1.The Whispered Legend Edit

Only a century ago Hyrule, the great kingdom created by the Goddesses, was brought to ruin. A foolish young princess opened the Door of Time. Little did she know it was the doorway to the power of the Goddesses themselves. Because of her actions, an evil sorcerer gained the power of the Goddesses. After just seven years all was destroyed or turned to ash by his dominance. But all was not lost. The hero of time was awakened after lying dormant for seven year's in the Temple of Sages. The hero had helped to bring about this evil so he became intent on stopping it. He traveled through what was left of the golden land and awakened the ancient creators of Hyrule who assisted the goddess’s. The seven sages. When he discovered that the last sage was the princess who had newly gained the Wisdom of the gods he was overjoyed but it didn’t last long. The evil sorcerer snatched away the princess and as he hoped the hero tried to rescue her. The evil king wanted to take the Wisdom of the princess and the Courage of the hero but when the time came he underestimated the hero. With the combined power of the hero, princess and sages along with the sacred Master Sword the king was sealed away. Although the king was destroyed many had died and monsters roamed the land. So the princess did what was right and sent the hero back seven years using her magic ocarina. The hero warned the king and the sourer was captured and executed. The people of Hyrule had no idea what had happened because to them it never had. Now only the royal family and the decedents of the sages know of the great catastrophe. As for the hero? He disappeared. Some say he died, some say he left Hyrule, some say he’s still alive out there. What no one knows is that all of those assumptions are true.

2.The Isador Woods Edit

It’s raining inside the village within a forest. A heavily armored Iron Knuckle enters the village followed by two other armored giants.
Some guards surround him but he grabs the closest one by throat and lifts him off the ground. Normal villagers surround the group attracted by the commotion. Some have the appearance of small children dressed in green and others are strange fairy like globes of light.
"I wish to see the great Deku tree" roars the trespasser. One fairy darts away and fly’s to a small lake deep within the forest. A boy dressed in green sits there. He is not small child, although he is dressed like the small children. The fairy tells him something and they run into the forest
There is a large group of people surrounding the monsters now, but everybody is keeping their distance. The same guard is on the ground now an axe pressed against his throat.
A golden fairy appears and states "All in the village have been given an audience with the great Deku tree. Kokiri, Hylian, fairy and monster alike."
Everyone moves towards the back of the village eager to know what’s going on.
the iron knuckles stand before the ancient tree with a face etched into it.
"Deku name is Knockall, the King of Iron Knuckles. Those who do not fear me are fools. I have conquered the leaders of the Zoras, the Gorons, and the Hylians who live in Kakariko. I have realized their most feared foes. You might have noticed a decline in Hyrule. for the last five decades, I have slain the Shiekah and made a stronghold within the territory of my enemies. I have-"
”Why are you here!" booms a voice coming from the tree. "We are peaceful people and want no trouble."
You symbolize the friendship of all races in this world. I know of legends people don’t. I know that these woods were used to negotiate peace talks during times of war and that even today it is possible to travel to many places in Hyrule. I will make my demands very clear. Give me the descendent of the sage or I will use my fire to burn your trees and ice to kill your plants"
”You want to use the powers of the sages? I too know the whispered legend. I know that revealing the sage will not only eventually destroy this forest but all of Hyrule."
The monster suddenly jumps at the tree. There is a flash and the axe is repelled. The other two monsters step forward but their leader shouts "Stop!"
The followers look at each other and back down.
The leader stands up and speaks. "You will fall. I do not need all the sages to complete my plan I have my own powers. My revenge will be swift but long lasting. Flee or everyone in this forest will die." He then turned around and walked away.
"I did not defend myself against you. It was your own doing that meant you could not harm me". I hereby banish you from this forest. You shall never enter these woods again"
The Iron Knuckle stops "Then I’ll just have to send others,” he says. “I have already taken the temple".
He then continues to walk away and turns his head towards to the crowd. For just an instant his eyes meet with a young man in the crowd.
The young man who dresses like a Kokiri even though he is a Hylian.
Link grows weary. His eyes close and he falls back someone just managing to catch him.
Knockall stops his stride and looks at the boy. He then looks ahead and walks away.
"Link! Wake up! Link its important listen to me!" Link's eyes open to see a small fairy right up against his face. He sits up suddenly and hits the fairy. Link looks around to see he is in his own house. Some one must have carried him in after he had fainted. The fairy fly’s back over to him. "Link! The Deku tree wants to see you! I heard he’s called a few people to his meadow, but I can’t imagine why he wants you to come as well."
Link gets up off the couch he was laying on and stands up. He nods and the fairy flies to his side. The player gains control of the character. His house is small and there’s not much to explore. In the room is a man who is Link’s uncle and says, "Quick, get going, it might have something to do with those monsters that were here yesterday," if talked to.
Link leaves his house and the screen informs him he is in the Isador village. He heads towards the back of the forest and through a passage until he gets to a meadow where the Deku tree is situated. The fairy follows.
In the meadow several people have already gathered. The Deku tree speaks. "I have called the following here to discuss matters of great importance. Fado boss of the Kokiri; Kafi, captain of the Hylian guard in the forest; Dolmen, mayor of the Hylian in the woods; Link, the Hylian boy; and Dora the messenger fairy, I welcome you.”
"I want Kafi to enter the forest temple that lies west of these woods. Take as many soldiers as you can spare with you. Dolmen I want you to maintain order with not only the Hylian but with the Kokiri as well it is important now more then ever that the friendship between the two races must flourish. Link I want you to go to Hyrule Castle and tell the king of the events that occurred yesterday. Dora the messenger fairy will accompany you I hear you are good friends already. As for Fado, I want to tell you something in private." Fado the boss of the Kokiri exchanges a glance with Link. It is obvious the two are friends. The Deku Tree speaks again. "Link, return once I am finished talking with Fado."
Everyone leaves the forest except the Kokiri and the player gains control of link again just at the entrance to the passage to the meadow. Two guards (one human and one Kokiri) are stopping the player from entering the meadow again. Talk to them and they’ll suggest going home while he waits.
Link returns home and Dora informs Link’s uncle that he is going away. "You'll be back soon I hope. However, I am worried with all those things that monster said about conquering the races. I want to give you something just for good luck, They’re not strong, but you can stun almost anything with one." "Link gets the Deck Satchel; he can now carry 30 Deku nuts." link thanks his uncle and leaves the house. Fado leaves the passage leading to the Deku tree and walks over to link
"Link.. The Deku tree told me something really important but I swore to him that I would keep it a secret. I wish I could tell you but I can’t. Anyway, when you get back I might not be here.. In case I don’t see you…Good bye." Fado walks off and Link enters the meadow. Dora waits outside
The Deku tree is talking with the gold fairy. The fairy flies off and the Deku tree speaks again "Link, where is Dora? She is your partner now. You need her help as much as she needs yours." The gold fairy returns with Dora and says, "It is rare, but fairies and non-Kokiri can work together in perfect union. Now aside from that, Link, I know you must be wondering why I chose you to go on this trip. All will be revealed in time but first you will need something to defend yourself with." The Deku Tree shakes and a large opening appears going right into the tree. "Go forth; a small challenge awaits you"
Link enters the tree and decides to attempt to complete the challenge, but as the opening closed behind him he realized he had nothing to defend himself with.

Further Sections are under CleanupEdit

the following is under clean up and needs to be fixed to support wiki format. if you wish you can still read it but at parts where there is a lot of dialogue it can be confusing.

3.the making of darkness Edit

all is dark but suddenly torches go magically on up above. link is in a circular room witch is completely empty. link walks into the centre and suddenly four red good like substances fall from the ceiling. "watch out link there chu chus they might look harmless but.. well they aren’t actually too scary." link backs away and suddenly remembers the deck nuts and flings one. it stuns all four at once. link looks for something to attack with and sees a rock. he picks this up and flings it at one then repeats four times using the rocks at the sides of the room, using another nut half way through to stun the reaming chu chus.
when all are destroyed a chest falls from above. link approaches and opens. inside is a simple wooden shield "link got the wooden shield".
as soon as the shield is obtained a flower pops out of the ground. up jumps a wooden creature that shoots a Decku nut at link. link doges and Dora shouts to him "that’s a Decku scrub attack it from a far with a projectile weapon or reflect its nut back with a shield"
link uses his shield and reflects back a nut. it hits the Decku scrub and kills it. three more appear from the ground. link disposes off the other three and another chest appears in a swirl of gold energy. link opens it....."then then then then then then then! da da da da! link got the Kokiri sword!" (ill dispose of the music from now on)
suddenly a wolf appears behind link. with a mighty howl it attacks. link blocks with his shield. "link" shouts Dora "its weak spot is its tail" the wolf attacks again and link back flips to doge. the strike twirls the wolf around and link jumps strikes with an over head strike.
the wolf dies and a blue light appears in the middle of the room. link buckles up the scabbard and enters the light

link reappears in front of the Decku tree. "you have done well link. now that you have weapons and the needs to defend yourself you may leave the forest. guard Dora and likewise Dora, guard link. good bye for now."
link turns and leaves the meadow Dora in close flight behind.

(the next area is quite confusing to describe in writing especially in the last turn but I think it would be clear in game play).
the player gains control of link out side the meadow passage again and he makes his way to the front of the village. the guards there let him past and tell him to follow the sunlight to get to Hyrule field.
he enters the Isador woods. there are four directions to go including back the way he came. near the right path there is a sun beam shining down from above. link goes that way and enters a similar looking conjunction except the light is now on the left. link goes that way again. in the next conjunction the light is straight ahead. in the next conjunction the light shines ahead again but only half into the clearing. link goes straight and gets lost. he ends up back in Isador village. he goes back into the forest and repeats the same process only when he gets to the forth clearing he goes left then right and right again to angle beck to where he could see the light. the last turn leads him to a brightly lit clearing with a completely lit up area leading out of the wood.

link enters Hyrule field. the vast field has a castle just visible in the middle from where link is standing. he can clearly see death mountain to his far right and knows the river coming from his right and flowing to his left leads to Zoras domain. link also knows on his far left lies the massive lake Hylia.
the player gains control of link after the screen shows the following places. (just for information Hyrule castle is the only place open for exploration. if link tries to any where else Dora says to him "we need to go to Hyrule castle. it’s important the king hears about what has happened") link heads towards the castle. as he gets closer the sky darkens. right as he gets there the draw bridge closes.
puzzled link looks up at the ramparts to see the guards looking at the horizon edgily.
"Link!" Dora screams.
link turns around to see the three monsters on the horizon. the leader Knockall sees link and grabs his double sided axe and holds it on each side. the axe has three gems set into it. a red one on the right, a blue one on the left and a golden/yellow set into the middle.
the yellow one shines and shoots a bolt of light electricity at link. link raises his shield but the energy blasts him and stuns him. link falls to the ground in pain. suddenly Knockall is standing above him.
Knockall grabs links sword arm and the Kokiri sword goes flying out of his hands. Knockall lifts link off the ground and stares at his hand. link struggles but Knockall doesn’t noticed "hmmm interesting there is a faint possibility." he throws link to the ground. link tries to get away but Knockall slams foot down on his chest. link lets out a cry of pain. Knockall raises his axe above his head and swings it down.... right next to links head. Knockall leaves his axe embedded in the ground and puts a hand into his armor. he takes out a mask a throws it. it stops in midair not far away. he removes another mask from inside his armor and holds it in his hand. he takes his foot of link and link scrambles away but as soon as he gets up Knockall points the second mask at link.
suddenly a thick stream of dark energy shoots from the first mask and into link. a massive amount of pain spreads through link. the whole world is forgotten and the horizon goes dark. link and the two masks seem to be the only things in existence although the shadows of others can be seen. link screams and the energy leaves him and hits the first mask. the energy bubbles up in the other mask and makes a form. links shadow leaves him and hits the new form.
the darkness stops its flow and link hits the ground. Knockall kicks link and he falls into the castle moat. link does not have enough energy to swim and begins to sink.
Dora (who had fled when Knockall shot link) fly’s over to link and hits him with her body. link weakly grabs the edge of the moat and pulls him to shore.
Knockall two minions are in the moat. both start hacking at the draw bridge. one has an axe with a blue sapphire set into it, while the axe of the other has a red ruby set in it. the guard throws spears but they bounce off harmlessly against the iron armor.
Knockall shoots beams of fire, ice and light at the rampart guards disposing of them. the two finishes off the draw bridge and enter Hyrule castle town. Knockall follows them and into the town.
link twitches and gets up. obviously healed from the incidence quite quickly. he runs and with a leap just barley manages to cross the moat and on to the remains of the draw bridge on the other side. he runs in leaving Dora outside. "w..wha?" Dora says before flying after.

4.the missing power Edit

(Easter egg: from this point on until the final battle link has no shadow)
the guards are in battle with Knockall and his to servants. there are many soldiers but they are noting towards the iron knuckles.
link runs in and the player gains control of him again. the player is forced to head towards the castle the other paths are blocked by fire and ice. Knockall and his minions are here but they are unnamable. they can still, harm link and most attacks will dispose of link in one shot.
link is forced to enter the castle but is blocked by the gate. link automatically talks to the guard who says "What are you doing out! don’t you know we're under attack? Quick gets into the castle!"
the guard opens the gate and link runs through just as a guard is sent flying into the wall after getting hit by a blast of light. the guard quickly closes the gate just as Knockall steps round the corner.
link runs down the path towards the castle. and Knockall swings his axe and cuts down the gate along with the guard. the draw bridge and guards run out. they tell link to get into the throne room.
they attack Knockall but he just raises his axe and freezes them solid. he flips it around and sends a fiery blast at the draw bridge. then instead of walking into the castle he turns around and leaves.
the screen switches back to link just as he enters the out door garden before the throne room in the very centre of the castle in the very centre of castle town in the very centre of the Hyrule.
in the centre of the garden is a huge stone. all the guards that aren’t out fighting Knockall are here. in front of the stone is the king of Hyrule. a diamond septor in his right hand. beside him is a legendary Shiekah warrior and on the other side is princesses Zelda.
"hey kid what do you think your doing? get behind us!" says a guard.
link runs over to the king and stands on the other side of princess Zelda. he looks at her and suddenly his hand begins to vibrate. he looks down and sees a faint glow of golden light. Zelda too looks down at her hand
suddenly the earth begins to shake. a ray of light shoots into the air in the distance before separating into three beams and flying away.
the guards tense.
they look at the pathway expecting Knockall to come around the corner at any second.
link clutches his hand. the faint glow is now is now shining through the hand covering it.
Knockall emerges down the path and begins to walk forward.
the guards throw their spears but they just bounce off.
Knockall does not attack. he just keeps on walking his two servants behind him.
he walks right into the square.
one guard draws a sword and runs at Knockall. Knockall swings his axe and sends the guard flying into the wall.
the two servants run forward and attack the guards Knockall continues his advance again.
the Shiekah runs forward and tries to attack Knockall but Knockall kicks he warrior to the ground.
Knockall raises his axe and brings it down on to the Shiekah.
"NO!" cries Zelda as she runs forward raising her hands.
the blow is magically deflected. Knockall laughs and grabs Zelda. she screams and tries to get away but he has her hand. the king steps forward but Knockall swings his axe and puts it just inches from Zelda’s neck. the king steps back.
Knockall inspect Zelda’s hand and chuckles.
he suddenly starts to vibrate and seven multi colored beams of light come out of him and hit the stone behind link and the king. he then holds Zelda’s hand towards the stone and starts to mutter in a strange language.
the stone glows and purple light appears in front of Knockall.
the fighting stops. the servants walk over and stand beside Knockall. the light begins to flash and Knockall and everything around him is engulfed in the light.
link runs forward towards the light.
the light builds up and link almost reaches it but suddenly the Shiekah leaps forward and grabs link pulling him away.
link struggles.
the light flashes and the three monsters and princess Zelda vanish.

5.royal task? Edit

everyone is shocked. nobody moves. except the king who falls to his knees.
"my daughter.... my only heir" says the king.
the Shiekah throws link in front of the king. "he appeared just outside the gate before they attacked, followed them in and tried to escape into the light with them"
the king grabs link. "what are they after!"
"we didn’t try to escape" says Dora. "we were trying to help!"
the king laughs. "Please what could you do to help? these are some of the best swords men in the land"
"the Decku tree sent us here to warn you about them but we were too late" Dora says.
"Too late! too late indeed! my daughter has been kidnapped and since it’s your fault I am going to make sure you pa-"
the Shiekah suddenly swiftly grabs links hand and shows it to the king. the king’s eyes widen.
"-and since it’s your fault I’m going to make sure your the one who gets her back. you say you are just a messenger? the Decku tree was the one who sent you.. he must know."
"know what?" asked Dora.
"never mind. you have to back to the Isador woods now. the Decku tree will know what to do."
"wait" said Dora "Where have Zelda and Knockall gone to?"
the screen shows the stone. "all will be revealed in times"
"I don’t understand" Dora says. the Shiekah grabs the back of links shirt. "why do we have to find her?, what’s going on?, what’s up with his hand?, w-" the Shiekah throws down a Decku nut and link Dora and him vanish.
the king looks up. "he's back, yet something is not right."

link and the Shiekah appear outside castle town. "hey!" says Dora. "were not finished asking questions"
"you have a great task ahead of you. my name is Shask. I am the last know member of the Shiekah’s. a race that has protect the Hylian family for centuries. I can no longer do it alone. that is why I am making you an honorary member of my family." Shask takes a recorder out of a secret part of his scabbard. "if any one questions you about your connection to the royal family play this song."
"on what?" asks Dora.
Shask hands link the recorder (dramatic music link got the royal recorder) and unstraps his scabbard. it pulls out a part of it which has a load of strings on it. he plays a song on the new harp listen to the Hyrule past (a) (^) (<) (>) (v) (a). (different kind of dramatic music! link learned the Hyrule past)
Shask puts the harp away and rebukes his scabbard. "now you must return to the great Decku tree in the Isador woods. he will tell you what has happened to Zelda and what you must do.
"it might be hard for you to enter the castle from now on. you do understand we have to go on full alert and most of the guards no longer trust you. it was foolish to try and save her but I don’t think you felt as if you a choice. good bye for now brave hero"
Shask reaches in to his pocket and flings down another Decku nut. after the flash Shask is gone.
"wait" says Dora even though he is gone. "why do you trust us? what’s up with his hand?"
link looks down at his hand but the blinding glow is gone. link is startled as he noticed Dora looking over his shoulder at his left hand. "and what did he mean by brave hero. you’re not a hero and running towards that light was far from brave it was just stupid."
Dora fly’s up to links face "I’m worried.. if its up to us to get he princess back then were bound to face those iron clad monster someday time and lets face it you barley know how to use that thing." Dora fly’s over to links sword. "it’s all a big mystery. let’s hope the Decku tree can shed light on the situation. so I guess its back to the Isador woods again. what are we waiting for lets go!"

the player gains control of link outside the south gate. the field is open for exploration but like before Dora will stop the player going in to any other area by saying "maybe the Decku tree can shed some light on this. Hurry! back to the Isador woods".
link enters the woods and soon ends up at the village. the guards do not object to link seeing the great Decku tree. if talked to they say "the Decku tree has given you infinite invite to his presence".
link enters the clearing and the great Decku tree speaks. "I can see it in your eyes. you arrived at the castle too late. is it as bad as I feared? tell me what did he do?"
the screen changes to a close up of the Decku tree as the dialogues story is told.
"it it worse then I could of imagined. I indeed do know more then you. the story is long so I will only tell you a portion of it. I’m sure more people will tell you about it as you travel"
"what travel?" says Dora. "where are we going?"
"patience young fairy. let me tell you part of the whispered legend."
"sorry o great- glories Decku tree-"
"sorry again.. I mean.. ill just be quite"
"one century ago"
the screen moves up into the sky.

the screen shows a man surrounded by six others from a distance. fire is every where. the man in the centre is clothed in black while the other six people are clothed in white.
the Decku trees text appears along the bottom of the screen.
"there was a man of terrible evil who possessed a power stronger then any other. he was brought to justice by a brave young hero. he was trialed and sentenced to death by the king. the seven creators of Hyrule who helped the goddesses them selves offered to perform the execution but the king was worried about the lives of the sages because some of them were dear friends. so he made them separate their power from their bodies thus making them human and having a separate entity representing there power. six of the energies brought the prisoner out of Hyrule so they could kill him but it went horribly wrong it is unknown exactly what happened but the villain had disappeared and the entities would not return. we do know that as time passed they withered until they could barley hold a physical from. there they remain until this day.
(the screen shifts to the rock) the rock that you seen in the castle was where the seven sages were parted from their mortal bodies. to do this an ancient relic that harbored control of time itself was broken and infused within a stone. the sages all put some of there own energy into the stone before breaking the relic. the power the relic separated their bodies but also accidentally opened a portal to the future of Hyrule. the seven sages locked the portal with their own powered and doubled the power of the lock by praying for the goddesses help. the portal was shut and the rock became a holy shrine the portal forgotten about. so it should have been until the end of Hyrule."

"or at least it should of been so, but alas it is not" the screen has switched back to the Decku tree.
"What happens now?" asks Dora.
"you must return the power of the sages to their bodies."
"but that was years ago they'll be dead now"
"their children should have inherited their traits. you must seek the rulers of each race and bring them to the temple of sages. find the Goron elder, the Zora king, the temple high priest, the Gerudo lord, the Hylian king, the Shiekah chief and the boss of the Kokiri"
"the boss of the Kokiri" says Dora. "that’s Fado! where has he got too?"
"I feared that this would be the case so I sent him to the temple. he has not returned and I can not sense him in another world. soldiers went with him but I remember Knockall say that he has already taken the temple. it is up to you link. enter the forest temple, find Fado and escort him to the final room where he may awaken as the sage of friendship."

6.the first stage, awaken the sage. Edit

link leaves the Decku tree meadow and the Kokiri guard automatically says "to get to the temple head east when you enter the Isador woods from the village. you will see the path way blocked by a vine plant. to kill it hit it from a far. what you don’t have a project able weapon? you can buy a sling in the shop but stones won’t be strong enough to kill the plant"
link leaves and enters the shop. he cheaply purchase’s a sling (dramatic music) "it’s not very strong or accurate but it can automatically reload buy pressing the shot button on the ground while out of bullets"
link exits the village. if he try’s to leave for Hyrule field Dora will say "we can worry about the other sages later. first we have to help out Fado"
link goes right from the village and enters the place that the guard was talking about. the vine plant has an eye set into it but it closes up if link gets too close. link looks up and sees a giant nut above the way he came in. (if the player tries to enter the dungeon before all previous cut scenes this nut simply isn’t here). using the sling link shoots down the nut and throws it at the eye of the plant from a distance. it breaks and link enters a wide meadow. at the end of it is a huge under growth. a set of stone steps lead up to it.
after an unnecessary long walk link enters the temple. (hu-ray the first dungeon)
now story telling is my expertise not dungeon designing (I’ve a few ideas that I might mention as I go along) so I will mention key things (Like mini boss's, dungeon weapons and boss strategies), this will also make the book shorter.
this dungeon has many of those vine plants in it as well as Decku scrubs, chu chu jellies and some wolves. the weapon of this dungeon is a bomb bag with standard bombs. guarding it is three normal wolves. guarding the boss’s key is a razor wolf. These are wolves that are stronger then normal wolves and have at least three times the health.
link reaches the final room to see Kafi and two other soldiers battling a shadow. the shadow knocks the two soldiers to the ground and stabs Kafi with a sting. link runs over to him and he says "Fado got through... he’s in the temple of sages now but the creature will be waiting for him when he leaves" Kafi falls back. it does not confirm weather he is dead or not yet.
link turns around and movement makes him look up. a spider with nine eyes stares back. eight small ones are set into his face while one big one is on his back. It has eight legs and two pincers at his mouth. it jumps down.



Aracnode moves fairly fast. none of its attacks are very strong but it has toxin which can slowly drain energy from link (roll a lot to get rid of it).
wait until he jumps up onto his front legs then throw a bomb into his eye. it explodes a stuns him. attack with sword and repeat around four times.
link strikes Aracnode and it screams. its body begins to fall apart, its eyes burn away, its legs fall off, the four pincers fall to the ground. two of them form a heart shape and it goes red.
link gets the heart and enters the blue light that appeared where Aracnode body was.

link falls through blue ascends finally descends slowly onto a platform. he is standing on a golden triangle split into three. surrounding him are seven pillars each with a ghost on them. the ghost directly in front of link suddenly disappears and Fado descends on to the pillar from above.
"thank you for destroying the foul beast that was desecrating the temple "says Fado "but it was unnecessary link. I will not return to Hyrule or the Isador woods. my place is here now. I know what you must do link. I wish I could help but I must remain here for the time being. you have been my friend for a long time link and now let me bestow my power onto you. the medallion of friendship."
Fado raises his hands and a medallion falls from above. it stops in between Fado’s hands. a green light surrounds it and it blasts towards link who also raises his hands. (unique music) link got the medallion of friendship. "this represents harmony and peace between races like the peace of a wood between lands"
the screen goes white and a message appears in the middle of the screen "stay safe"

(Easter egg: every time link acquires a medallion from a sage in the next screen the Triforce link stands on will be a little higher and closer to the sages pillar)
link falls from the sky within the blue light and finds himself in front of the great Decku tree.
"you have start a great journey, it is time. go back to Hyrule castle. Go to the temple of time and find the high priest. he is the next sage you need to awaken. he is very old and has shut himself off from the rest of the world. to enter the depths of his temple you need to play a song. it is a mystical song that controls the river of time (>) (A) (V) (>) (A) (V)"
link plays the song (music) link learned the song of time.
link turns around and the Decku tree says one more thing "stay safe my son"
link leaves the meadow.

the player gains control of link out side the entrance to the Decku trees meadow. there is little left to do in the village so link heads towards the wood. but there is a stump in the middle of the meadow outside the temple. if the player plays the Hyrule past on this stump he will be transported to the great fairy of magic who gives link a magic meter and "the sword spin" if he has collected all the fairy parts of that dungeon.
when link reaches Hyrule field Dora engages conversation with link. "this is it huh. we won’t have much need to return here for a while. I wonder if we can actually do this. Knockall said he has secretly taken over the leaders of all races and they happen to be the sages. actually I know we can do it. we've awakened one sage already that only leaves six more. it shouldn’t be too hard as long as we stay strong and vigilant. let’s go. let’s do it."

7.temple of light Edit

the player gains control of link again on Hyrule field. many areas are now accessible and Dora will not link but her icon will tell you that you should go to Hyrule castle town.
link is able to explore castle town properly now. I will explain all there is to see in castle town in a bonus chapter. (I’ll have a few of those upon weapons side quests and what not)
link enters the temple near the gate. it is completely deserted. at the end of the temple is an alter and behind it is a great door. link stands on the alter and plays the song of time which causes the door to open.
link automatically enters and the message for the new area says temple of light (it is explained why later why it’s called the temple of light and not the temple of time).
this is the second dungeon (I know it’s quite soon after the first but that’s just the way it is).
in this dungeon enemies include lizafols, kesse and light sprites (enemies of my own design. they are fairy like creatures that are surrounded by bubbles of light. the are hard to hit but have little health. they shoot slow ball's of light that are easy to doge but deal three hearts worth of damage).
guarding the weapon of the dungeon the Goron Hammer is three light sprites (the Goron hammer can only be used if link is wearing gauntlets. there are three types of gauntlets {four if you count links original gloves}. the better the upgrade the easier link can wield heavier weapons. the lowest level gauntlets that can wield the Goron hammer can be both in castle town market. the lowest level gauntlets "the bronze gauntlets" can break if used to much.)
guarding the boss's key is an Armos. it can only be hurt by hitting the crystal on its back with the Goron hammer.
when link enters the final room a cut scene automatically occurs.
in the centre of the large circular room is an old man. he is on the floor injured. link runs over but when he is half way there the man shouts "Stop". link stops and a bomb falls from the ceiling and blows up in front of the old man. after the explosion the old man has disappeared. a roar comes from above and a huge armored beast falls from above. it has a horn on its head and breaths fire. it roars again and the message appears




if you try to throwing a bomb in his mouth he will spit it out at you. the trick is to stand near the wall wait until he charges. doge and hit him with the hammer when he is stuck hit him with the hammer to crack his armor then attack with sword (it’s weaker then the hammer but deals more blows) this most likely only needs to be repeated once to destroy him. even though he has low health his attacks are strong and vicious.
when the final blow is done another cut scene automatically occurs.
Armo king Dogongo roars again and runs into the wall. his horn comes off and turns into a heart piece.
a shadow darts down from above and knocks link to the ground.
"I knew you would come" says Dark Link. link is on the ground. dark link is standing up with a sword pointing at links neck. "do you know who I am? I’m you. all you have ever craved, all you have ever desired but was to weak to take. I am the darkness that lies within your soul. but you know all this already do you not?" the screen flashes back to link being hit by evil energy flowing from one mask into another. "while I was waiting for you to return to the castle I thought it would be good way to pass the time by killing a sage. that’s what Knockall created me to do. kill the sages so his future would be secure but does not know he has no power over me. I have my own needs and desires. Knockall can rule the future but I will rule this present. and when this present catches up with that future I will dispose of Knockall and be the un ageing ruler of Hyrule. I thought you should know what is going to happen to the land you were unable to protect before I killed you. good"
a blast of light hits dark link and knocks him to the ground. dark link quickly jumps to his feet and confronts his attacker. it is the old man.
"you!" says dark link
"be gone shadow. you are unable to fight the power of light."
"you forget light is the maker of shadows" with that link disappears.
the old man is surrounded by blue light and disappears. the blue light remains beckoning link to follow.
the player regains control of link again and should get the heart piece and enters the blue light.
once again link is on the yellow triangle surrounded by seven pillars. five have ghosts on them. one of the ghosts disappears and is replaced by the old man.
"thank you link. your presence has been able to reawaken me as the sage of light. my name is Rauru. I was once a sage before and have lived a very long time. now I am a sage again but I feel my time is drawing to a close. the monstrous incarnation of you that you seen came here to kill me but you arrived just in time. I was able to fend him off for a while but with out my powers as a sage I was no match for him."
"why were you only reawakened when we came to you?" asks Dora.
"because you link. are... a legendary hero. but time is short. Knockall is sending monsters from the future to conquer Hyrule. you must reawaken the other five sages quickly and stop him. I will now bestow my power upon you. take the medallion of light."
Rauru raises his hand and a medallion falls from above and stops in between his hands. it becomes a golden ball of light that shoots into link's hands. (music) link got the medallion of light. light is the cause of all light. it helps plants grow and people to live in peace by banishing evil.
the screen goes white and Rauru's final message appears.
"the light is strong but it is expiring"

8.death mountain Edit

link lands in the entrance to the dungeon. a voice comes from above.
"now you must go to the Gorons and Zoras. their leaders hold the next two keys. your journey will take you across this vast land. with this song the temple of sages can be entered from anywhere and as you awaken more sages you will have more exits."
a heavenly choir sings eight notes. (^) (<) (>) (v) (A) (v) (>) (^). (music) link learnt the song of sages. with it he can warp across Hyrule via the temple of sages. link can only warp to locations where he has already awakened a sage.
"now go. go to death mountain"
the player gains control of link again. if the player got all the fairy parts in the dungeon he can jump on to the alter and play the Hyrule past link will be transported to the great fairy of courage who gives link the magic spell Fora’s breath (exactly like Fora’s wind in ocarina of time).
link leaves Hyrule castle town from the north or west gate. death mountain looms in the north west easily visible.
at the base of death mountain is Karkariko village. it is a thriving town with a bomb shop and other such things (actually I have absolutely no design for Karkariko village except the well in the middle).
the gate too death mountain is locked but link merely has to talk to the guard to get him to open it.
the start of death mountain has a fairly linear path which leads up to a T-junction. the sign says "left king dugong’s cave. right Goron city"
king dugongs cave can not be entered properly.
the right path splits and leads left to death mountain summit and straight to Goron city.
link heads to the Goron city. Goron city consist of four floors. there is a shop on the second floor, a Goron rolls madly on the third floor, the only exit is on the forth floor. the first floor is the location of the elder. that is the place to head too. the elder is an old Goron who still appears quite strong. as soon as link enters the room a cut scene occurs. the Goron shouts link's name and hurries over to him "you have returned!" he says. "you have come back to slay the dragon in this time!" the Goron grabs link and starts to shake him. "where have you been these last hundred years? I thought we were brothers yet I have grown old and weary ("and senile" mutters Dora) while you have grown younger it appears"
"I don’t think we know you" says Dora.
the Goron squints at link. "it. it it must be you. the dragon has returned and then you appear clothed in green with a fairy and and... if you are not the hero then who are you?"
link univocally says his name "link! so it is you!"
"no" says Dora "you don’t know us"
"yes. yes I do. don’t you remember me?"
"no because we never met you before"
"its me Darunia"
"we don’t care"
"you've come to destroy the dragon again"
"no we haven’t we don’t even know what your talking about"
"the dragon! Volviga! we need you"
"we need the sage"
the Goron stops then says slowly. "I’m the sage"
"we know that" says Dora "you’re the leader of the Gorons."
"tell me. I feel you have an interesting story" the screen zooms in on Darunia's face. "I see. this iron clad demon came here to death mountain about three years ago and warned us what would happen if he disobeyed us. he later returned four months ago with two guards and used evil magic to resurrect are most feared enemy. the ancient dragon Volviga."
"that’s very interesting" says Dora. "but we need to reawaken you as a sage"
"you help me with my problem and I’ll help you with yours."
"we really don’t have the time"
"well you really don’t have a choice. the temple of fire is where the dragon has made his lair"
"I don’t believe it" says Dora. "you want us to destroy a big ancient dragon in a bubbling volcano!"
"seems about right. if you really the hero then you can do it no problem."
"hero? Rauru called him that too."
"Rauru! he’s still alive. I’ll have to go visit him some time. we'll I suppose ill see him in the temple of sages as soon as you destroy the dragon. to get inside the volcano head to the summit. it has been blocked of by volviga. at the end of the path is a climbable cliff but the entrance has been blocked by some boulders. you can’t use bombs to blow it up because you’re climbing. the only way to open the path is with are special type of bomb. its called bomb chu. it can travel up walls and blow up things high up. unfortunately it’s made with dodongo scales and we are a bit short of stock and the moment. so you’ll just have to go get some for us."
"What!" says Dora. "so now were couriers as well. how much are we going to have to do for you to cooperate?"
Darunia ignores Dora and continues "you would have noticed the junction on the way up the mountain. well one path leads to dodongo cavern. go there and inside you will find a dead giant dodongo. it’s not dangerous but you could get lost so I’ll give you a guide." Darunia beats his chest and a Goron falls from above. "this is my son"
"hi" says the Goron. "my name is link"
"this better not be a set up mutters Dora"
"I’ll guide you through dodongo cavern" says Goron link.
"Wait" says Dora. "why do we have to come if you can go there easily?"
the Goron ignores Dora’s question and rolls up. "it’s this way" he rolls out of the room and the player gains control of link again. "if the player talks to Darunia again he will give you the much needed Goron tunic. this makes link fire proof but can simply dissolve in water and be eaten by like likes. if you don’t have a tunic and talk to Darunia he will give you one. this lasts until the dungeon is beaten.
leaving Goron village link heads down the mountain to the cave. Goron link is waiting.
he enters the cavern and link falls (who enters the cave first he he).
the cave is a huge maze in which link must follow the Goron so he does not get lost (it’s like the Dampé or the Decku butler games).
in the last area link gets to a large dead dodongo. the Dora icon flashes and if the player presses it she says "looks like the monster we fought in the temple of time. I wonder if they were related"
link gets the powder scales and returns to the Goron city. in the shop a Goron will refuse to make them for link because he has no bomb Ku bag. leave and talk to Goron link to get the bomb ku bomb bag. return to the shop and get the bomb ku's (powder scales are items that are stored in the spoils bag. this must be bought at castle town. it is possible to get powder scales before this point but you must do the game to get Goron link to give you the bomb ku bag).
link leaves Goron city and begins his climb of the treacherous death mountain.

9.dealing with the dragon Edit

link heads up the path to death mountain. he must climb the cliff face several times and as Darunia promised some rocks block the way in that can only be disposed of from below.
link enters the very core of death mountain. it is a huge bowl of lava. the pat stretches out from the wall and goes all the way to the other side. on the far side is a door leading down into a temple inside the mountain itself. half way to the other side are to huge mountain like rocks with in the mountain itself.
link heads into the temple of fire.
this temple has enemies such as (more) dodongo, fire kesse (yes kesse again), flare dancers, fire slugs, lizafols (again), fire bubbles and flare dancers. guarding the weapon of the dungeon is. well I’m not so sure. I was thinking of having it like a time run before fire goes around the chest again. Anyway the weapon is the bow and arrow guarding the boss's key is two flare dancers.
when link opens the final door before he enters Darunia appears and says "well are we ready to do this? what you thought I was going to let you fight that thing alone? I will be on top of the crater if he tries to fly up and sweep back down."
link enters the room. he sees a giant pillar with a ladder leading to the top. link climbs the ladder and when he gets to the top the mountain begins to shake.
magma flows in from the wall's. a pool in the middle of the giant pillar begins to bubble. it ripples and the dragon fly’s out long body with a fiery mane and four vicious talons. he sends out a jet of flames.




Volviga goes back into the pool. when he flies out of the pool to shoot fire hit him in the head with an arrow. he'll fall into the pool. you will be able to see his shadow under the lava. shoot him again to make him surface then run across his body and strike his head a few times but retreat soon because he can recover quite quickly and will throw you in the pool unexpectedly. after enough damage he will make a stone shield around him. use a bomb ku to hit him which will cause him to break his own shield so you can run to his head and strike again. after a while of this he will put his head out the shield and blow fire at you in an attempt to stop you using a bomb ku.
every time you take enough damage the pool he’s in will get bigger meaning you have less room to run and it takes longer to strike his head and longer to get back.
when he flies’s high to shoot rocks at you just doge because he will be too far to hit with an arrow.
link gives him a final blow and volviga screams. he fly’s into the air and turns to ash his head hitting the middle of the pool and turning it to rock. the head turns into a heart piece and a blue light appears in front of it.
the player gains control of link and a Goron falls from above and into the light (this happens as link can move). the player gets the heart piece and enters the light.
he appears in the temple of sages. four ghost stand on the seven pillars. link waits but no body appears on any of the pillars. "eh hello" calls Dora. "I thought Darunia entered the portal"
more time passes and link stretches and yawns.
finally after about a minute of real time a Goron appears on the pillar in front of link. its Goron link
"turns out Darunia isn’t the sage any more I am. you know he live while the ancient hero did. well so did I but that was before I remembered. although not many believe him Darunia has always claimed the hero destroyed the dragon before. what you don’t know who I’m talking about? its common knowledge for the Gorons. the hero appeared after a dark wizard stopped our food source. the hero vanquished the monster and I was named in his honor. but I’ve talked enough. you have little time. Hyrule depends on you so here. take my part of the seal. the medallion of strength."
Goron link raises his hands and a medallion falls from above and stops in between Goron link hand and stops in between them. red power surrounds him and it shoots into links hand. [music] link got the medallion of strength. fire symbolizes strength of will to live and survive through the harsh winters and cold nights.
the screen goes white and the message goes across the screen
"we know you’re him even if you don’t"

10.from fire to water Edit

link lands at the junction of death mountain. he begins to run down but then turns around to see Darunia a top of the summit waving. link waves then turns and runs off. if the player stands at the junction and plays the song of time (instead of the Hyrule past. the sign should also say a different song must be played here) link will warp to the great fairy of skill who gives link "the master’s sword spin"
the player gains control of link again in Karkariko village. Dora’s icon flashes and if the player presses it she says "didn’t Darunia say we need to visit the Zora too? they should be up river at Zoras domain."
the player must now find Zoras domain which although does not stand out as much as death mountain but it is easy to find. it lies to the north east like Dora said you will find it if you follow the river up stream.
after a trek through the area upper Zora river link reaches Zoras domain. it consists of a large circular room on the bottom followed by another circular floor on the second floor (a waterfall falls from the second floor to the first) and finally a third floor directly above the first. on the second floor leads outside in the same direction as the water fall. there is a ledge on the second floor that leads around the top of the first floor to a stairs leading to the third floor where the king of the Zora Rio is found. their is a shop on the first floor. to enter past the water fall the player must play the Hyrule past just like in ocarina of time.
link enters and just like with the Gorons visits the king. the conversation takes a very different path.
"greetings traveler what brings you to Zoras domain?" says Rio. Rio is a tall Zora with very decretive armor and unlike Darunia he is very young instead of very old.
Dora explains the situation.
"hmm" he looks at his guards. "could you please leave us?” the guards elegantly jump off the platform and into the waters below. "my father told me what his father told him about the sages. but I do not remember allot off it. it is very stressful being the leader of my people. come there is another who knows more then I".
Rio also jumps off and the player gains control of link once again. the player will find Rio on the second floor where he can leave Zoras domain. the guards have once again disappeared. this time there is a female Zora with him.
"this is my younger sister Laruto. she has also been told the whispered legend and my know more about it."
Laruto steps forward. "forgive my brother for his insolence. it was fool hardy of him to forget his birth right. it was are ancestor Ruto who was sage at the time when the stone was made. but something went wrong. this is some thing only the Zora knows. it might disappoint you.
"you know why the sages were separated from their bodies. it was because they were needed to kill a very evil terrible man. the sage’s essence brought him out of Hyrule and one of them was killed. the sages stayed but the essence of water is gone. neither I nor my brother can be reawakened as a sage. that is why the other entity's refused to return from the execution spot.
"I’m sorry but there is noting we can do....or is there?"
"what do you mean?" asks Dora.
"there might be a way to recreate the sage but it would have to be created by sacrificing a powerful artifact. you don’t happen to have any to spare?"
link shakes his head.
"hmm" says Laruto. "you will just have to find one. we will be waiting if you do"
"wait" says Rio. "we have one right here." Laruto looks at him sharply. "no he whispered. not your gift. mine."
"you can’t. that’s too powerful to just destroy."
"it’s for Hyrule!"
"and what about are people? shouldn’t we care what happens to our people? the iron knuckle is gone. why should we care if he’s taken a princess with him? she’s probably dead already!"
"we don’t need a charm to untie are people. just like we don’t need you to make a sage. I am a descendent also. I can become the next sage of water"
"you have forsaken your people"
"you rule them then."
"well ill have to since your leaving them!" Laruto dives off the water fall and into the waters below.
Rio takes off his crown and shows it to link. this is what I hope to destroy. it has the power to unite are people in peace and harmony. I would prefer it if she was to become the sage. she is suited to it better then I. would you please go talk to her?"
the player gains control of link again. just like Darunia if the player talks to Rio now he will give link a Zora tunic. This lets him breathe and swim under water but it will burn away at the mere touch of fire or lava.
Laruto is on the third floor by herself. when you reach her the cut scene occurs. she is standing with her back to link. "he was bluffing, wasn’t he? he doesn’t want to become a sage. but he can’t destroy the crown. so we must destroy this." she turns around a golden harp is in her hand. "this was given to me by my mother just like the crown was given to Rio. to make the sage we must enter the source temple that lies behind Zoras domain. you are not a strong enough swimmer to enter and your small stature means you will unable to walk in. you must acquire something that can increase your weight. it lies in a cave in lake Hylia down stream of Zoras river. you must get it and return here. when you get back the preparations will be complete."
the player gains control of link again. in the south west of Hyrule is lake Hylia. the cave is not hard to find but two Zoras block it. all the player has to do is talk to them to get them to move.
the cave is a short mini water dungeon with iron boots as a prize.
the player then must trek back to Zoras domain and speak to Laruto and Rio.
Rio speaks first "we have come to an agreement. my girt will be sacrificed and Laruto will become the sage"
"as much as I don’t like it he makes sense. come link we will go to the source temple." says Laruto.
they move and link can go to the location beyond the waterfall. it is called Zoras hill. the river comes from the top of the hill. after a short way the only way to advance is by water but the current is too strong meaning only with the iron boots can link enter source temple.
there is another pathway on the left from where link enters but it is blocked by a high ledge that can only be reached by water.
link heads to source temple and as he enters a cut scene occurs.
Laruto is waiting at the top. she speaks "Something evil has made its lair here. I noticed some strange tracks at the bottom. it appears the iron knuckles king has come here unaware to us. it is too dangerous for me to enter. you must go and destroy the beast inside. I will enter once you have done that."
link enters the source temple.

11.message Edit

the forth dungeon consists of octorocks, like likes, skull fishes, desbrekos, river Zoras, biri's, tektites and razor sharks (they are like the sharks in wind waker except they can eat link and pit him out. they are quite dangerous if trapped in the same body of water as them.)
guarding the weapon of the dungeon is a room full of biri's with tektites in between. the weapon of the dungeon is "air bombs" (the creator is me! AND I MADE THEM UP BEFORE BOMB ARROWS AND WATER BOMBS EXISTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) They are just that too. a combination of air bombs and bomb arrow. they can be used under water but not while swimming. they are thrown and launch themselves as they go. meaning they will always fly in a straight line until they hit something.
guarding the bosses key is two razor sharks (the catch is they have to be fought under water because you get it in a room that is under water. an air bomb must be shot at a diamond switch which will lower the water level).
the boss is... well I’ll explain. there are three bosses in this that I think need improvements or just need to be scraped completely. the first is Aracnode but that would be boring if I had explained this at the start. the other is this one and the last is the boss of the next dungeon. anyway link floats to the surface and climbs onto the central platform. the water ripples. link turns and sees a giant log in the water. it jumps at him and he dodges


Ocean terror: Crockodilias

to defeat Crockodilias the player must shoot him when he is lunging at link. this will cause him to sink to the bottom and give him an air locked rock cocoon. the cocoon can only be broken with air bombs and once that’s done link has to enter the empery air lock and strike with sword.
after a certain amount of damage the water will rise to the ceiling making it more difficult to doge him because of the iron boots.
when link deals the final blow the cut scene occurs. crockodilias roars in pain jumps around. he hits the wall and the water level decreases. Laruto swims out from a pipe in the wall and jumps on to the platform. she is holding Rios crown. "here goes" she says. she smashes the crown off the ground and she is hit by blue light. she is sent flying into the middle of the platform where she disappears the blue light remaining. the remains off the crown form a heart container.
link (probably) gets the heart container and exists via the blue light.
once again he is in the temple of sages only Laruto is waiting for him this time and there is the same amount of ghosts as there was before. "hero of time. that is what the people of Hyrule called you a century ago. you had the means to travel between time. although most of Hyrule has forgotten your exploits I will make it so the Zoras remember you for ever. you are incredible. just like water you can take and give life. so here, Link. except my gift. the medallion of life!"
Laruto raises her arms and a medallion falls from above. it stops between her hands and is covered in a blue light before shooting itself at link. (music) link received the medallion of life. it symbolizes water which nurtures plants and helps all living things to live.
the screen goes white and Laruto's final message appears "not for the Hylians, but for Hyrule!"

link appears in front of the water fall leading to Zoras domain. Rio is standing atop of the waterfall waving good bye. link waves before running off. link can stand on the place where he must play the Hyrule past to enter and play the song of time to warp to the great fairy of energy who grants link a bigger magic meter.
(it is possible to do the Gorons dungeon before this so this message only appears if link has won both) a face appears on the screen. it is Rauru. "link" he says. "the king has called me out of the temple. something is wrong. go to Karkariko village. Shask should be there. the king believes he is in trouble. also he is unmistakably the sage of shadows. hurry!"
with that link runs away heading towards Karkariko village.

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