intro This is my fan fic and its pretty big especially since its made up of two parts. This story is based on Link and is written like a game. I have excluded dungeons description as that would make this story riduculosly long and tedious. I also first posted this on "Bebo" then copy and pasted it here so some references to other things might seem strange. Not much to say except enjoy and tell me what you think on the discussion page Oni Dark Link (or iornk).

story one hundred years after the events of ocarina of time a new threat emerges. Ganondorf is long sealed and gone but there is someone else equaly as treacherous who hopes to conquer hyrule. are storys starts in some woods on the edge of the land. (the first chapter can be ignored it is designed to be like the start of wind waker and unlike holds no real importance to the story)


the folowing recuring characters appear in this story

Link (an incarnation never seen before), Ganondorf (not for a while), Zelda (just like link a different incarnation), Deku tree (the seedling), Rauru, Darunia, Goron Link, Majora's mask (cameo), Fierce Deity's mask (cameo)

The folowing races appear in this story

Hylian, Kokiri, Fairy, Goron, Zora, shiekah (just the one), Gerudo, Goro (minor role), Iron Knuckle


crudly drawn picturs made by paint Edit


my hyrule


the weapon screen

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