough to hold a person . six of the sages appear rising out of the medallions in this  order Rauru, Shask, Aveil, Fado, Laruto and Goron Link. the last medallion falls at the king’s feet.
  the sages raise their arms and shoot energy at the rock. the rock shines black.
  link glows and three gem stones raise out of him and line up in a triangle above the stone. on the right Nayru's blue Gemstone. above it din's red gemstone. on the left Fora’s green gemstone. the stones shine yellow and the Triforce resonates on links hand.
  link raises his hand towards the rock and it shines gold then silver then finally explodes splitting into three parts. one fly’s to the left. the other to the right and the last into the sky 6 feet each way. in between the pieces is a stair leading to a purple portal. floating directly in the middle is and ocarina.
  the king gasps. "that’s the relic used to make the seal to this door... the ocarina of time"
  "what does it mean?" asks Shask.
  "it means link truly is the hero of time deserving of the interment that controls the flow of time itself." says Rauru.
  "its time" says dark link. "you first. go enter knockall’s world."
  Link automatically steps forward up the stairs and into a new world with Dora at his side.
  they step on a dark desolate rock with the ruins of Hyrule castle on it, lava surrounds it. one path leads to a large metal tower in the distant reaching for the sky.

23.knockall's wrath (this neededs to be changed just like the title) Edit

the player gains control of link again on the rock in knockall’s world.

  the message saying where he is shines white across the bottom of the screen. Dark World.
  link must walk up the path way and into the castle. some monsters are on the pathway but not many. the castle is quite big but only the tower rises far off the ground.
  inside the last dungeon are all of the strongest monsters (excluding bird knights. they’re great temple exclusive). dark Knuts, impostor’s guards and loads of iron knuckles.
  the weapon of this dungeon is the light arrow (probably guessed that was coming). guarding it is a shadow link. these are undeveloped dark links. they have all of dark links moves but not nearly as much health.
  before getting the light arrow link must defeat two of these. the first dark link will help and the second which guards the light arrow must be fought alone.
  I have to describe the last bit of this dungeon because it kind of affects the last battle. at the top of the tower is three claws. each rises up out of the tower and into the sky.
  in the room directly below the roof of the tower is three doors. one link came out of. ahead of him is the boss’s door and to his left and right are open doors that lead up two of the claws.
  at the ceiling of this room is the chest containing the boss’s key but it is sealed by three spells. a red, a blue and a yellow.
  link must enter the two rooms separately and climb the claws using the hock shot.
  at the top just where the claw droops over the roof of the tower (this is quite hard to explain. I might need some pictures. this is also the reason why I didn’t include dungeons) a mini boss is waiting.
 in one room it is the fire knuckle and in the other is the ice knuckle. these are the two that helped Knockall attack Hyrule castle and the Isador woods.
 link must shoot the opposite element at them by reflecting there own beams with the ice knife or fire dagger or countering there own beams with the opposite element arrow.
  when each one is dead a spell is released over the chest. link faces them in a narrow cramped room when he first sees them but they use magic to bring him to a pillar surrounded by fire or ice.
  when they are dead link can look down onto the roof to see Knockall waiting.
  these mini bosses are designed to be quite hard.
  after the two seals are broken only the yellow one remains. link must use the newly found light arrow to break the last one. the chest falls down but so does twenty shadow links. the shadow links can be defeated quite easily using the light arrow.
  then link opens the chest gets the bosses key and enters the last claw. this time there is a stairs leading to the top of the claw. at the top where the claw rises over the roof is Zelda. link automatically runs towards her but falls through an invisible floor and on to the roof.
  Knockall steps towards link. "so you’re finally here. and I see you were kind enough to bring me the Triforce of courage."
  link stands up and draws his sword.
  Knockall laughs. "you think you can over come me? I am fuelled with power!" he rises his left arm into the air (the Triforce of power clearly showing) and a giant double sided axe appears in it. he twirls it and shoots three beams of fire, ice and light into the air. "you have no chance"
  the battle begins and the message at the bottom of the screen appears.

king of iron knuckles KNOCKALL!

  the fight against phantom Knockall was the practice fight for this.
  he fires blasts of fire, ice and light that can be reflected with the knives or countered with arrows which is more advised sine his attacks are quite fast.
  if he shoots a light blast the only way to counter is with a light attack of your own.
  after you’ve stunned him with  an attack a light arrow must be fired to break down his defenses.
  when the final blow is struck the cut scene occurs.
  Knockall falls to his knees.
  link points the master sword at him.
  "its ironic link isn’t it?" says Knockall. "you still have no idea who I am do you?"
  a sound can be hared from above. Zelda appears in a blue light descending onto the tower.
  "I had hopped at the times when my mind was my own as it is now that you would come and put a final death to me." link looks back at Knockall. "wait there link as I tell you a legend that no one in this land has hared before."
  the screen goes black and returns with fire surrounding something silver in the distances slowly getting closer.
  "the hero. the hero. the hero of time. what a man he was. just as courage’s as you, link. just as strong and just as dangerous. wielding the sword of evils bane he saved Hyrule. but... like you he had a pure heart and because of that pure heart he once found himself in a land unlike any other that he was obliged to save. a land under threat by an evil mask. the only way to stops this was for the hero to surrender himself to another mask equally as evil. the hero left that land and returned to this one taking the masks with him. one still full with evil and one still full with power. he returned to this land where the masks were made. were on mask still resided."
  the screen is now close enough to see the silver thing which is knockall's face.
  "the three masks were all created at once. one however was stronger then the other two and once they had completed their tasks they were sealed away. but when two were released they resonated trying to find the last. so the strongest mask ever created was released and has reached havoc over Hyrule for the past eighty years."
  the screen returns to the tower. "its you isn’t it?" says Dora. "you’re the last mask."
  Knockall laughs and gets up onto his feet. "a mask can’t do much with out someone to ware it. the mask sought out its companions and tuck control of the person holding them"
  Knockall lifts the mask on his face onto the top of his head to reveal a familiar face. the screen shows links shocked face then knockall's new human face that looks exactly the same as the previous face shown.
  "the hero of time. able to defeat any force of evil. succumbed and became the ruler of all evil" says Knockall.
  "you’re the hero of time" says Zelda. "the one who save Hyrule all that time ago."
  "I was the hero of time. I am a slave now. a slave of iron who can do noting but obey the ruler of this world, Knockall."
  "your wrong" says Zelda. "you can fight it"
  "I had hoped you would come here and kill me link" says the man in the suit of amour as he picks up his axe. "but that is imposable. noting can stop the power of iron and evil"
  he lifts the double sided axe over his head and swings it down onto the ground. the message appears.

strongest of the evil masks KNOCKALL


the battle begins. this time Zelda is free and on your side. she doesn’t do much against Knockall but will slowly heal link if he stay close enough to her.

  Knockall is now extremely dangerous. his axe attack will take away seven hearts with each hit and he will always chain it together with another hit at least once. sometimes he will do a three hit combo and rarely a four hit one.
  shell hearts are vital for this battle. they can be obtained by collecting all fairy parts in Hyrule and visiting the fountain in the western ocean path.
  apart from the axe attacks he has two less deadly attacks. the first is a sword attack which although is his weakest move is the hardest to avoid. he will throw the axe into his right hand and reach into his amour quickly swinging a sword that cuts everything in front of him.
  his second attack is the Triforce blast. he will throw the axe into the ground and lift his left hand and foot into the air and bring them down simultaneously. the blast will fly through the air quite quickly and lightly damage link as well as stunning him for a while.
  there is no simple way of beating him. just attack and retreat always avoiding that axe.
  when the last blow is struck the cut scene occurs.
  Knockall falls to the ground.
  "no! impossible. I have the Triforce!"
  he looks at link. "you. you must be of the same blood as the hero. not only that you must be a reincarnation of his soul. that must mean I no longer have a soul. I am a lifeless being... I am a shell"
  he falls onto his face...defeated.
  link looks down. Zelda and Dora by his side.
  noting is said.
  suddenly laughing surrounds the rooftop. Zelda, Dora and link look around.
  a shadow falls from above and strikes the body of the hero of time.
  link looks forward again at the familiar man.
  he laughs again and stands up a huge dark sword in his hand.
  "thanks kid. you broke the spell he cast on me when you defeated me and then freed me completely at his death. now I am free again. you might have destroyed the evil of Knockall but now you’ve released one that’s far worse"
  Ganondorf puts his hand up and link and Zelda are sent flying away. he clenches his fist and the Triforce of power reappears on it. link stands up and runs at Ganondorf.
  "fools! you cannot hope to match my power" he strikes link to the ground. Zelda runs to links side.
  Ganondorf bends down and takes knockall's head in his hands. "let’s see how you like slavery."
  he rips knockall's mask from the face of the original hero of time and places it on his own face. he floats into the air and spreads out his arms.
  he begins to grow. turning beastlike and amour appearing. a huge axe and dark long sword appear in his hands. he swings them and hits the ground, the message appearing.

fused evil, armored king KNOCKALL GANON

  the part of the tower that link and Zelda are standing on begins to collapse. Zelda stands up but Ganon hits her to the ground knocking her out. link gets up and runs the middle of the tower falling away. he turns to see Zelda about to fall into the rubble when a shadow grabs her then him and pulls them to safety.
  dark link draws his sword. "together" he says.
  the battle begins (and theoretically what a battle it is. all three master bosses participating in one final battle). Dora also informs you that he’s too powerful to get near.
  dark link mirrors your attacks except the bottle things, light arrow and light blade. he can also take damage for link but does have an unseen health bar and an be knocked out but gets up shortly after he's knocked down.
  Knockall Ganon will attack with both axe and sword. you fight him on the outer ring of the tower that isn’t destroyed but Ganon’s sword can destroy more of the tower. the axe however if slower but stronger.
  you know when he’s about to attack because he rises the weapon he’s about to attack with. to block hit him in the face with a project able. it won’t hurt him but it will block
  if ever he raises both sword and axe you have to hit him in the face with a light arrow.
  both his arms will fall and link must run up one and attack his face with the master sword.
  when the last blow is struck the cut scene occurs.
  Ganon roars and takes off the mask. he shrinks back into Ganondorf and lands on the tower. "I could defeat you in that form but it would take too long with both of you. instead ill use the Triforce"
  he raises his hand and a golden wave comes out of it and surrounds link and dark link.
  link raises his own hand and the Triforce of courage protects him.
  dark link begins to fade away. "link... I can’t fight it. you have to do it alone..... don’t let him put the mask back on!!..."
  dark link fades away against the overwhelming power of the Triforce.
  Ganondorf laughs. "alone. you stand even less a chance then before"
  he begins putting on the mask again. link is too far away to stop him.
  Zelda gets up and throws some magic at it sending it flying out of Ganondorf hand. "you twerp!". Ganondorf hits Zelda to the ground.
   he looks for the mask again.
  link runs over and picks it up. link stares into the face of Knockall for a moment.
  Ganondorf lets out a roar and attacks link.
  link looks down at the sword again. he rises the master sword and brings it down onto the mask.
  it flashes and spins into the air and explodes darkness flying out of it.
  the tower falls apart and the screen goes black.
 the screen shows link caught in the rubble.
 he gets up and checks to see if he’s ok. all his weapons are gone except his swords, shield and bottles.
 he looks around for everyone else but the person he sees is Ganondorf. slowly getting out of the rubble he brushes himself off and walks towards link. "you cannot defeat me. I am the ruler of this world."
  he draws his sword.

lord of darkness wielder of power newly crowned king of the future GANNONDORF

  the final battle begins. all link has is his swords and shields (and bottles).
  Dora then appears beside link. "he won’t stop me this time link. I will be able to target him for three seconds before the dark waves cause me to rest for six seconds so make your shots count"
  Ganondorf will primary attack with his sword but will occasionally use magic. after a quarter of his health is taken he will use the Triforce. link automatically counters and a sort of mini game is engaged. link must fill Ganondorf Triforce before he fills link with his power. the winner jumps forward stabs the other and regains some life.
  he will sometimes use that afterwards but not constantly. 
  after half his health is gone he will certainly do it again and if link wins a cut scene occurs.
  Ganondorf recoils clutching his chest. breathing heavily he runs towards link with his sword above his head. instead of striking with his sword he unexceptionally kicks link.
  link falls back. Zelda limbs into the clearing holding links bow and tries to fire a light arrow.
  Ganondorf shoots a ball of energy at her and she is powerless to defend.
  she falls and Ganondorf approaches her and grabs her  hand. he laughs and turns towards link with his fist out. two of the Triforce pieces are now glowing on his fist.
  the battle resumes. link must go to Zelda and get his bow back. in this half of the battle Ganondorf attacks with a lot more aggression and uses a lot more magic. the Triforce struggle is now a lot harder for link too because he must fill both Ganondorf pieces before he can fill one.
  link can now stun him with the light arrow if his aim is correct.
  when Ganondorf is on his last bit of health he will attack with the Triforce. if link wins he jumps up to Ganondorf and stabs him in the chest. Ganondorf is sent flying onto his back.
  all three pieces of the Triforce float into the air and return to their right full owners.
  Ganondorf leans forward and laughs. "he he he. I won’t be defeated again. and if I do. you will fall also."
  he lies back down continuously laughing as the world begins to shimmer.
  "o no!" says Dora. "what’s happening?"
  Zelda answers. this world isn’t the future of Hyrule. the ocarina of time could never open such a portal even with the sages to catalyst it. this world is a reflection of its master’s soul. innately that was Knockall but Ganondorf tuck his place when he died. with out either one this world is dieing along with Ganondorf. when he draws his last breath so will this twisted place."
  "then we have to get out of her!" screams Dora. she fly’s away but link and Zelda don’t move. they continue to stare at Ganondorf. she fly’s back. "now!"
  link looks up at her and nods.
  they run but loads of iron knuckles raise from the ruins of the tower.
  they surround the three heroes. link draws his sword but it is visible hopeless.
  a blast of purple and yellow energy shoots at the minions and Shask and Rauru step out of the portal ahead. they run towards each other but the monsters rise again determined not to let them leave.
  they met up half way towards the portal.
  "the portal begin to fade" says Rauru.
  "we were worried about you" says Shask.
  the monsters continue advancing.
  "we have to go!" shouts Dora.
  they run but there are more monsters on the opposite side of the path.
  "Go" says Shask. "I’ll hold off the ones behind us"
  Zelda, Rauru and link run on. they break through the monsters in front and reach the portal.
  "Shask!" Zelda screams.
   Shask turns around and runs. the monsters swarm him but he continues running.
   Rauru enters the portal but link, Zelda and Dora stay watching Shask trying to get to the portal.
   the world shakes violently and the portal dims.
   "come on!" says Dora.
   Shask almost reaches the portal when two sets of hands come out of the portal, grab link and Zelda and pull them through.
   they land in the courtyard.
   the screen shows Ganondorf on the ground laughing still but only slightly. he stops.
   the portal disappears. Shask and Dora never exited.

24.credits Edit

link stands up and brushes himself of. the music for Hyrule field begins to play. the staff names and job come across the screen as it shows link running out of the castle. the screen moves upwards. the screen switches to death mountain where Goron Link is. all the other Gorons are showing there respect to him and he apparently has become there elder. next it shows Zoras domain where Rio is greeting a returning Laruto. it then shows the royal grave yard with a grave saying "here lies the last of the Shiekah". sharp and flat are out side conducting an invisible orchestra. the screen shows Gerudo fortress where Aveil has been scowled by the Gerudo for leaving. Karkariko village is next where the villagers are throwing rocks into the well. the screen shows link on Epona riding through Hyrule field. it then shows all the people of castle town. then the ranch. then it shows Zelda and the king back on the thrown in the castle. link enters the woods still on Epona and makes his way to the village. Fado runs to greet him and begins talking excitedly. the screen shows the western ocean path and Nayru’s portal. then the fiery core and dins portal. finally the old temple of time ruins and floras portal. a shadow in the shape of link falls across the Fora’s portal. link stops his track through the woods and turns onto a different path. he enters the temple of the master’s sword and places the weapon back on its pedestal. Fado watches from behind as link walks away. finally the screen shows link walking up towards the corpse of the great Decku tree. the screen moves up showing the great tree's branches and the final message appears. 21:49, 29 January 2009 (UTC)21:49, 29 January 2009 (UTC)21:49, 29 January 2009 (UTC)21:49, 29 January 2009 (UTC)Oni Dark Link THE END 21:49, 29 January 2009 (UTC)21:49, 29 January 2009 (UTC)21:49, 29 January 2009 (UTC)21:49, 29 January 2009 (UTC)Oni Dark Link

25. acknowledgements, credit, disclaimer and link to bebo version Edit

all rights of basically everything belongs to Nintendo. story belongs to me though :) Oni Dark Link

here is the link to a bebo version of it. I do warn you though it hasn’t been spell check but it does have some added things. example I said I would explain about how to get Epona latter on. that was a luy. I copy and pasted it to Microsoft word did a spell check and copied it here so for the link to all added stuff and pictures

I’d like to give some credit to murchadah. thanks for fixing it up for me :)

if you feel I have robbed some of your work and want credit then your either lying, it’s a big coincidence or you Nintendo (which I’m really hoping you are).

thanks for reading :)

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